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Good for Scott. I understand that there's still a phobia of homosexuality in athletics and it takes courage to buck that trend. But also, looking forward to the day when people can just play football without feeling compelled to announce whether they prefer having sex with men or women.

Can anyone provide some examples of this "phobia of homosexuality in athletics?"

I'm being totally serious, so please don't delete my question because you are threatened in some really inconceivably weak way.

Thank you..look forward to examples of "phobia of homosexuality in athletics."

Reading the news of this, it appears that the player announced that he preferred men sexually to his teammates privately 2 years ago.

But it came out nationally, on ESPN, just Friday morning.

Is there any coincidence about the timing in that ESPN aired the ESPYs Thursday night?

Just wondering about motivation and if media powers are aligned so, I am acting to protect my university from being used as a national propaganda tool.

You guys should maybe take trash like that to the Pit. There's really no need for it here.

ESPN commands that we discuss it here because they think it is about sports.

I find it so fascinating that the "why is this news?" people are the same ones that have fought for the last 20 years to deny gay people civil rights.

What "civil rights" are bisexuals denied? For that matter, what precisely is the complaint from the "B" in LGBTQ?

Been wondering this for quite awhile, and the question has yet to be answered.

Kansas State Basketball / Re: Lords of the Ringy Dingies. Coaches
« on: July 14, 2017, 12:20:39 AM »
I am a realist.  I try to live in the real world enjoyably.  This is hard especially when life deals you a plate of horse turd possum souffle.

I realized that Weber was here as long as Curdog was here.  Then Currie leaves. Hope. New AD knuckles under to the big wallets.  So another yeAR with oscar.

Some guys set high standards for things in their lives.  High standards for women, beer, friends, gravy, and relatives.  They refuse to partake in these things because of  their standards.  They miss out on many joys of life.

I love college basketball.  Cats are my team.  With 10 or so teams hoarding the best players that allow them to get far in the tournament each year, peon teams realistically have a slim chance to have a magical year.  So some just turn their back on the whole and don't give a rip.  These are good fans that have a different approach than me.  I try to get some fun out of the poor situation. 

I would like us to beat a few named non conference teams.  I would like us to win 60% of our Big 12 teams. I would love to beat KU in Lawrence so I can watch beakerGals cry.

I respect people not caring.  I choose a different path to try to sueeze some juice from the old turnip.

Those are reasoned and rational thoughts I respect.  I am there with you in loving this sport and program - even more so than football for me.

But my supporting this program financially as it is headed in the wrong direction so obviously is unethical and counter to my being. I have realized we were heading in the wrong direction since the Kentucky game. I cannot go on further.  Every effort on my part, for the best of the program, involves getting this coach out of my university.

Pretty solid points from 'lemy

[attachment deleted by admin]

It bothers me so much when people try to act like we shouldn't care about this or that it doesn't matter (usually with some bigoted qualifier, see "the K-State family" FB and issues with "condoning" or finding him "disgusting").  Just watch the video and see how emotional he gets.  See how he recounts the story of coming out, being so mentally shaken he is crying, sounding like near a panic attack,  all for telling his team mates, who should be his close confidants, what the fibers of his humanity are made of.  We have a long way to go when anyone still feels like they can't be loved and accepted for who they are.  If wanting a society where people can be who they are, without fear of reprisal and rejection makes you a SJW, sign me up.

First off, give me an example where a high-profile athlete - hell, even a high school or no-name college athlete came out and said he was gay and got derided socially, burned in effigy, or even tarred and feathered....what do you expect is going to happen?  Hell, nobody "accepts" my traditional, American (and ultimately logical) thoughts on here, but do I go home crying for acceptance? Grow up!

As for "how emotional he gets," I dare you to enter a locker room full of testosterone-laden young men that you are daily fully naked in front of, and declare that you find the form they carry around arousing sexually, and not sweat just a little in anticipation of their reaction. That's just being human. I'm sure there's LOTS of crying in prison.

I hope and pray that Oscar comes out as gay. Would explain a LOT!

You suppose this occurring on the day of the ESPYs is just a coincidence?

Your calendar is broken

Ok thanks - totally a coincidence that the ESPYs were the night before.

You suppose this occurring on the day of the ESPYs is just a coincidence?


I mean, if someone rapes someone or a sex tape comes out or a pornstar tweets a pic of her and a player in bed together... then yes, they will cover that too

LOL equating homosexual sex with rape.

No, you just asked for topics dealing with sex and straight people that would be covered by the media.

If anyone is raping anything it is you and your comments raping this board.

LOL again with you now equating rape with "sex and straight people!" Rape is a crime and is not about sex. Rape is about power.

Want to dig yourself further into the hole, or do you give up?


I mean, if someone rapes someone or a sex tape comes out or a pornstar tweets a pic of her and a player in bed together... then yes, they will cover that too

LOL equating homosexual sex with rape.

There are things in life bigger than K-State football.

Thank you for making my point that this will be a distraction.

BTW, if he wants to be a truly brave SJW on this subject, go to Iran or Iraq and get them to stop throwing gays off of buildings.

Then why does it matter if they report on it anyways? No one is forcing you to read or watch anything.

It matters because this team should get attention earned based upon what they have accomplished on the football field and will achieve on the field this season.

Will there be focus on what kind of sex any heterosexual or bisexual player has during the season? Why is this different? It's not like he has Leprosy or a club foot. It's simply how he wants to have sex for criminy sake!


We're going in to what could be the most magical season of the Snyder Era. Coach has just come through horrible cancer treatment, is approaching 80 years old, a new AD, all the attention already focused on his team, and now he has to deal with the inane ESPN/Disney/SJW nonsense that this issue will attract. If I were gay and on a team approaching this situation, I would keep my mouth shut about it and not let those nincompoops a reason to stick their nosey-noses into my business and distract my team.


It will be mentioned every game we play on disney sports. They are relentlessly on message/agenda.



LOL. Also your an idiot

Thanks for the reasoned response.

And it's "you're" by the way.


Disagree.  Strongly.

I said I hope I'm wrong, but it has happened before.

Why does it matter? He's not having sex in public, in front of the team. Why does the nation need to know how he chooses to express his sexuality in private settings?

This will be a distraction for the team, and will not be good.

For the record, we are all human beings, we all have a sexuality. Some express that sexuality in a heterosexual manner, some in a homosexual manner, and others either can't make up their mind or bounce back-and-forth during their lives. It is what it is.

That obvious point being established, his doing this gives the ESPN-SJW's of the media world a reason to pay attention to Kansas State, and not in a good way. Now, we're going to be flooded with a focus all season long on all the ESPN/SJW-perceived social inequalities that need to be "corrected" in "backwards-Manhattan Kansas" as they see it.

I hope I'm wrong, for Snyder and this teams' sake, but MU and Columbia's problems all started when Sam came-out.

Kansas State Basketball / Re: Lords of the Ringy Dingies. Coaches
« on: July 13, 2017, 12:16:02 PM »
Last few years we have had runt big men.  Gipson and DJamer.  No backups.  We have lost many games because we faded.  We have  a herd of beefies.  That weinercuse ain't valid.  Stupid tired guards.  As they got tired they would go Gump.  We have guards.  Weber don't have that excuse.  Big money guys who don't give a crap about grunt fans have bought hiz excuses.  If he does well, maybe some validity to excuses.  If we do poorly, maybe rich guy will have to put down his little poochy whoosh and listen to the barking howls of the peons wanting oscar hide.  The blame for a poor year won't be cause by Jack Crap clones.  Oscar has potential to  become befuddled and to blow a load in his designer gruns.

It shouldn't take anyone with a modicum of basketball IQ (which Reno has) to need 6 years to make that judgement.

Weber best not try to panzify these guys. 

So you're hoping/praying that Oscar suddenly changes his stripes?

I agree with you so we'll just have to wait to see.  I think all three have good potential but all are stepping up in competition.

You are correct again, though I would differ on "we'll just have to." We don't. I pay lots of money to this university. Much more than I ever did as a student, and I expect much more than an education for that investment.

This is a revenue sport. Men's bball isn't something we throw out there to achieve Title IX compliance. We MUST be good in the W-L column and achieve in the post-season.

No, Men's bball is not the whale that football is in terms of revenue, but we need to be aware of the future. If the Big 12 really does implode as rumored, a truly post-season-competitive men's bball program could mean a lot in terms of whether we end up in a Power 5 conference or to the Mountain West level of the mentally-challenged schools.

If you want to "cheer for the kids" follow your participatory grade school teams. Big 12 men's basketball is about winning and realistically striving for championships. Anything less degrades the sport, your student-athletes, and the university.

Kansas State Basketball / Re: Lords of the Ringy Dingies. Coaches
« on: July 12, 2017, 10:44:20 PM »
If he and his staff fail this year, the garbage disposal time.


Why is year 6 of this nonsense the final straw for you?

I am seriously interested in your answer...

Kansas State Basketball / Re: Mcquirl Senior Year Mixtape
« on: July 12, 2017, 10:40:32 PM »
I remember a few years ago when folks lauded Hopper' leaping and dunking ability as an indicator of his basketball playing ability.

We were disappointed.

A few other juco players we were fortunate to get when we couldn't sign a good player.  Mitch, Charles Bledsoe, Will Scott, Elliot Hatcher, Bob Chipman, Randy Reed, Jeremiah Massey   Imagine what Kruger or Hartman could have done without having to sign juco guys.

All true. Juco route and transfers are worthy options and those you mention were great for past KState coaches.

However, I can't recall anyone Weber has brought through the juco route that has amounted to anything worth remembering...

Nobody cares.

The coach is mid-major.

The players recruited are sub-P5-standard.

We have been worn-down.

Nobody cares.

If I trained mice to play basketball at a lower-than-P5-level, would you start a thread to discuss it?

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