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Kansas State Basketball / How bad is our upcoming opponent?
« on: November 08, 2018, 10:39:12 AM »
Opponent 1 Kennesaw State.
Rectal thermometer bad.
If we don't beat them big time, this will be a long year.  Margin over Pit State was one of the largest in many years.

Kansas State Basketball / Final 4 Kansas State BB. Not so stupid.
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:34:16 PM »
CBS believes that we are 1 of 16 teams that can make the final 4.
The democratic approach and feel of college basketball's postseason competition is a major selling point of the sport.

2018-19 PREVIEW
Ranking every team, from No. 1 to 353
The 100 (and one) best players
Ranking the 15 best point guards
March is synonymous in sports with only one thing: college hoops. That's a benefit and a burden, but it ultimately reminds us that any school with Division I alliance is in competition for the college basketball's ultimate prize. We get to see this in tangible form through high-stakes league tournaments that beget one of the most beautiful sights in the world: an NCAA Tournament bracket. An arrangement that can include Duke, Kansas and Kentucky in the same vat of frenzy as Tennessee Tech, Murray State, Lehigh and UC Davis.

Whereas college football, which is obviously fantastic in its own ways, has formal, informal and plutocratic ways of limiting its national playoff and championship to a select sect of programs, college basketball at least allows teams for the hopes of getting in and then becoming Loyola-Chicago, Butler, George Mason, Wichita State or VCU. There is no school getting wrongly suppressed the way UCF football was last year ... and, though still undefeated as of now, could again this season.

The reality is, college basketball's mid-majors (and UNLV under Tark does not count) haven't won national titles because it's excruciatingly hard to do so. Schools in power conferences have more resources, coaching advantages and recruiting assets to withstand four months of play -- and then go on to beat five or six good-to-great opponents when it matters most.

Every year college basketball has more national title contenders than college football, but the cache of teams is seldom larger than 20. In 2016 I identified 19 candidates. Last year it was 16 -- as is the number for the season ahead. And not all championship hopefuls can be grouped together.

But I do guarantee to you that one of these 16 will wind up at the end of "One Shining Moment" on the night of April 8,

Breakdown: With KU's annual ownership of the Big 12 (if you've lost count, it's going for 15 straight regular season titles, which shouldn't be possible in the material world), it gets tough to sort one really, really good Jayhawks team from another really, really good Jayhawks team as the years go on. But this one truly could be a top-five Kansas crew under Bill Self. Even with the college basketball corruption trial becoming an appendage to the Kansas story of 2018-19 (Silvio De Sousa is indefinitely on leave because of what was uncovered in federal court), the Jayhawks have a stock of veteran talent up front and promising freshmen in the backcourt. Dedric Lawson, who came by way of Memphis, will join forces with Udoka Azubuike to make up what might be the most intimidating 1-2 big man combo in college basketball. Flashy guard Quentin Grimes is likely one-and-done, while Lagerald Vick is back for his senior season. This should be a better team on defense than the one from last season ... which made the Final Four.

Stat to know: The Jayhawks have 10 guaranteed or potential matchups during the regular season against teams that are reasonably projected to finish first or second in their conference: Michigan State, Vermont, Louisiana, Tennessee, Marquette, Wofford, New Mexico State, Villanova, South Dakota and Kentucky. And this doesn't

Kansas State
Breakdown: Claws, Xavier Sneed and The Flush Jr. all come back from an Elite Eight team that got devastated by 16 points to Loyola-Chicago. But since there are seven teams with at least three players on our top 100 (and one) list of the best players in college basketball, and K-State is one of them, they have to be put in this company. After all, the other six are: Kansas, Kentucky, Gonzaga, Nevada, Virginia, Duke. Of those six, Kansas State should be better on defense than Duke, Nevada and maybe Gonzaga and Kentucky. It might be hard to reconcile K-State as a contender for the natty, but this the dark horse category. By its nature it's hard to envision. Still, there's enough on that roster to make this team a threat to win four, five or six games in March and April. Very much will be about the matchups with these Wildcats.

Stat to know: Between Wade, Brown and Sneed, Kansas State returns 43 points, 14 rebounds, seven assists and nearly five steals per game."

Kansas State Football / How much more inept can we get
« on: November 03, 2018, 07:10:20 PM »
KU beat the frogs.  KU scored twice as many points as we did.
Ku just may beat us.

At the game.  I was proud of the kids.  The Bezerko Boys down low had to have Greg the bunch.
West side fat cats were shameful.

The Demonic hate machine of the left that resorts to lies, bullying, and hate mongering led to to the destruction of Dole, McCain, and Romney.
Dole senile, McCain old, Romney didn't pay taxes.
Trump doesn't knuckle under, fights back, and the exposes the dark ugly soullessNess of hate.
It is going to get worse as we get near the election.  I hope it ends then for the sake of America.
The latest is some on the left comparing Trump to Hitler.  Think what Hitler.  Trump is not forcing people into a gas chamber or killing millions of people.  I was sickened by the dirty attacks against Kavanaugh, but this accusations is the sickest yet.

Kansas State Basketball / Making News and getting National love. Cool.
« on: October 26, 2018, 09:28:07 AM »
From a recent Washington Post Article:
Throw in backcourt sophomores Mike McGuirl and Cartier Diarra, sophomore forwards Levi Stockard III and James Love III, junior big man Makol Mawien and junior college transfer Austin Trice, and there is arguably more talent and experience than Weber has ever had during his tenure in Manhattan.

“We could be real good. We’ve got the team to do it,” Brown said. “We had a great run last year, but we didn’t really play as well as we wanted to in the Big 12. So I think that one of our main goals is to come out and compete every day in the Big 12, and the non-conference.”

Anyone excited?

Civil rights act doesn't define sex as transgender.  Obama created his own laws the to bastardize the meaning of sex to mean something other than what the original lawmakers intended
So Trump is going to make up a definition that has sent the Transthingies into orbit.
Likely a court will rule Obama is all knowing, and Trump does not have the same power of the presidency.  It will get sent to the SCOTUS, and Kavy will rule for Trump.and.antfi will go beserk.
Congress should just change the law.  People should be treated civil, and have jobs.

4,000 rioters stormed into Mexico today hell bent on flooding into America with drugs, transsexual diseases, and illegal whiskey.  Gonna take jobs from us.
Mine the border.  Electric fences.  Tell them we are going to separate them from their kids, and give the kids to Catholic priests for care.
Someone is paying for the care of the caravan.  The have food wagons, water tanks, and portapotties on trailers following them.
I smell Soros or Obama, and open border nuts.

The bad baloney years for Oscar is when we have had turd guards or not enough of them.  No more.  Five good ones, and 2 more recruited.  These men can drive, shoot for distance, pass, and defend; maybe even rebound.  Sneed is not a bad dribble either.

Wade, Sneed, Brown will in the end be folklore heroes.
Diarra and McGuirl will have flashes.
We will find new love with Trice and Williams.
Favorite grunts will be Hunch and Muldoon.


Well there are no affordable deals this year.  Too many bandwagon people.
Hopefully I can attend a few games. Mostly likely wilk listen to the Wyatt.
Has any one snuck into a practice.  We use to have a guy posting that had seen practices.
The Wichita Eagle article about Madness had comment from Oscar about how practice is going ... comments about Love and Stockard pleasing to hear.  Actually shocked about Love comments.
Dunk contest tonight will be insane. .. I am betting on Diarra.
I, and others, will appreciate any first hand reports starting with Madness
I like hearing Greg''s student perspective.  I hope he is a catalyst for getting the student body rowdy and loud ... like it used to be.  Where the would froth at the mouth and scream until hoarse.
Good times this year ... I think I will whizz the old gruns sometime out of excitement

Best group of guards in the Big 12.
McGuirl and Williams will contribute big time.
Should be more 3s and fast breaks.
Defense should be awesome.  No drop off if someone gets in foul trouble.

We have guards.  Good ones and a lot of them.
Big Meats that can rebound or score points.  Hell won't happen is one gets in foul trouble.
We have players who can get points pronto.
And.finally we have grit.

The Enlightened are dictating how free enterprise must run their businesses.  What's next?  Surely a Democrat has to serve on a board.  Or a witch on a Christian based company.

Kansas State Basketball / Rut Williams gonna be good.
« on: September 30, 2018, 07:08:37 PM »
It is fUn to read about the battles Williams had in St. Louis with other great guards.  He is gonna be warrior.   Focused like a bull moose during rut.

The MeToo movement is important, but radical man haters are doing it a great disservice.  Sisters, not all men are mashers and rapists.
Ford can be wrong, but these fe-frothers absolutely believe her.  If he is guilty castration.
Every man I know is pissed and ready to retaliate; mostly likely at the ballot box.
Mothers fear for the future of their sons.

Ellison isn't white or a Republican, so his accuser is a liar.  Different standard applied.
How come democrats don't howl about how Muslims treat women?  Why don't they demand the hip-hop rappers quit demeaning and sexualizing women. :shakesfist:

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: Football
« on: September 12, 2018, 11:23:59 PM »
Obama played jr. High football.  Did he get a concussion?  Did it lead to drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, and becoming a Leftowhich?  Good reasons why kids should not play football.

"Former Secretary of State John Kerry admitted Wednesday that he’s met with top Iranian officials in hopes of salvaging the scrapped nuclear deal — as he slammed the Trump administration for trying to further “isolate” Iran."
This arrogant Sons of Being was just talking to, he was negotiating with an enemy of America.  Terrorists.  Flynn had a simple conversation with a Russia guy, and now is jailed and financially ruined.  Russia is kind of friends.  Thus ain't right at all.

Some outsider owns property in Peabody.
She claims she should have the right to use property as she sees fit.
Godly folk in this town going beserk.  Don't want heathens and harlots contaminating the town.
Another guy wants to put in an adult themed truckstop, whatever that is.
Godly people going beserk.
Vague ordinances can't be used to stop the devil and his whores from turning town into Gamorah.
Godly people are naive, didn't know that this could happen.
Old crusty gal just wants to make a buck off her land, the American way.
I hope God does some smoting.  Godly people have been getting the shaft too much lately.

I vote today was very bad for Democrats and and their hollering antifi friends in the gallery.  Where did they did up these rude people?  I watched about an hour of the C Span coverage of the opening session.  Made sick and angry?  Will this backfire on the Democrats?  Will the media so the anals in the gallery?  Will Booker Harris Senators participate in the hearing to find out about Kavanaugh or to position themselves to run for president?  Which Democrat irritates you the most; makes you want to shove steel wool up their butt?  Finally Democrats reason to vote no be simply on the grounds that Trump nominated Kavanaugh as Fienstien eluded to in her opening remarks?

The media today is heralding a new era of peace and love we should have to each, especially to them.  Hog grunt!!
They want to control the minds of Americans.  They want us to accept their amoral perverted concept's of civilization.  Trump is fighting against this.  The elites and the press believe we are deplorable hick rubes.   Peons to manipulated to serve them.  Well it's about time people started whizzing in their fans.

Most things I read is this area is a big unknown and possible bad weakness.  Ol' Sean has his work cut out for him.

I find the contest for Florida governor to interesting a conservative against and uber liberal.
A candidate supportive of Trump, and the other a Bernie supporter.
Media ..... it's a black man against a racist nationalist.  They don't give a dog turd about policy.
Just stirring up hate even when it ain't there.

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