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All three are better than Ames. I hope UK has a tiny polo and a giant video camera lens/directional mic ready for Otz.

It means TTU better fire up the coaching search thread cause they are about to lose their coach

That's horrible. I feel so bad for them. Anyone worth poaching from TTU? But also, feel bad.

Spracs Pavilion has a nice ring to it ...

Spracademy of Farts and Sciences.

Do people actually care about having streets and buildings named after them? Gross

Seems like.

Baylor will match. He stays at Baylor.

Baylor can't possibly match, but I don't think they have to. I'd say, here's how much we can increase per year, how much goes to you, how much to staff, how much to nil?

If he stays, he'll have a shot at another title or at least making another final four in the next 5 years, they're renaming buildings and streets after him, he gets a statue and the Drew name is cemented in history. If he goes, he has some cash and could possibly destroy his legacy.

It’s gotta be the Wooo Pig Sooie they make them do at the presser.

It’s kinda a genius move by ark, though. If you can get someone to compromise themselves enough to scream that crap on cam, you got them.

Really Glad he stayed, but Woo Tang is content gold.

I don't believe the Arkansas stuff.  That sounds super gross to me. 

Right? Like why

They have more of every conceivable measurable advantage to make a job easier than we do, literally every single one, and not by a little either.

Crazy he turned that down then

I don't think so. I think he would rather be here, he just wants to level the field a bit, more of the NIL pie, more autonomy. Plus Arky would be a complete reset with an equally or even far less forgiving and welcoming fanbase. He'd have almost 13 roster spots to fill I think.

Like what are people saying???

There are some real shitbirds on Twitter. I’m not talking like Garth’s cringe. I mean emaw Caleb and Steve something just always ragging on tang and how we’ll be better off if he leaves or he’s an awful coach. They crap on Perry nonstop too. I blocked them, but they’re there. rough ridin' terrible shits.

second buddy said he is hearing positive news


How much do we trust your buddy?

It was before Beard dropped out and while everyone was dunking that Arky wasn't after Tang.

Jon Rothstein tweeted just a little bit ago that Tang has told his staff that he accepted the Arkansas job. 

Edit: may be photoshop bullshit.

It is fake. Rothstein hasn't posted about Tang after the one he and goodman and everyone else did that he was the top candidate.

Jerome Tang Coaches Kansas State Basketball / Re: PORTAL KOMBAT
« on: April 03, 2024, 03:32:54 PM »
Hopefully we get the Mich center too.

If we do, we're officially renaming him "Dig."

Jerome Tang Coaches Kansas State Basketball / Re: NIT
« on: March 19, 2024, 07:54:09 PM »
 :eye: :eye:

Yay! Never mind, seems like I'll have it.

Jerome Tang Coaches Kansas State Basketball / Re: NIT
« on: March 19, 2024, 07:51:44 PM »
It's on ESPN or the +

I think it's on ESPN and not +. I'll check. Normally when it's on ESPN I can't get it. When it's not I can find it. I only have Hulu w + or I have to stream.

Jerome Tang Coaches Kansas State Basketball / Re: NIT
« on: March 19, 2024, 06:45:57 PM »
Anybody got a stream?

Kansas State Football / Re: Thoughts on NC State
« on: December 25, 2023, 08:29:37 PM »
Guys, I just did some research and apparently their school is in a small farm town called Raliegh. Will post more when I have more.

Let me get this straight, he’s a top big man that’s a mid year transfer. He was linked with top schools late last week. And he’ll visit and probably land with Memphis?



Tomlins absolutely going to a legit P5 program.

Do you know something or speculating?

It's basketball so ChiCat, should have said P6 program, plus high major programs outside of the P6, like Memphis. It's a given, he would be a top 25 player if he was a on cycle portal player.

He's in Memphis, will likely go there.

I bet he'll take multiple visits.

He may, but I think he'll go to Memphis.

He's in Memphis, will likely go there.

Kstate twitter nearly has me convinced that dick lint is the goat ksu prez.

If the g stands for grossest, then yes.

he didn't get kicked out of college though did he?

Maybe Linton was being generous there.

if he really did something that bad, i would hope Tang and Gene wouldn't want him back??
What an odd deal. Hopefully the full picture comes out eventually.

I care more about Linton leaving than a full picture, honestly.

dick lint, trying, and failing to CYA

He's not a leader. He should go quietly. Even if Quan couldn't come back, which makes zero sense because we're about to see him playing somewhere in a month, the way he handled this is terrible. Like, what if something serious happens?


I'm still terrified he will leave, but I'll do whatever he says until he does and then organize a massive #firelinton campaign when/if that day comes.

Octagon of Love

Yesss!!! I love this rebrand!
What a better game to rebrand to the Octagon of Love than Nebraska. LMAO  :Wha:

Yeah, maybe we wait until a game with a lovable opponent. Someone could do a Tang or Quan sign on an octagon.

Yeah, Linton has to go.

Question though. Why the "treating this like a season-ending injury" stuff if it wasn't meant to be indefinite?

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