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Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Kansas City things
« on: May 22, 2019, 10:28:07 PM »
I'm excited KC got the draft and hope that in the next 4 years the city figures out how to accommodate a mass of people in front of Union Station. Imagine the bathroom situation at the Royals WS Parade and replace the happy families with Joey Toughguy in a Philly Jersey.  :Yuck:

I'll probably make a half hearted effort to go down to P&L during the day for the later rounds.

The recent storms knocked my sugar snap peas around but everything else is running smoothly.

Unlike most farmers in the area i was able to get my corn planted a couple weeks ago and it has already sprouted!

I've been eating spinach and lettuce salads almost every day for the past week.

Got my first couple of sugar snap peas as well.

I learned to play golf on a par 3 course and never learned how to hit a driver, usually tee off with an iron. I recently acquired a driver and am absolutely awful at hitting the ball.

I've been practicing with wiffle balls in my backyard and can crush everything but when I try to hit real balls on the course nothing works.

Please help me learn how to hit a driver.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Tuttlecreek Conspiracy
« on: May 16, 2019, 12:04:56 PM »
How will releasing the water impact the fishing at rocky ford? This is the real question that needs to be addressed.

After initial deluge will improve bigly! Wash out all that mono tangled up and empty cat fish bait containers all over the place and wash it right on down to law-rench to entangle blue hawks.  :Take the Bait:
Let the waters flow

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Tuttlecreek Conspiracy
« on: May 16, 2019, 11:20:29 AM »
How will releasing the water impact the fishing at rocky ford? This is the real question that needs to be addressed.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: New To Investing Thread
« on: May 14, 2019, 11:28:14 AM »
spoke to a financial planner this morning.  had some decent, basic advice for my position (buying a house in the next year or so).  i'm sure he's smarter than i am in this field, but my main issue was whether his benefit outweighed his cost.

says he makes his money by splitting the investment fees with the various companies offering the investments so there's very little out of pocket outside of an annual fee (~$50).  so that seems relatively low risk, but I can't help but notice an inherent conflict of interest through that compensation structure (i.e. he's incentivized to choose investment vehicles with higher fees).

probably going to go with him anyway.

Did you ask him what the Investment Fee's are on the funds he would invest you in? I'm guessing they are alot, would also ask about any load fees. Even if his "Fee" works out to only 1% it will turn into Hundreds of thousands of dollars over 30 years. If you have $0 invested right now and contribute $1000 a month over the next 30 years that 1% fee will turn into $195,000 less in your account over 30 years.

If you are not already maxing your tax advantaged space (401k/IRA) then do that first before you open any brokerage account with a financial advisor. If you are unsure on what funds to select in your 401k/IRA just post them here or put them in a SP500 Index fund or a target date retirement fund.

IMO the only time an adviser makes sense is after you have accumulated a lot of money and need advice on tax/estate planning strategies.

@sys I later asked my dad why he referred to the vet as his doctor....its because he is his own doctor and gets his snake venom from a vet but that may be ending.

The vet got him the snake venom the first time and was like "Yeah whatever keep it cold" but when they found out what he used the snake venom for and wont order him anymore. :-(

Missed the first part of the story where my dad spent 2 hrs looking for lil lil after it escaped on the way to the farm (he let her out while he was picking up some beehives to take out to farm)


What is the best way to post a minute long video on this blog?

tweet it and then post the tweet.

this is the answer
Lil lil injury story


What is the best way to post a minute long video on this blog?

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: jobs
« on: May 09, 2019, 09:25:49 PM »
Pro-Tip that recently worked for me: Ask for a Raise BEFORE your annual review.

Last year I waited until my actual yearly review meeting to bring up the fact that I thought my base pay was lower than what I would get at another company. When the review meeting finally happened I presented my argument for a raise but at that point everything had been decided and there was not much room for negotiation, I got a 2.25% raise.

This year when I emailed my self review to my manager I brought up the conversation from last year and said I wanted to revisit increasing my base pay to where I thought it should be and included some reasons of why. Had my review the other day and got a 7% raise. If I had said nothing last year I probably would of got the same 2-3% raise in base pay.

TL:DR - Always ask for a raise and make sure your manager knows what you are expecting (Include research/reasons etc on why you deserve it)

Kansas State Football / Re: He's no Chase Mejia
« on: May 09, 2019, 12:17:04 PM »
i want to see him on college gameday live from the lawn in front of Anderson in 2 years promoting his new blockbuster movie, and talking about how he was just named TIME sexiest man alive, as the cats roll to purple over the Texas Longhorns 42-17 roll damn purple
What a beautiful picture you just painted in my mind.

congrats everyone, t's and p's to lil lil, praying for a speedy recovery and no broken bones (once vet opens)
That email was from Sunday. Lil lil got taken to the vet on Tuesday and patched up. No broken bones just some cuts on the paw.

Appreciate the t's and p's.

Thought that was it?

NOPE! Bobbi also produced a pure white kitten that my dad will surely keep tabs on.

Meet Bobbi. Pregnant, round, bad eye but very docile, loves to be petted.  Lost half of tail a yr ago.  Very gentile.  Strong pur motor.  Good cat, about 3 yr old.  Lives in Morton barn.  Likes all visitors and especially pets.  Give lots of extra pets when you see her.

Bobbi is a god damn champion farm cat IMO. No excuses, shows up to work every day with her lunch pale and does everything you could want without complaining, a true farm cats farm cat.

Bobbi popped some kittens out a couple of weeks ago.

(Email was titled "Bobbi had babies")


Fireplace nice to dry wet shoes off.  Foggy, cool all day.  Lawn sprinkler system repaired.  5 sprinklers adjusted for better coverage.  Got me soaked.  Bobbi keeping her 2 kittens hidden.  Lil lil paw looks broken.  Vet opens tomorrow.  Very swollen paw.  Hours spent on pony waterer.  Still drips, wasting water.  Shut it off for now as ponies in another pasture.  Weed eater trimmed around house tonight - lookin good.

So "lil lil" (former barn kitten runt my dad adopted) got in a scrap with "Tom Tom" (the dominant male barn cat who is probably her father.)

"Tom Tom" hangs out by the house sometimes and tried to sneak in when my dad was walking in.....his tail got caught in the door and "Lil Lil" tried to be a kingslayer at the same time and attack him.

"Lil Lil" lost and had to be taken to the local vet to get her wounds patched up (one day later because the vet is closed on mondays)

 A quick google search tells me he just found this article from 9 months ago and decided to alert me because I like oysters.

If you are looking for the easiest possible thing to grow its definitely radishes. I had an open package blow off a table and dump its seeds all over my yard.

Radishes are now growing in my lawn.

Lettuce / Kale / Broccoli / Pepper Plants /sugar snap peas.

Just planted the 4 pepper plants this weekend between broccoli and sugar snap peas. Peas will be done growing by mid june which is when the pepper plants will start getting large.

Spinach / Radish / sugar snap peas. Will be planting corn here later in the season.

Radish and asparagus harvest tonight.

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