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Low Grain Storage IQ here but how long does someone typically store their grain?  Like until the following year or is it a short term kind of thing?

Just depends on its purpose.  But generally the same reason people on wall street hold onto commodities and stock.  Waiting for the right price.

halfEmpty, you seen to know alot about grain storage. What is the going rate these days to rent out grain bins?

Pretty disrespectful to not let SD take a crack at that question in his own thread

SD is a cow farmer not a grain farmer.

Tom, I’m going to need your input on this one since you fixed up a grain bin last year. We have two 10,000 bushel grain bins on the farm that have not been used in a while and need some repairs before they can be used.

How accurate are my dads estimates for the repair costs and also for how much he could rent them out for?

Elevator charges 4 cents per bushel per month to store grain.

bins are 10,000 bushel with dryers (needed for corn).  Costs more if running dryers.

Would bring in $800/month full price.

Could likely get 2.5 cents, maybe 3 cents.  ($500/600 per month rent)  Would go far to recover annual farm costs of taxes and insurance.

First need to have firm prep check bins.  Repair work needed to replace rusted out collers from blowers to bins.  Electrical and augers need tested.  Also, West bin needs sealed on base as it leaks water in now.

Guessing will cost $2000 to get bins fixed up.

I tried to do some googling but could not find any info about grain storage rates. I even called the K-State extension office but the only guy who would know is OOO all this week.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Apples..
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:57:40 AM »
Went with the Pink Gala this week. I'll give them a 7/10, good but not better than Honeycrisp.

I think I'm going to try granny smith apples next week.

Officially transitioned to the summer garden by harvesting/giving away all my lettuce. Still have a bunch of kale/swiss chard/mustard greens growing.

First cucumber seedlings have sprouted by the yellow tomato cages, planted some new seeds where the lettuce used to be as well.

Got rid of the broccoli as since it started to bloom. This was my second time trying to grow broccoli and i doubt i will try again.

I throw all of my unused/damaged tomatoes in the compost pile and have volunteer tomato plants sprouting up all over the yard so i planted some where the broccoli was. Im looking forward to seeing what kind of mutant crossbreed tomatoes will come off the vines!


Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Killing animals
« on: June 16, 2019, 09:06:13 PM »
So I just had fathers day dinner with my 2nd cousin whose dad used to live on the farm and now lives in town. She said her dad knows how to pheasant hunt and can teach me. She also said that she went with him a couple of times to hunt my farmstead about 10 years ago, the walk in hunters would push all the birds onto our land and they would just walk the ditch/tree line and pew pew 5-10 birds.  :excited:

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Killing animals
« on: June 16, 2019, 08:59:22 PM »
even if your dogs don't give a crap about birds, just having a dog present can help induce the pheasants to fly.  otherwise you probably need to plan on using the terrain or position people to get them to stop running and start flying.

if there's lots of birds you can also just walk around aimlessly and at least a few of them will fly close enough for you to shoot them.

Sys, I've taken lady out with me when we shot guns 2 times. The first time she was out there when we were shooting 30.06 and she climbed in my trunk and curled up. Last year I took her out to western KS and was pew pewing with a .22, she curled up in a ball in the front passenger foot area of my dads trunk.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Killing animals
« on: June 16, 2019, 09:46:16 AM »
I finally got around to completing my hunter education course and can now start killing animals legally in the state of KS. I'll probably go deer hunting at some point but I'm going to start with pheasant hunting and need all of the help I can get.

Background -

Between my Fathers and Aunts land (connected) we have around 960 acres of pasture/irrigated/dryland/crp land that I can hunt in northwest KS. I was looking at the the hunting atlas for KS and there is also a bajillion acres of walk in hunting land (mainly irrigated) just across the road from the farm. I will be going out there this fall with a couple of buddies who hunt but only 1 of them has ever been pheasant hunting before and that was like once.

I was banking on my good friend alexfromOP coming back in town and using his bird dogs but he cant make it anymore so I doubt we will have any dogs to work with.

I have been doing some basic research online

Questions -

1. What areas should we focus on first? The ditches/windbreaks by the house? The "creek" that runs through the pasture? The Irrigated or Dryland crop land? The fringes where everything meets?

2. Lets assume there are 4/5 of us with no good bird dog and talk strategy. Should we just slowly walk in a line about 20 ft apart until a bird flies up? I've read about having a "blocker" at the end of a field, is this effective?

3. What other tips do you have for a novice pheasant hunter?

Wandered over to the livestock pavilion and they're having a Boer goat showing contest.  Any goemaws Boer goat farmers?


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I jokingly suggested my dad raise meat goats on the farm once my uncles lease is up and he is seriously considering it. I'm too busy to look it up but I've posted before about his interest in raising them. He's even following the prices for goats at the sale barn but so far they have all been too high.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Apples..
« on: June 14, 2019, 08:49:01 AM »
I've been a honeycrisp guy for the last couple of years but am interested in trying a new variety. What are some similar apples that I should try?

I got so jacked up reading SD's description of Deere Day that I just head butted a co-worker and started chanting F - K - U

Other Sports (Tiger's Back) / Re: Having trouble with your golf game?
« on: June 13, 2019, 10:35:07 AM »
Lets play 18 tonight

Other Sports (Tiger's Back) / Re: Having trouble with your golf game?
« on: June 13, 2019, 09:01:46 AM »
Played 9 holes on tuesday night at Heart of America with a buddy then played a solo 18 sesh at Minor Park last night....Got a legit birdie on a par 4!!! Just crushed the drive 176 yards then used my PW to put the ball about 5 ft away from the hole. Gawd that was a great feeling.

Other Sports (Tiger's Back) / Re: Having trouble with your golf game?
« on: June 13, 2019, 08:59:29 AM »
Anyone have any recommendations for free golf apps? I recently downloaded 18 Birdies and its pretty good, just wondering if there is something better out there I am missing.

I mainly use it for the GPS showing distance to the green and to determine my handicap, also use the "shot tracking" feature to measure how far I can hit each club.

My dad sent an email out today with the title "Improvements" and only this picture attached.

(I blurred out the 3 last names listed before "homestead")


How does your tractor compare to the other ones there? Better paint job? Unique? Better running?

-Ben Ji

I just spelled quonset incorrectly, no deeper meaning.

Its been there forever and used to be a garage to park cars but now it just holds mowers/atvs and random junk? I dont know why the sides are horizontal and not sloped like a true quonset but its always been called the quonset.

Its also where the fireworks were kept when i was a kid.

A picture of 4 of the apple trees (planted with cow manure). The larger trees behind the apple seedlings are pear trees my uncle planted a couple of years ago. There is a water faucet thing by the quisonet building so Im guessing that is where the automatic watering device will connect to.

Also LOL at the "Danger Keep out" sign on the collapsing out building my dad put up sometime in the last year.

You can also see the incinerator (aka 2 steel drums welded together with hatches at top and bottom) that i cleaned out last year when i was trying to do something productive.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Kansas City things
« on: June 10, 2019, 08:38:49 PM »
alright let's talk property values - got a friendly letter from the city saying i owe $1,000 more than last year in property taxes because they raised the assessed value by like 100k. it appears on Next Door that i am not alone. madness!

Same. If you want good (public) schools this is the cost.

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I dont think SD is up to date on the KCMO school district....

lucky, as in he hopes alvin leaves them at his place next time?

Lucky as in maybe some random cows wander onto his land and he can keep them for himself.

Farm update email from my dad. Looks like we are going to be Apple Barons.  :ROFL:

Logan helped me plant 6 new apple trees.  3 Pink Lady, Gale, Matsu, Winesap.  Automated drip tree watering system ordered, will water all the fruit trees when installed.  10 yrs and we should be producing well on these nice looking 5' trees.  (Half price at Wal-mart).  Farm yard grass looking good, treated with weed n feed.  Garden fine - potato crop looking good, blooming now.  Tomatoes slow growing - cool.  Needed a jacket this am.  Had 2 new angus bulls in coral, but Alvin Depe 4 miles East came by and took them home.  I'll get lucky some day.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: handyman-ness
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:21:20 AM »
My mom's husband has gotten into flipping houses around the country and is currently doing a house in Branson. The contractor he's using has been pud af and quoted like 17 grand to install cabinets and countertop in the kitchen so he asked if I could come down and help him out. Sidenote, I had never been to Branson and it's very gross, the Las Vegas of Jesus weirdos.

Mom's husband giving the thumbs up on Saturday. Saw battery died so I had about 90 minutes on Sunday to finish up

LOL at your branson comment. My co-worker once described branson as "Las Vegas if Ned Flanders was in charge"

My brother went out to the farm this weekend and helped transplant some rose bushes from KC.

He also did a completed a cat census and we are up to 20!

ben ji, does anyone live out there.  Looks to be in decent shape.

Not full time. Grandparents moved to town when they retired and no one lived there for about 15 years but my Uncle would still use the bathroom etc when he was around farming.

My dad is out there alot now and has done some minor repairs but the actual house has held up pretty well.

My brother went out to the farm this weekend and helped transplant some rose bushes from KC.

He also completed a cat census and we are up to 20!

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