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winter kittening is one of the key advantages kansas has over the big northern cat ranches.
Great post...and guess what? My dad just discovered a new litter of kittens from lil's mom and one of them is white!

Bad news about Lil's mom tho :(

Mama limping - hurt front paw.  Extra rations to heal her.  Concerned for kittens.......

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Killing animals
« on: November 18, 2019, 08:09:00 AM »
When we first started she did a great job of working ahead of me with the other dogs in the CRP field but could only last about 1.5 hours. After that decided it was easier if she let me break the trail and just followed behind me.

even just walking with you, she'll help a lot in convincing the pheasants that it makes more sense to fly than run.

Sys, I appreciate all of your help. If you ever find yourself in NW Kansas with a shotgun in hand let me know and we can walk around fields and say things like "Whoa" and "Birds are here" and maybe get to shoot our gun if a rooster flies up.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Killing animals
« on: November 17, 2019, 10:11:15 PM »
Enjoy the bird hunting now. Kansas is about to be void of birds.

As someone who is currently looking into getting a bird dog I am curious why you would say this.

I was driving around in the casture and found where the cats wallow in the summer to cool down.

You would think all the giant fans in the background would keep them cool but what do I know.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Killing animals
« on: November 17, 2019, 08:29:03 PM »
I know what you are all wondering....How did lady do?!?!

Well after spending the last month making her sleep next to a shotgun she finally got over her fear of seeing guns and actually did pretty well in the field until she got tired. She probably would of done better if she hadn't chased a jackrabbit a quarter of a mile through a freshly planted alfalfa field before we even got to the hunting grounds.

When we first started she did a great job of working ahead of me with the other dogs in the CRP field but could only last about 1.5 hours. After that decided it was easier if she let me break the trail and just followed behind me.

By the second half of the day she was beat and when I shot the pheasant we couldn't find she refused to help and ran back towards the truck. She followed about 100 yards behind us while we pushed the field but eventually I couldnt see her anymore. When we finished pushing the field I went back looking for her and found her walking in the pasture by the creek.

She looked like an old dog last night when she could barely get up because she was so sore from running all day. She was fine by the morning but refused to follow me into the CRP this morning when I tried to kick up a couple before I left. 

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Killing animals
« on: November 17, 2019, 08:20:33 PM »
Went pheasant hunting for the first time in NW Kansas this weekend. It was me and 2 other newbies and no trained dogs (only one worth a dam was a lab that goes duck hunting) but we had a blast even though we had no idea what we were doing.

Our only goal was to make sure we did not shoot each other and we accomplished that. We mainly hunted some CRP fields on my aunts land and found some pheasants. We had a rudimentary knowledge of how to push a field and flushed up a total of 7 hens and 6 roosters over the course of the weekend.

Of those 6 roosters only 3 of them were shot at and only 1 was hit (by me). We searched for the bird for around 20 minutes but could not find it so I'm guessing he took off running.

The weather was amazing and we all had a great time, just a peaceful feeling you get holding a gun walking through a field of shoulder high grass on a sunny 65 degree day.

Super Embarrasing Side Story: I had 3 other roosters in my sights and pulled the trigger but nothing happened because I had my safety on. Three. Different. Times. Safety first tho!

The new orange cats were aparently not welcomed into the existing cat community in the barn so they set up shop in the garage.

I named this one Oliver
How much of that corrugated,  galvanized metal does your dad have?  Only place I found that carries it is Sutherlands in Topeka.  Craigslist thinks highly rusted tin isantique or rustic.


Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk

Dunno, everything in that garage is my uncle's unless its like 20 years old and was my grandparents then it technically belongs to my dad but who knows because its mostly a bunch of junk.

Should we expect kittens this spring?  :pray:

Its kitten season 24/7 365 on the cat ranch.

Are lady and lil lil friends?
Not friends but they tolerate each other. Lady knows if she gets too close she will get swatted.

how did lady do with the shooting?
First shot was fine, a couple together and she said nope. She stayed by the road and followed behind us for a bit then she peaced out for good.

Found her chilling in the pasture after we finished pushing the CRP.

Here is the heart and soul of the cat ranch, lil lil.

She had just completed her morning patrol around the windbreak and wanted back in.

Dont worry though, my dad is an experienced cat rancher and knows how to make the new arrivals feel welcome.

They get their own feed brought to them in the garage.

This time it was a chicken quarter that had been in a crock pot for 8 hours mixed with bread.

Side of whole milk obviously.

The new orange cats were apparently not welcomed into the existing cat community in the barn so they set up shop in the garage.

I named this one Oliver

Went chasing birds on the cat ranch this weekend. Tried to get a picture of lady in the Open Ranger but I couldnt focus because i was so enraged by the windmills in the background.

One of my friends dad is buddy's with frank white. He has a gigantic stack of signed frank white photo's that he gives away, he was so excited to give it to me that I felt obligated to keep it.

The photo is actually hilarious, 1980's Frank White in his Royals uniform holding a bat on his shoulder(glove hanging from bat) standing in front of a fireplace mantle with all of his gold glove awards spread along the mantle.

Kansas State Football / Re: Nebraska's struggle for relevance.
« on: November 15, 2019, 10:20:02 AM »
That written account pretty much matches up with the story that I heard.  What's not in the story is that she still kept dating Frost after that incident, and was for about the next year or so after.  So, it shows that Scott Frost is an excellent decision maker.  He chose to not try and stop Lawrence Phillips (would have been bad for his health), AND got to keep the girl.

Can you confirm that Scott hid in the closet while phillips was breaking into the apartment? If not what was he doing during the incident?

people love collecting things

You still got that Jeter rookie card?

Kansas State Football / Re: Nebraska's struggle for relevance.
« on: November 15, 2019, 07:51:25 AM »
Does Scott Frost lead Nebraska to a national title(split) in 1997 if his throwing hand was permanently deformed from trying to stop Lawrence Phillips from beating up his GF?

Probably not...and if he doesn't win a natty at corn aggie than he is just another former corn aggie player selling home/life/auto insurance in Omaha.

As cowardly as his decision was it was probably the correct one for his career.

I should tell my dad to get a hobby farm cat. Do you have to feed these things daily or will just the weekends do? I assume farm cats can hunt, but maybe not?

Most farm cats just get some kibble thrown to them a couple of times a week but scrambled eggs with milk over the top will provide better kitten yields and increase their chances of survival. 

city boy 'clams doesn't know a thing about cat ranching if he thinks ben ji's old man is gonna give away his prized herd.  :lol:

Actually he constantly tries to pawn off kittens to people so if anyone needs a cat just let me know and I'll hook you up.

I doubt he would part with white paws or any any white cats but any generic looking farm cat is up for grabs.

Subject: Proud Farm Dad

Lil captures gopher by cherry tree, plays with it, then proudly brings to house to show me her trophy.

Kansas State Football / Re: KU football is TBD
« on: November 13, 2019, 01:34:17 PM »
Minnesota went bowling in year 2 of Fleck at 6-6 and played Georgia Tech. I think that's what we're looking at in 2021. We're basically in year -1 this year, next year will be year 0 when we lose a ton of upperclassmen and replace them with inexperienced youngsters. 2021 those kids start showing some spunk and in 2022 we really get going.

Kansas State Football / Re: Nebraska's struggle for relevance.
« on: November 13, 2019, 11:32:26 AM »
eeek, i didn't know that part of the Lawrence Phillips story.  what was she doing in Scott Frost's apartment, did she live there?

She broke up with Lawrence Phillips and started dating Frost.

Kansas State Football / Re: Nebraska's struggle for relevance.
« on: November 13, 2019, 11:10:34 AM »
He doesn't mention Lawrence Phillips by name, but he doesn't need to. In 1995, Phillips, who was the Huskers' star running back, was arrested on assault charges and accused of throwing his ex-girlfriend to the bathroom floor, then dragging her down three flights of stairs. Although Osborne initially dismissed Phillips from the team, he was reinstated after a six-game suspension, then played out the 1995 season, including the victorious championship game. (It was Frost's apartment that Phillips allegedly broke into to get to his ex-girlfriend.)

Why didn't they mention that it was Scott Frost's apartment he broke into to assault his ex gf and that Frost watched the whole thing without trying to stop him?

Hours after the team returned from East Lansing on September 10, 1995, Phillips broke into backup quarterback Scott Frost's apartment by climbing the outside of the building to the third floor and entering through some sliding doors. He then assaulted his ex-girlfriend, basketball player Kate McEwen. Phillips dragged McEwen out of the apartment by the hair and down three flights of stairs before smashing her head into a mailbox. Phillips was subsequently arrested, and eventually suspended by head coach Tom Osborne. The case became a source of controversy and media attention, with the perception that Frost had not even tried to protect McEwen and that Osborne was coddling a star player by not kicking Phillips off the team permanently. Osborne walked out on a press conference when asked, "If one of your players had roughed up a member of your family and had dragged her down a flight of steps, would you have reinstated that player to the team?"[8] Outraged Nebraska faculty proposed that any student convicted of a violent crime be prohibited from representing the university on the football field.[9] Osborne defended the decision, saying that abandoning Phillips might do more harm than good, stating the best way to help Phillips was within the structured environment of the football program. Osborne stated, "I felt the only thing I could put in a place that would keep him on track was football, because that was probably the only consistent organizing factor in his life."[10] After a six-game suspension, Osborne reinstated Phillips for the Iowa State game,[11] although touted freshman Ahman Green continued to start. Phillips also played against Kansas and Oklahoma.

Kansas State Football / Re: Nebraska's struggle for relevance.
« on: November 13, 2019, 11:05:00 AM »
Every day that ticks by is one more day between now and then, when Nebraska was something special, when its place among the sport's powers felt less well-oiled-machine and more manifest destiny.

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