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i’m going to say ku 92  cats 37

the good news is that we don’t stand a chance so i won’t get angry when svi mykhailiuk’s replacement picks his dribble up at half court and walks the rest of his way to the bucket

a sold out octogon and a cats team searching for their identity in this mid-December match up of two of college basketball’s most storied and successful programs.

reasons to hope:  the cats have won 5 in a row

reasons to mope: nebraska beat michigan state in their last game

i’m a little nervous about hoiberg leaving the little apple with a win

i don’t want to lose this game today, but if i’m being honest here, i think we lost our mojo.

any reason to think that the more talented team doesn’t win today?

look at this remaining schedule, there’s just a lot of very average teams on it.  our toughest road games are behind us.

do you see any losses on this bitch?  me either, ho go home and wash out your beaver

well unfortunately the football game didn’t go how we wanted it to!  tonight is a new beginning!  for us the cats. 

wvu seems to have lost to xavier? (is this a person  :confused: ) and also purdue.

i think we create a lot of match up problems for the golden mountain virginia and am going to provide some of you wise betting tips- ksu purple 73, wvu 64

1-0 as the coach says  :thumbs:

the women play at 11 and then the men play at 1:30 tomorrow, how great is this?

prepare your anuses morgan state and radford

Kansas State Football / Alabama and Kansas State, kissing cousins?
« on: December 10, 2022, 01:41:23 PM »
i’ve read a lot of crap posting on this blog where numerous people are working very hard to tear this Alabama program down- all in an effort to prop Kansas State’s program up.

these two programs are oddly similar in so many ways, why take unnecessary pot shots at your own family?

both programs-
- coached by legendary head coaches who are considered best in their respective leagues

-each has established itself securely at the top of their league as the preeminent program (flagship)

-we both have outspent all of our league rivals combined on facilities, we know what we like and we like the best.  the only rival for Bama’s facilities is KSU, and vice versa.  :Purple Koolaid:   :Sword Fight:

-we fight like cats and dogs against each other when it comes to recruits!  :Flamethrower:

-our programs have helped shape the history of college football and have paved the road for the future  :driving:

i encourage everyone across the country and world who are so passionate about this rivalry to take a moment to recognize our two programs’ similarities and not be so negative to each other.  i hope that i don’t see any more of this nonsense, we’re family!

I don’t think Alabama football is on television much but I was able to find some available game replays on ESPN+.  This is a very average team in every aspect of the game, on both sides of the ball.   :blank:  :blank:

They went 6-2 in a below average Southeastern Conference.  B12 much stronger conference top to bottom and plays every other conference opponent, schedule not helped by weak division schedules.  Wish we had bye weeks against ATM or Vandy on our schedule  :lol:

They lost to a piece of crap Louisiana Technical University that we motorboated in our bowl game last year  :lol:

If in the B12, I say they finish 3-6 in B12 play tied for 7th with KU/OU/WVU.

We should be looking forward to another NYE yawner against a downgraded SEC league member.

SEC =  :'bye cruel world:

Kansas State Football / Batt BcKee
« on: November 03, 2022, 07:27:14 PM »

i wonder what he’s doing now  :confused:

Tech Support and Suggestion Board / have these lines always been there
« on: October 30, 2022, 10:45:12 AM »

Tech Support and Suggestion Board / I got subscribed to like every thread
« on: October 30, 2022, 09:00:16 AM »
how do I make it stop.  :comehere:

Essentially Flyertalk / dumb question
« on: July 03, 2022, 01:22:26 PM »
when girls take pictures like this one, are they saying “hey do you like my butt?”

i heard from some friends that she’s already bought court side season tickets (move over garth, there’s a new rancher in town!).  supposedly she’s pretty good friends with JT from back in their island days.

any chance lachey hits her up and they do a top 10 single together?  where are you, lachey?  still lurking this board, to be sure

after running the vanilla of vanilla offense throughout our early season, my contacts within the program have told me that messingham and klieman are chomping at the bit to pound the accelerator tomorrow.

apparently they’ve found several huge gaps in the sooner’s defensive scheme and are looking to light up the scoreboard on saturday afternoon.  messingham has been the puppet master of underplaying heisman howard up until now in an effort to conceal the incredible progress he’s made throughout the offseason and that includes several intentional fumbles that were acted out in what could only be described as an oscar worthy performance.

look for the wildcats to win by double digits and go cats! :gocho:

Essentially Flyertalk / internet memes that you like
« on: March 07, 2021, 02:19:08 PM »
I like the Friendship Ended With Mudasir one a lot and when people use it and also the two spider-man one

Essentially Flyertalk / favorite sports memory- not one you participated in
« on: February 28, 2021, 09:19:12 AM »
mine has to be the 2015 world series run.  while the chiefs super bowl was great and everything, the way that world series/alcs/divisions played out was something that I will never forget and an incredible amount of fun for any fan of baseball.

-chiefs 2019/2020
-ksu cats football 1998 season, my non-biased mind's eye says that we were the best team in the country by a discernible margin
-ksu cats 2009/2021 ksu cats basketball
-being at the Bernabéu when real madrid won the king's cup in 2014 (the game was played in valencia but the party was at the Bernabéu)

my question is, do we extend him now?

6 wins, 1 loss to Longhorn Jr, 1 win against us, and then 3 very close losses and before that, 4 wins and 1 very close loss to villanova (great team/coach every year).

many people say that Longhorn Sr is undefeated based upon the close losses and covid-19 and if that's true, their season long winning streak comes to a sliding halt on tuesday night.  where at?  you guessed it.  the octogon of doom.  the purple palace.  the house that oscar built.  oscar's kingdom.  oscar's playpen.

if i'm oscar, i'm just rolling the ball out there and letting these kids get after it.  JUST LET THEM PLAY!  why won't he just let them play  :confused:
that's the strat against the Horns if we want to kill off their dream season.


what, why? how?

i feel like the team turned a corner last night after a close battle in lawrentucky against a college blue blood.  and this two game stretch vs Longhorn Jr and then Longhorn will say a lot about this team.

time to show Longhorn Jr how to play some hoops!,,,  WHO IS WITH ME???!

tonight's the night many of us true cat purples have been waiting for, some in the business call it SHOWDOWN TUESDAY BETWEEN THE CATS AND THE (RED) RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. 
the cats journey south to lubbock in search of some meow mix for dinner.  dinner will be served at 6pm on espnU.
as an objective journo, i honestly can say i'm not sure who is the better team here- both have shown signs that they're champs who are here for good and no one can knock them off of their pedestals.  since this is a mid-week roadie for the cats, and they've seemed to struggle when traveling mid-week during the grueling conference stretch that is the b12 conference season, i have to give a slight advantage to the ROUGE RAIDERS.  but does PROFESSOR oscar "ASSWHIPPIN" WEBER have his cats hungry for yet another DUB?  some wildcat insiders have indicated to me via PM and DM that yes, that is the case.      :horrorsurprise:

i'm going with the cats in a tight b12 asswhippin.     cats 78, red raiders 77   :peek:

who ya got??????????????????????????????????   :confused:

Kansas State Football / Fire and Ice - 2021 too soon to return?
« on: January 04, 2021, 03:20:59 PM »
i've done more than my share of research on this and there's a chance that Fire & Ice makes it's return in 2021.  you think Yeast is transferring into a non-Fire & Ice situ? i doubt it.  he wants to get the dubs immediately.   

combine Yeast with our current studs in the Fire & Ice line up and we could be a salty bunch that takes no prisoners. 
but do you guys want to know where my concern lies with the 2021 edition of Fire & Ice?  the corp of linebackers.  these guys don't have the "it" factor.  any chance we land some studs from the portal?  any LB studs we can recruit from the portal?

Kansas State Football / Snyder, The Puppetmaster
« on: November 22, 2020, 03:59:48 PM »
it’s pretty obvious to anyone who has watched a second of this team play that snyder is still pulling the strings over at vanier.  Klieman was hired to be the face man of the program which is still very much am extension of, and still run by, snyder.  the program hasn’t moved an inch since his supposed “retirement “.

having established that the program has been corrupted from the top down, i have to wonder how involved guys like mo lattimore, del miller, dimes, etc still are with k-state football

Kansas State Football / Fire Klieman
« on: November 07, 2020, 08:20:13 PM »
not trying to overreact but he and gene need to go

we need fire and ice

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