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Kansas State Basketball / Impact of Ticket Sales on Overall Revenue
« on: March 19, 2016, 10:45:14 PM »
MIR was right; I don't want to further contribute to the oscar(ing) of the Carousel thread.  So, I'll drop this here.

I took margins earlier today from the Equity in Athletics report.  That wasn't really detailed info.  I went further down the page ( and looked at the NCAA statements of revenue and expenses.  While the numbers don't match up (no idea why; probably need Dax to weigh in), the more detailed breakdown illuminated a few things.

1) Ticket sales as a percentage of overall revenue is pretty damn static

For the five years of reports out there (2011-2015), here were ticket sale revenues and the percentage to overall revenue:

2011: $3,584,504 (34%)
2012: $3,844,944 (31%)
2013: $3,911,661 (33%)
2014: $3,541,239 (31%)
2015: $3,708,631 (31%)

We can fight about ticket sales and impacts to ticket sales, but in Jake's senior year, when we were preseason Top 5, we saw a 3% bump in percentage to overall revenue.  To me, that speaks volumes.

2) Our average profit margin is relatively static

Average MBB profit every year, according to this report, is $5.9 million.  Every single year, with the exception of 2012, saw a profit margin within a few hundred thousand dollars.  The biggest deviation was 2012, where we saw an increase of ~$950k over average.  That year had an unusually high distribution from the NCAA.  I don't know why.

3) oscar's teams have exceeded average revenue 2/3 years.

Average revenue is $11.6 million a year.  In 2013 and 2015, we've exceeded that margin twice.  The year we missed, we were short about $375k.  The years we were over?  We were over about $250-350k.

All of this makes it easier to understand why we just gave oscar Frank's old contract.  No matter what we do in this space, we're making the same amount of money.  As long as oscar just keeps us in that ballpark, and keeps us out of trouble with the NCAA and doesn't give Currie headaches, I can see why Currie is hesitant to make a move.  We don't want to pony up the $2.5 million because whatever we do doesn't seem to really move the meter one way or another, and that $2.5 million is basically a sunk cost because we just want to make a change.

Which, again, supports my narrative that the choice of oscar vs. Brad is going to have to be made by the big money donors that are providing a separate line item in the budget.  I'm sure Currie would be open to it if someone is willing to write that check for $2.5 million and then add whatever it would cost to break Brad's contract.  But he'd rather have someone write the same check to update the East Side club seats.

It's simplistic thinking, but looking at these numbers, I'm wondering if Currie looks at this like building a boathouse.  It's just a big money expense that isn't really going to positively impact his revenues.  Therefore, all he needs to do is put out some more videos about #Family, vilify the "youths" of today (and their devil weed), and he'll keep that core 11k season ticket holders shelling out the money to make his yearly plan.

Kansas State Football / On the topic of offensive coordinators...
« on: November 17, 2015, 10:59:56 AM »
I'm in the camp of folks who have been underwhelmed by our offensive play-calling this year, and I know we (including me) have been pretty critical of Dimel, assuming that he's the problem.

However, after Snyder's comments regarding "balance" in the last press conference, I started to wonder; how much of this is really Dimel's fault?

I know that we have Co-Coordinators, and I know that the system is for us to call in one rushing play (Dimel) and one passing play (Miller).  And we know that Miller coaches the QB's, so I'm beginning to ultimately wonder how much of our screwed up QB depth chart has been Miller, and how much blame we really want to place on Dimel.

I know it's fair game to poke at Dana for using his son, ineffectively, this year.  That's completely valid.  But how much of this can we lay at Miller's feet?  He's the one that made a lot of glowing comments to the media about Hubener, he's the one that recruited Ertz, Evridge, and every other weak-armed white midwestern QB on this roster (Thompson not withstanding).

I guess what I'm wondering is if we're scapegoating Dimel and not giving Miller enough blame.  Also, whether or not just forcing Miller to retire, promoting Klein to QB coach, and letting Dimel run the whole offense would produce a better outcome in 2016.

Just wondering out loud.

Kansas State Football / Dalvin Warmack?
« on: May 07, 2015, 08:15:16 AM »

Essentially Flyertalk / Better Late Than Never "Serial" Thread (Spoilers?)
« on: November 17, 2014, 08:57:38 AM »
We didn't have one of these and half of the Podcasts thread has been Serial, so here's a thread for it.

I don't think Adnan did it.  I need to be convinced.

Disclaimer: Still need to listen to Episode 8.


I thought this was pretty good.  And I think it has relevance to some of the conversations that have been on the board regarding our offense.

"Coaches are a lot more control freaks than they've ever been," says Baucom, which is not a complaint you hear very often from a coach at a school that claims to foster "punctuality, order, discipline, courtesy, and respect for authority."

"I call 'em joystick coaches," Baucom tells me. "They try to orchestrate every movement instead of letting 'em play. It becomes kind of like a wrestling match. There's teams in our league that run 20 seconds of false motion to get the shot clock down, and then run a set. I watch some teams play and it looks like the kids are in jail."

Kansas State Football / Two things we need more of after tonight...
« on: January 03, 2013, 11:14:11 PM »
1) Speed

2) A more capable passing QB

For next year, I'm not sure about #1, but I figure either Sams or Waters will be an upgrade on #2.

Kansas State Football / #fattytakethewheel
« on: November 17, 2012, 08:47:36 PM »

Kansas State Football / _FAN may appreciate this...
« on: November 13, 2012, 12:28:58 PM »

Kansas State Football / #9: Eliminate Mistakes
« on: September 25, 2012, 09:14:02 AM »
Through four games, KSU ranks #2 nationally in regards to penalties.

KSU has been penalized for a total of eight times for 66 yards.


2.0 penalties per game for 16.5 yards a game

Ridiculous for the quality of teams we've been playing.

Kansas State Football / Most frightening game left on the schedule?
« on: September 23, 2012, 11:07:22 PM »

 :ohno: :ohno: :ohno: :ohno: :ohno:

My wife's cousin scheduled their wedding for Saturday night at 5 PM.  This is obviously (fart noise).

Is it acceptable to find a place where I can kind of sit incognito with an earbud in my ear while listening to the game?  I'm willing to take a bluetooth headset and pretend I'm one of "those guys" and hook it into my smart phone.

Just looking for a little advice here.  We'll be sans kids during the reception, so I'm looking for ways to sneak out and watch the game on my phone, so any thoughts there would be helpful.


I mean, I don't even...

Kansas State Basketball / Will the Nike deal be reupped?
« on: March 20, 2012, 12:35:55 AM »
In one of the articles on Jamar out there (I can't remember which one) they said we're in the last year of the six-year Nike contract.  Are we going to end up extending that, or are we going to switch?  Will we be able to get another all-sports deal like we have now?

Has anyone heard anything on this?

Kansas State Basketball / Lots to build on for next year.
« on: March 17, 2012, 01:31:21 PM »
Good run for the Cats this year.  We weren't even supposed to make the tourney in a rebuilding year (without a star player), and we ended up winning a game and giving the #1 see a run for a while in a pod about a thousand miles away from Manhattan.

I'm really excited to see some of these guys grow some more.

Here's to a fun 2011-12 and an even better 2012-13.


Kansas State Football / Memorial Board Names for F3
« on: March 03, 2012, 08:55:50 PM »
Someone mentioned in another thread that we should name the football board after fatty permanently.  I agree.


Where the Streets Have No Name


If Obama is the most evil, radical, secular, socialist horrible human being in the history of the planet, and he is assuredly a one-term president (as I've heard ad nauseum from Republicans), why is this foursome from the Republicans the response to the most critical election in the history of Western civilization?

I mean, seriously, after Gingrich gets done carpet bombing Mitt Romney for the next several months heading into the convention, is there any possible way one of them could be Obama?  If he's so infinitely dislikable and he's as bad as Republicans want people to believe, why won't any of them run against them?

Santorum is still in it.  IN FEBRUARY.  I mean, it's like the people participating in these caucuses are taking crazy pills.

Essentially Flyertalk / Awkward Reunions
« on: January 21, 2012, 11:13:26 PM »
So, yesterday, I go to the pediatrician with my wife and new son for a standard check up thing.  I'm in the waiting room, chasing my other son around, and I see a girl checking in at the reception desk that looks really familiar to an ex-girlfriend from back in college.  I haven't talked to her in about ten years, so obviously, I'm not 100% sure it's her.  However, a while back, some friends of mine brought her up in a conversation and said she married some guy named [redacted].  I overhear her checking in, and lo and behold, it's that same name.  I take a quick glance again, and well, it's her with her baby.

A few minutes later, she sees me, I see her, and you get that really awkward look like, "Hey, aren't you...?"  But, obviously, neither of us approached the other because, well, I'm not about to have that conversation in my child's pediatrician's office with my wife sitting right there.

Anyway, I kind of felt guilty about it later, and I thought I should have said something so as not to be extremely rude (since I dumped her), but really, all I could think of was, "Kids huh?  Welp, see you later."

I'm just wondering if any other goEMAWers have a similar experience.

Kansas State Football / Really upset we're the road team, here
« on: December 05, 2011, 08:47:56 PM »
Home unis with black socks.  :love:

Away whites are pretty  :blank:.

The world deserves to see The Chamber in black socks.  Deserves.

Kansas State Football / Well, there's only one thing left to do now...
« on: October 15, 2011, 09:34:44 PM »

Kansas State Football / Stadium Journey loved Manhattan.
« on: October 14, 2011, 08:53:58 AM »
We're just so blessed....

To be blunt, the atmosphere at LHC Bill Snyder Family Stadium is without a doubt one of the most underappreciated in college football. While it can’t come close to matching the likes of LSU’s Tiger Stadium or Michigan’s Big House in sheer numbers, it comes close in participation, excitement, and – for lack of a better term – blood thirst. K-State’s, surely, is an atmosphere that should not be missed.

The most impressive and endearing aspect of Kansas State’s fan base, though, is the unity they display throughout football Saturdays. If you’re wearing purple, you’re family, whether you’re walking the street, lunching in Aggieville, or tossing a football while tailgating. Football games are a family reunion for the KSU faithful, but one that’s 50,000 strong and rife with hospitality and humility. In the Big XII, there’s nothing else like it.

Whether a KSU alum, a fan of the opposing team, or simply a college football fanatic, taking in a game at LHC Bill Snyder Family Stadium will be an undoubtedly positive experience. The raucous, supremely involved crowd and overall atmosphere in Manhattan makes for one of the most unique and rewarding gamedays in the midwest. Combine that with a very modest ticket price of $35 for a reserved seat (Big XII; $20 non-conference), and you leave Wildcat country making out like a bandit.


Kansas State Football / Ideas for new Governor's Cup trophy
« on: August 19, 2011, 05:05:46 PM »
I don't know if we'll top the UI/ISU trophy, but I'm willing to accept submissions...

My first thought for a trophy that embodies the spirit of most Kansans...

The nation's financial future is in the hands of this guy.  Jesus Christ.

Then there’s the case of freshman Rep. Joe Walsh, Republican from Illinois. Walsh is another tea party favorite who has pushed for a tougher line with Democrats in negotiations.

This week Walsh told CNN, “Thank God congressmen like me were here. Imagine - step back and imagine - if Republicans hadn’t taken over Congress, this city would have raised the debt limit who knows how much.”

But Walsh’s ex-wife Laura Walsh says he needs to pay up on a big debt: $117,437 in child support. That figure is part of a lawsuit against Walsh she filed.

CNN could not reach Walsh’s attorney, R. Steven Polachek, for comment. But Polachek told the Chicago Sun-Times the claim of a $117,437 debt is “unfounded”: “I dispute that he owes the child support that she’s claiming or anywhere near that amount.”

Contacted by CNN, Walsh issued a statement saying in part: “It is not lost on me that a court case filed almost 8 months ago regarding a marriage that ended more than 8 years ago would be brought up today … I’ve always given everything I have to meet my financial obligations to my children and I will fight until my last breath against anyone who says otherwise … These latest attacks against me are false and I will fight them in the appropriate venue.”

The attorney for Laura Walsh told CNN that Walsh has not paid any child support since 2008.

In an interview with CNN, Walsh admitted that he had struggled financially and had lost a home. “Look, I’m the most openly vetted candidate in the world. I have had financial troubles and I have talked about them throughout the campaign,” he said, “This is where the real America is.”

Kansas State Football / 2011 Roster Master Thread
« on: July 26, 2011, 10:40:20 PM »
Here is who I have for each position and who I don't see on the roster.  If I need to strike someone from the list, let me know.

QB (4):
Sam Lamur (SR)
Justin Tuggle (JR)
Collin Klein (JR)
Daniel Sams (FR)

RB (4):
Angelo Pease (JR)
Bryce Brown (SO)
John Hubert (SO)
DeMarcus Robinson (RS FR)

WR (7):
Sheldon Smith (SR)
Brodrick Smith (JR)
Chris Harper (JR)
Torell Miller (SO)
Tremaine Thompson (SO)
Curry Sexton (FR)
Tyler Lockett (FR)

TE (4):
Travis Tannahill (JR)
Andre McDonald (SO)
Zach Trujillo (RS FR)
Tyler Davidson (FR)

OL (17):
Clyde Aufner (SR)
Kaleb Drinkgern (SR)
Colten Freeze (SR)
Zach Hanson (SR)
Manese Foketi (SR)
Nick Puetz (JR)
Ethan Douglas (JR)
Jordan Allred (JR)
Shaun Simon (SO)
William Cooper (SO)
Cornelius Lucas (SO)
Keenan Taylor (SO)
Tomasi Mariner (RS FR)
BJ Finney (RS FR)
Kason Hostrup (FR)
Boston Stiverson (FR)
Cody Whitehair (FR)

DT (9):
Raphael Guidrey (SR)
Ray Kibble (SR)
Payton Kirk (SR)
Javonta Boyd (JR)
Bo Tillman (JR)
Darryl Blackmon (JR)
Vai Lutui (JR)
Lamonte Clark (FR)
Samuel Harvill (FR)

DE (7):
Adam Davis (JR)
Meshak Williams (JR)
Brandon Harold (JR)
Laton Dowling (RS FR)
Kyle Klein (FR)
Marquel Bryant (FR)
Ian Seau (FR)

LB (8):
Alex Hrebec (SR)
Emmanual Lamur (SR)
Arthur Brown (JR)
Blake Slaughter (JR)
Jarrell Childs (JR)
Tre Walker (SO)
Cody Marley (RS FR)
Tate Snyder (RS FR)

S (6):
David Garrett (SR)
Tysyn Hartman (SR)
Logan Dold (SR)
Tanner Burns (JR)
Ty Zimmerman (SO)
Joseph Bonugli (RS FR)

CB (6):
Matthew Pearson (SR)
Nigel Malone (JR)
Thomas Ferguson (JR)
Bubba Chapman (JR)
Kip Daily (JR)
Destin Mosley (FR)

K (2):
Anthony Cantele (JR)
Dillon Wilson (FR)

P (1):
Ryan Doerr (JR)

Total on scholarship: 76

Waiting On (8):
Glenn Gronkowski
Dante Barnett
Jade Cathey
Steven West
Hunter Davis
Mike Moore
Morgan Burns
Darious Thomas (Is he coming back or not?)

Kansas State Football / Spring Roster is out...
« on: April 09, 2011, 09:53:34 AM »
Not too much that's surprising.  I thought Angelo Pease would be here, but he's not.  We're still waiting on him.

Notable exception: Daruis Thomas is not back on the roster.

Someone tell me he's still going to make it back by fall.  Please.

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