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buttigieg also supported m4a at the start of his presidential campaign (very vaguely, as he did everything, to be sure).  he also switched his position on decriminalizing unauthorized entry sometime between the first debate and today.

the fakeness of his, at least to me, isn't so much changing your mind, it's turning around and attacking the people that hold the same position you held 3-4 months ago.  it seems pretty obvious to me that his campaign decided there was more of an opening trying to take moderate white voters from biden than there was trying to share very liberal white voters with warren.  he adjusted his beliefs accordingly.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: Taxes (GOP 2017 edition)
« on: October 17, 2019, 09:31:19 PM »
finally did my 2018 taxes.  i paid a lot less (may not have done them correctly, we'll see).

When I first read this and right before I saw the metaphor or whatever, I pictured you taking your snake to a gun range and shooting the snake with a gun and was very wtf.

heh.  that interpretation never occurred to me.

sanders is the only other candidate that advocates the same plan, and he is able to articulate that some people would have to pay more in taxes.  the world doesn't end when he does so.

MIR: everyone knows Liz’s plan will increase taxes.

Also MIR: how could you ask Liz to admit her plan will increase taxes? Republicans will destroy her if people find out!!

she needs to answer question.  people actually like it when they are told what they perceive to be the truth.  not answering is mind-numbingly stupid.

consumables are different in several fairly obvious ways.  the principal one being that the main reinforcing behavior is consuming the substance, which is not impacted by having to be kept nonpublic.

So you mean completely ineffective, right?

as someone who participates in an (sometimes, depending on where i live and how i pursue it) illegal hobby, it is pretty damn effective.  when you can't take your snake out in public, can't go shoot it at some gun range, can't post it on facebook, can't comment about it on gun nut message boards, can't advertise it for sale, can't meet up with fellow collectors, etc the joy of the hobby fades pretty quick.

If that was true then you wouldn't have had to type any of the rest.

how many of the speeches that he's delivered this campaign have you listened to?  if you are like 99.9% of voters, the answer is 0.

He got to the part about expecting people to follow the law (and I suppose, turn assault rifles in) and then taking assault rifles away when they are brought into public (or something?), but i think it was 30 seconds in. I actually think the policy idea is fine, but it seemed like he didn’t take advantage on the one issue he differentiates himself on. We called it as being the Beto question 5 seconds before they said his name.

he actually didn't address the actual question until the last 5 seconds or so of his 75 seconds, but i think he knew that cooper would come back and followup if he didn't answer, so he was stealing a little extra speaking time.  when he finally got around to it, he hit his main talking point on the issue - that america is a law-abiding country and americans will follow the law and then made the important (and you would think obvious, but from how the media cover this, apparently not) point that it would be enforced like every other law in the country that makes the possession of something illegal - if it comes to the attention of law enforcement, then there will be legal consequences, in this case a fine and confiscation of the illegal weapon.

the fourth amendment doesn't allow for squads of jackbooted atf agents to sweep across the country searching everyone's closets for assault rifles, so other than being an nra talking point, i don't understand why everyone wants to ask beto when and how he's going to go door to door seizing weapons.

How did Robert francis not look like such a dipshit during the senate run? Were we just not paying attention then?

he's not a dipshit in any way.  he's an extremely talented politician whose skillset hasn't matched up terribly well with the exposure he's gotten in this campaign.  he also got on the wrong side of the media early and has never really recovered.

you can get a little sense of what i mean about skillsets comparing this debate to the last.  in the last debate, the rules had the candidates interacting less and instead responding to the moderators questions.  they also had 90 seconds instead of 75.  beto did much better in that format than in this one.  he's (by a considerable margin) the most compelling public speaker of the candidates, but he's long-winded and has trouble hitting his points in shorter time slots, he doesn't respond super well to interruptions or any sort of chaos when he's speaking.  and he's just flat uncomfortable attacking other candidates himself.

I thought he had a bad response to the “going door to door taking away guns” line of questioning.  He didn’t seem to reconcile his conflicting statements very well.  If it’s his signature issue, he needs to knock it out of the park. Other stuff seemed so meh that I don’t remember specifics.

i thought he explained it pretty clearly, but then i already knew what the policy was before he spoke.  perhaps it wasn't clear to people with less advance knowledge.

thanks for your impressions.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: The Trump Presidency
« on: October 16, 2019, 03:41:34 PM »
my guess is that pelosi would like to time this thing so it's just really just kicking off around nov 8 so that the choice is that you can either vote for the dem or vote to have some huge impeachment deal for the next year.

entirely possible that trump already has or will be so crazy illegal and corrupt that she can't stall that long though.  always 4 dimensions ahead, that one.

Last night watching Beto kind of made me think less of sys. I generally like sys, and I used to like Beto more than I felt last night.

what didn't you like?  i thought he had some good moments and some missteps, but i'm curious what impacted your view.

Pete is an impressive debater. Very impressive.
Bernie is sharp as a tack and great as always.
Warren floundering a bit imo. Some good crescendos.
Gabbard hit and miss. Stop asking Warren questions, it's dumb.
Yang. Smart guy. Ends sentences poorly.
Booker. I enjoy him telling the children to stop calling each other names.
Klobacher (sp?) meh. I think she was on the show the middle
Castro. This guy is pretty smart. Sounds like Obama.
Biden. LOL, no.
Billionaire guy. Good big pharma things. Said frienimies  :lol:
Beto. LOL, what a sap.
Harris. Shut up, cop.

literally don't agree with a single thing here.  i guess i assume castro and yang are probably of above average intelligence, so maybe you could count that.

i'm hearing klobsie dropped warren and even bernie was laughing at her.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: bolton
« on: October 15, 2019, 02:08:18 PM »
Bolton taking down trump is exactly what I want for my guy sys

the neocon strikes back.  :Ughhh:

We've never won without a Snyder at the helm. That's a fact.

arrogance, thy name is kstate.

weird how dozens makes me think of a few dozen, but i'm fine with scores for fifty score.

I think 10 years is probably enough for most murders, honestly.

i agree, but as long as we're giving civilians longer sentences, i don't want cops getting relatively shorter sentences.


I'll never understand why Bill didn't just make Sean his successor.

he grew old and soft.

there is absolutely no denying that the klieman era has been an unmitigated disaster.  when does it end?

sean snyder is the so of our homegrown legend and knows what it takes to win at ksu.  I guarantee you that he would have melded this team out of iron.  we would and should be undefeated had the mustang done his damn job and made the correct hire

every word a truth.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: The Trump Presidency
« on: October 13, 2019, 08:16:05 PM »
good numbers for sanders there.
I think he’s honest, trustworthy, and believes in terrible policies!

yeah, i think a lot of people think that.

cops shouldn't have guns

We don't need cops, get rid of them, they kill too many people

people used to lol @ me 10-15 years ago.


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