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Kansas State Football / Re: In case you missed it...
« on: November 23, 2010, 11:01:23 AM »
I just  :love: that little guy!

Kansas State Football / Re: RIP Dylan Meier...
« on: April 20, 2010, 01:33:24 PM »
Very sad news, hard to believe.  Rest in peace, Dylan.  I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.    :pray:

Kansas State Basketball / Re: SportCenter
« on: April 12, 2010, 01:17:12 PM »
You know what else will never run out in Milwaukee?  Cheese or sweatershirt wearing frumperstiltskins.

True, add to the list:  brats, Harleys, and one-hit wonder bands at Summerfest.   :thumbsup:

Kansas State Basketball / Re: SportCenter
« on: April 12, 2010, 01:01:23 PM »
Gents,  I did not see the SC in question.  Living, as I do, in Milwaukee, I can attest to the fact that it has become somewhat trendy to say, "Fear the deer," in reference to the Milwaukee Bucks.  Yes, in fact, the Bucks are slated for the playoffs for the first time in several years.

I have not yet heard anyone use the slogan, "Fear the beer," in or around Milwaukee - though this may not be totally out of the realm of possibility.

Given the futile nature of the Milwaukee bullpen, I cannot fathom anyone other than a homer (certainly no opposing team in the NL central) fearing the Brewers (btw, they're the Cerveceros in Spanish).  Trevor Hoffman nearly blew another save last night - it could be another long season for the Brewers.

The only fear I could possibly imagine related to beer would be if it ran out.  I'm happy to report that in Milwaukee, there is absolutely 0% probability of this occurring.   :cheers:

He and Coach K are neck and neck but think Izz is the best.

Izzo definitely has the benefit of recent performance to back his claim to the title, "BEST."  I think the game vs. Butler will be an instant classic.  I also think that whoever survives is going to have a tough time with either Duke or WVU (I, personally - don't ban me, mods! - think it'll be Huggie and the Mountaineers).   :popcorn:

Kansas State Basketball / Re: Where are we ranked pre season?
« on: March 29, 2010, 01:19:51 AM »
Lot of stuff will have to be sorted out as far as who leaves early but I could see top 10.

Agree with this, but at this moment I'd say somewhere top 15 - 20, which is WAY higher than this year's pre-season ranking.

RE:  KU, depends on their defections, but I'd say they're a cinch at top 15, probably top 10.  

Next year is a pivotal one in our relative success compared to the hawks.  We have to get back to holding serve in the Octagon of Doom and probably manage to best them in the Big XII Tourney (if we meet them there).  I, for one, think this is priority #1 for Martin & Co.


Kstate was fatigued. They showed it the moment the ball was tipped.

They couldn't whip Ksu's ass since Ksu was too busy dragging its own ass on the floor.

BTW - I'm not subscribing to this line of reasoning.  No excuses.  Butler outplayed us, beat us, kicked our behinds.  We couldn't hit a shot and we have to give credit to Butler for that.  We also let them make shots almost at will.  That little cut to the basket by their forward (who's man was THAT?, 'Nique?, Curt?, Louie?, Wally?) absolutely killed us. 

Had to put in my $.02 regarding this since I'm awake, drinking and got the fingers warmed up.

Mark this down in ink:  as long as we have Frank Martin at the wheel we will absolutely and positively exceed this opportunity and circumstance again.  We will proceed to the Final Four with Frank (and maybe even win it all).

Now, I'm not a Pollyanna sunshine pumper.  So read on.

Clemente was/is a huge cog in this year's machine.  As one who appreciates the boricua spirit* that burns inside him, he was an artist on the floor for us.  There's no replacing Denis Clemente - he will be sorely missed and I'm so sad to see his playing days end at K-State (I'm hoping Coach signs him on as a grad assistant for next year - see comments below).  We will struggle next year at moments given that we will PG by committee.  It may be painful, even moreso if Jake had never played at the 1 spot, but he has.

I wish Spradling had a year to play with Clemente because I think that's our hope for 2011 and beyond at PG -  but I digress.

Frank demands results.  If you think that Frank was not invested yesterday, then go back and watch the video on his pre-game and half-time talks.  He knew and stressed for the men that opportunities MUST be seized.  He will demand and work toward results no matter what the other variables around him are.  If 'Te 420K leaves, guess what?  Frank will find a way to recruit with the tools around him.

Someone mentioned that the bigs all choked.  Uh, brethren, Curt Kelly became a man (sorry for the clichĂ©) before our eyes during this tournament.  If he can do that consistently next year, we have a leg up on the Big XII (assuming Aldrich is gone and Udoh considers bolting).  JamSam is a sophomore (remember that?).  'Nique is the topic of a separate post to come later.  I also believe that Freddy and Wally are going to do great things next year - we may go with the tallest lineup in the Big XII (country?) at times next year.

We may or may not see the Elite 8 next year - most of that will be determined by one Mr. Jake "Fear the Beard" Pullen and the level of leadership, consistency, and commitment he chooses to demonstrate.  But, mark my words, we WILL come this way again, and we will cross that bridge to the Final 4 again (which we have not done in my lifetime) - IF and only if, we retain one Mr. Frank Martin.

Sorry for the ramble, but I've been drinking and on vacation for a few days - I had to do it.   :drink:

*mistakenly typed "spirits," of course, Denis may very well have 'boricua spirits' (preferably Don Q or something similar) in him at this moment, but I meant to refer to his 'espĂ­ritu boricua.'

Kansas State Basketball / Re: Which hurt worse? Now or '98?
« on: March 29, 2010, 12:35:54 AM »
'98 was MUCH worse by every comparison.  We were EXPECTED to be in the (M) National Championship game that year.  This year in Basketball, perhaps, if we would have defeated all teams against whom we were faves (Ole Miss, Iowa State and Okie State part I), plus pulled out 1 of 3 or 2 of 3 (BXII Tourney) vs. the University of Kansas and thus broken into the top spot near the end of the season we could start comparing.

Nobody in their right mind can say we were expected to be in the Finals at the Final four this year in basketball.  I hope to be in a situation a la '98 FB in both Basketball and Football again (but with positive outcomes).  RE:  Basketball, keep Frank in place, get some more talent and let's see for next year and beyond.

Alas, Football has some major work to accomplish before we can sniff that level of eliteness again.

Kansas State Basketball / Re: Disrespectful...
« on: February 26, 2010, 03:00:20 PM »
It could be a form of quiet protest.   Doesn't PR want to become a state?

Depends, not sure of Denis' & Luis' leanings, but Puerto Ricans are split right about down the middle about becoming a state.  Odds are that one is for statehood and the other is for either complete independence or status quo.  I don't have a problem with folks not focusing on the flag, with hand on the heart thing during the Star Spangled Banner as long as they're not loud and interrupting my patriotic moment (or quiet side-bar conversation).  Obviously, our guys are just trying to stay loose before tip off.  Nothing to see here.


Kansas State Basketball / Re: 25...
« on: February 15, 2010, 02:38:34 PM »
We will break/set the record this year, definitely.  I'm gonna go with 27, but would love 28 or 29.   :ksu:

There has been 1 hot bball player to play at K-State.  EVER.  It's her

Trust me on this one k?

There's been zero

Don't know about this Anastasia to whom Kilt is referring, but I can assure you that there's been at least one:

Andria Jones (1994-97)
       1997 Associated Press All-America (HM)

       1997 Kodak All-District V

Photo evidence here:

Looks like she's 55 years old  :frown:

55's the new 25!  Didn't you know?   :drool:

There has been 1 hot bball player to play at K-State.  EVER.  It's her

Trust me on this one k?

There's been zero

Don't know about this Anastasia to whom Kilt is referring, but I can assure you that there's been at least one:

Andria Jones (1994-97)
       1997 Associated Press All-America (HM)

       1997 Kodak All-District V

Photo evidence here:

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