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Kansas State Football / Sa-Looskies Game Thread
« on: September 11, 2021, 06:05:34 PM »
Courtney Lyle of ESPN said that is who KSU is playing, so that is who it is. 

I’ll take the katpappy summary of the first 24 minutes.

He thinks the Big XII will grab four teams that includes Colorado, Nebraska, UCF, and one of the Arizona schools.  He says Nubs and AZ schools aren't happy in their conferences.  Probably won't happen until UT & OU leave.

I did not quite take it as he saw NU back to the Big 12, he just noted there was some serious unhappiness by fans (and maybe donors - I am not sure about that - watched it late last night and was tired) in the Big 10, so it was sort of a "you never know." 

He noted, which I thought was interesting, is how big the travel thing might matter in the switch, as there is push back by the other sports so the question starts to be raised "Is it really worth it?" by going to a Big 12 which might have less financial pull than it currently does.  It is a calculus the A.D.'s office will considered, due to added road time and less happy coaches.  In addition, he noted the biggest issue a UCF, or a school like that, will have, is "What will the donors think and how will it impact their willingness to give?"  Admin will have to sort out those donors (many who are willing to part with money and be quiet about it) regarding if they are for or against a move.  If a move makes them unhappy, it could greatly deter a switch. 

He did believe the Arizona schools were a pretty legit option to try and bring in to the Big 12.  He tossed around the standard names (Cinci, Memphis, UCF).  He noted the appeal UCF has do it it opening Florida recruiting is huge, and that makes the school attractive in a new round of conference realignment.

He also got into UCF recruiting and how in some states are almost impossible to recruit kids out of due to the cult-like status a school or schools have there (states of Louisiana and Alabama) and if you are going to pull out of them, you must have a coaching staff with people that are known, respected, and well trusted by the high school coaches and players (generally because they are from there and have coached there in the past).

So who blinks first here? Do TX and OU just pay the buyout and GTFO? Does someone (maybe KU  :dunno: ) get lucky as crap and get an offer they can't refuse, thus blowing the whole thing up? Does the SEC say, crap, never mind, we are good? Do we end up in the WAC getting $3m a year? I don't have the patience to keep following this, so I need something to happen fairly quick.


This is the concern of the for the remaining eight.  If two more teams get offers they can't refuse (and I am sure ESPN is trying to swing that with their conferences) those additional remaining teams, the Big 12 is done and has no legal standing in regard to exit fees from OU and UT or contractual agreements with each other.  When the conference dips below seven teams, its own bylaws says it is done.  The only card the Big 12 as a conference would have left is potential legal action against ESPN, which might be a fun case that lasts years, but would be much tougher to pursue if you start running out of schools willing to back that sucker.  Unless, of course, they can find some TV lawyer who will handle the case like one of those TV asbestos cases where you pay nothing unless you get paid. 

Then again, I am no lawyer, so maybe a KSU and a Baylor would spend the dough in hopes of the big payday that could come.  Are there enough donors willing to pay the jack to mount the legal cases (for the A.D.'s offices may be hurting so bad they can't afford the the amount of money needed for the lawyers needed with their diminished revenues post dissolution). 

Love him or hate him (I know where this board generally stands) Fitz did have an interesting Daily Delivery just before this hit.  He called on the Big 12 to be aggressive and force ESPN to pay.  To do that, the rest stick together, and should add 2 teams immediately (UCF and Cinci) - he believes (not sure, so this is iffy) that the current deal with ESPN gives a higher payout if the conference adds 2 teams.  Screw it in regard whether UT and OU want them in or not (just out vote them now that everyone is pissed).  Due to the money shift, the two would probably enter with smaller shares of revenue than the other schools, for at least a year or two. Then ride out the contract and then add more teams when OU and UT finally do leave following protocols.

Not sure it will work.  But the Big 12 can't keep being compliant with ESPN and those that wish to push the majority around (which has been the history for some time).  Agree with him or not, he is right about one thing.  Be aggressive and quit being the idiot whose hubby/boyfriend beats them up and keeps coming back saying "Deep down, I know he loves me..."

If you would of told me ten years ago, that we would be hinging realignment on the historic rivalry between Kansas State and Texas Tech Meats Judging teams, I would say I am very surprised, but happy for the sport.

Hey, an old friend I used to work with sent a ton of kids on to judge meats at TTU and KSU.  Unfortunately, his best went to TTU.  Including a kid that was key on a natty champ team.  If this is the difference between KSU making the cut or not, I may have to take a long trip just so I can kick him in the taint.

To be fair to TCU, they're not "weird religious" like Baylor. They're just happy to be here. And lucky.

To add, the move to the Big 12 has really helped the donations to, and the growth of, TCU.  I have trained there both before and after their entry to the Big 12.  Though they could always land corporate and wealthy donor money (being in Texas and in the metroplex had its perks), the money that started to flow in after joining the Big 12 was nuts.  Building popping up on campus.  More student housing going in (at a time many schools are at best only upgrading/replacing, not adding new).  More endowments. 

the thing is, the PAC will not take religious schools - it just doesn't not fit their world.  So, BU and TCU would be on the outs with them. 

I've followed college sports less and less as time has gone on. I still watch some big games but following college basketball and football has become so casual to me. This stuff is pretty trashy, and is only going to further diminish me following the NCAA in any meaningful way. I probably can't name most Big XII coaches at this point. Kind of like D-Lew, one of the things that was most fun about following K-State was our regional rivalries, and the history behind them. I just don't have much emotional energy towards caring like I once did, and I'm ok with that.

We look at schools like Nebraska or most SEC schools and see how unhealthy the mantel of football is at those places. If K-State culture looks more like a MWC school than an SEC school in 10 years, that's great. I think its for the best.

Preach on, Brother Beavis!  :cheers: :clap:

Kansas State Football / Re: 2021 Wildcats Countdown to Kickoff
« on: July 21, 2021, 01:00:11 PM »
Love the look of a mid 90's college linebacker with massive shoulder pads, a cowboy collar and a jersey that stops at the belly button.

You just described Percell Gaskins to the T.  He was the absolute pinnacle of shoulder pad to body size and 8-pack ab ratio greatness.  There were a few games where he wore all of the above, but also had one of those polarized police mirror visors before they disallowed them.  That was the apex of fresh in college football.

Percell Gaskins was the S.  Back in the day when there were no rules on targeting he, he made some massive hits.  Rarely do you get an NCAA champion high jumper playing football in college, let alone linebacker.

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