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Kansas State Football / Re: HUSKGUY
« on: July 19, 2019, 05:40:03 PM »
Was driving through omaha today and saw a "BUGEATRZ"

whoa, I just got back Sunday from like 10 days on the N Platte in Wyoming
Tell me more. I only spent 2 days at buffalo berry campground and am planning to come back next year.

I want to take one of those guided driftboat tours next year.

Sounds awesome, wipers are fun to catch.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: the rough ridin' moon
« on: July 18, 2019, 09:34:26 PM »
The moon was super bright last night!

Also, check this site out over the next few days:
I noticed that as well

Then a caught about 6-9 more bass, kept the three SMALLEST bass along with the pike and will clean them tomorrow.

This was all out of a 5 ft wide creek/lake outlet.

Then I caught a PIKE, no not that silly wannabe firefighter frat, PIKE the fish.

My lure is still in his mouth since they have gnarly teeth, will remove it tomorrow after i clean it.

First fish in that honey hole was the biggest bass I've ever caught in my life. (Released it)

Then this afternoon I rolled into the Valentine National Refuge in the Sand Hills of NE and found the Honey Hole of all Honey Holes.

The outlet from a lake was a mini rocky ford or pillsbury type situation, water falls and makes a narrow rapids where big fish ambush little fish. I've been preparing for this all my life.

Anyone do any fishing this week?

On tuesday I caught my first trout ever on the N Platte River. Cleaned/cooked it on the spot, 9.5/10 on the manlyness scale.

Currently in the Sand Hills of NE which surprisingly has 4G, headed back to KC tomorrow morning. Will update with some more posts/pics this weekend but here is a primer of my 5 day vision quest through CO/WY/NE

Here is a picture of lady looking at cows.
Do those windmills all blink in unison at night?


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Yes, when i got in friday night my dad was really excited to drive to to the top of a hill by the pasture where you can see all of them blinking in unison.

Here is a picture of lady looking at cows.

Just read the Wikipedia page on mudhens/american coot and that is not the duck I saw. They were all brown with white specks.

A quick google search leads me to believe they might of been "Gadwalls"?

lmao, american coot aka mudhen, i don't understand how any possible family history can result in a person whose family owns a farm in western ks but hasn't seen a jackrabbit, good-looking cows over there.
Thank you for identifying the duck.

My history on the farm is basically spending a week out there in the summer between 4-7th grade + random holidays.

My gpa always told me to i could kill any rabbits i saw but if i saw a jackrabbit i had to kill it immediately. He grew up in the dustbowl/great depression and would shoot any Jackrabbit on site but i never saw any when i was out visiting.

Never was allowed to meander almost a mile away from the house as a pre-teen city boy to check out the "Creek" so seeing ducks out there is a new thing to me.

Thats why I post in this thread. To learn the difference between mountain lions/bobcats and ask people with real WKS what these tiny ducks are out in the pasture.

Great update. I’m setting the odds that your pops proclaimed pic 3 to be a mountain lion at 2:1.

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He didnt confirm it in the email but just confirmed it now in person. Was talking about how he got a holster so he could have a pistol when he walked around the windbreak due to mountain lions.

He also said my cousin killed a bobcat out there a couple weeks ago but the cat in the trail cam was definitely a mountian lion "you can tell by how long the tail is"

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Also you should tell him that he’s 100% accurate that the tail is too long to be a bobcat.

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This picture of a "Juvenile Mountain Lion" is now framed at the farm.

What song did you play on your saxophone to get the cows to come over?
The soft purr of a chevy S10 engine

A list of random non farm animals i have see. Today that i typically dont see in KC. (Ranked by coolness)

1. Badger. Was just waddling down the road as we were coming back from the Pasture.

2. Burrowing Owl. These guys are teeny but look cool.

3. Jackrabbit. First time I have seen one in person, much larger than i expected.

4. Pheasant. Was crossing the road while I was driving into town.

5. Those weird western KS ducks that run in the grass to get away and are alot smaller than normal ducks.

Then back to the pasture again because my dad saw some actual musk thistle that needed to be sprayed. Im really happy he has learned the difference between prairie/musk thistle in the last year.

Ended up chilling with the cows for a bit and admiring the testicles on the young bulls.

As soon as they saw a truck they made a bee line right for us thinking they were going to get some special feed or sonething.

NOPE! Just practicing good pasture management and spraying musk thistle.

Then we went back to the house to eat lunch (leftover oven roasted chicken) and I cleaned out the incenerator again because I wanted to do something halfway useful.

I just bought a shotgun (dont tell Obama) to go pheasant hunting this year so we went out in the pasture to pew pew some clays.

My shoulder is still sore.

Coming back i was driving along the "Creek" (a series of small lagoons with maybe a foot of water) and saw some birds running in the grass along the bank. Thought they were pheasant but it turns out they were some weird western KS duck family.

As i was doing this my uncle (the real farmer) drove by to check his cattle and complimented me for spelling "Trespassing" correctly, apparently my dad spelled it "Tresspassing" originaly and had to correct it.

My dad sent an email out today with the title "Improvements" and only this picture attached.

(I blurred out the 3 last names listed before "homestead")

While I was at the local wallys buying tweezers i bought some stencils/ paint and then tried to make the sign look halfway decent.

Woke up around 7am and took lady for a walk through the windbreaks looking for pheasants, didnt find any but we both got ticks. Had to drive into town to buy tweezers since my dad didnt have any.

Man, just cracked my first beer and I am exhausted from being a pretend farmer for a day.

Im guessing to compensate people who dont get turbines (and the phat checks that go with them) on their land but have to deal with the background noise/sights.

I did find out that we have an underground power cable running through part of our pasture and get 4x our normal lease amount this year to compensate for the contstruction.

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