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Yes and I love my family, but we were very poor growing up. I just want to give him a different life. I think that’s why I’m super sad right now. I was heading towards something and I’m scared I won’t get there after this. I’m having a blast with him. I just want to make him proud and safe. When I made a travel team in baseball because I was decent (at 13), another family had to take me over as theirs and pay my funds so I could stay on the team, while my dad worked weekends to make ends meat. I want to provide and be there as much as I can. I know that’s a small case study, but it’s stuff I think about.

You know I’m always a glass half full kind of guy, just having a hard time doing it these days, I appreciate your breakdown. That was helpful.

Medical supplies, insurance, grocery stores, Alcohol, toilet paper, etc. I use to work in radio advertising. I look around at every business and do supply/demand of what they have to offer. You’re too smart to negate this.
even the rough ridin' virus doesn't have the capacity to revel in its own spread.

Yeah, most of them are about to lose their offices and go to corporate dentistry. Only reason why I feel good/bad about this when it’s gone.

Well it’s good to hear you’re excited about the fact that dental corporations will be taking a chunk off the top of all of our future dental visits as a result of this pandemic.  Silver lining.
I believe that you take in, what you want to take in from this response. If you’re still working currently, you’re probably benefiting from someone’s misery. I might not be back to work until 2021, but thanks for stopping by for your heat check.

Yeah, most of them are about to lose their offices and go to corporate dentistry. Only reason why I feel good/bad about this when it’s gone.

Also, 💯 percent i’d Have a job right now without the stay at home restrictions. They were needed though, but I’m not sure what they do with the commission check that is owed for filling my territory.

I think people need Dentists, but you make a great point. I just needed to vent today, because I’m going crazy @ home and can’t provide right now. I’m being selfish and self soothing about this crap. My mom is like one of the 5% of people who defeated pancreatic cancer and I need her to be safe, so if that’s what it takes, I’m game.

I appreciate it, bud. Hoping for the best for you all.

Thanks, guys. OB, I’ve significantly decreased my time on this blog the last few years. I was leading my company in Doctors hired in the new year so far and that’s literally what I would get up for everyday, the competition of making the company money. Yes, I’ve tried to act like a boss and act big time on here to be “one of the guys” at times. Because from the sounds of it, everyone is pretty successful on here. I was just finally proud of finding something I was great at. I’m sorry if you took #fanningbragging as serious. I didn’t see the ocean until I was 19 and I had never been to another country minus Mexico/Canada until my 30’s. I’m very thankful for every amazing experience I get these days.

Thanks, guys. I’ve been holding this crap in the last 3 weeks. It’s tough. I appreciate the kindness.

Getting paid by other people’s tax dollars sounds like the American dream.

Your anger is odd and misplaced. This is better than taking personal shots at people though.
I’m not trying to be a dick. My legit mental health is mumped right now and I’m annoyed by the people who make fun of the “but the economy” people. I worked really hard to get to the salary I had, like living at home with Mom and Dad and paying off loans in my 20’s hard and working two jobs in the process. It was all wiped away. I had my first born in September. His dad is now an unemployed asshat, with no future in sight.

There’s lots of financial people/lawyers on this troll blog. They’re 100% working from home and cashing checks during this time. I’m not mad, I’m happy for them, but the “no’s” aren’t essential people working at a grocery store right now here.

Yes, go be more exposed to a virus for less pay than unemployment. With health insurance running out at the end of the month. Sounds like a plan. Sorry, I’m bitter AF right now and staying positive is tough right now.

I don’t think you guys understand how miserable it is to be unemployed by something you can’t control, with no future insight for the time being. I think it sucks people with shitty immune systems are dying from this, but I’m legit depressed AF and I have no idea what to do right now, because I can’t do anything.

Getting paid by other people’s tax dollars sounds like the American dream.

This poll tells it all so far. The people lecturing people about the pandemic are the ones half assing their jobs at home and soaking it all in. Sad.

Happy your state is keeping people employed. :thumbs:

What’s crazy is I’m a healthcare recruiter and my job isn’t safe because who needs the Dentist during a pandemic.

Since we’re nearing 40% unemployment soon, I’d like to know how everyone is doing out there. Stay safe.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: label your fellow posters
« on: April 04, 2020, 08:23:05 AM »
“Ok, Boomer” is thee worst thing that’s ever happened on the internet and now bubs is saying I’m part of it... :curse:

Unemployment offices are so far behind right now, it’s nuts. I filed two weeks ago and my employer said they haven’t even been contacted by Kansas yet. 3 hour wait times if you try to call them. Straight up chaos.


The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: Bernie Bros...
« on: April 02, 2020, 10:02:20 AM »
#AlyssaMilano is trending due to bernie bros and something she said apparently







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