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Kat Kid:
I wanted to split this out since the other thread got nuked.

I want to make my position clear— it is unconscionable to me that the United States would consider a war to get involved with that would be dumber than Iraq and Afghanistan and with the potential for literal nuclear Armageddon.

I think the comparisons to Chamberlin/Hitler are dumb if they come from Dick Cheney getting horned up about Sadaam or from people that thought Mueller was going to crack open the Trump piss tape file and find Russian election interference and spent years following tweets from self-proclaimed Russia experts on Twitter that know 5 Russian words.

In short- Putin is a piece of crap, but not a single American should die to save Ukraine.

What do I think should happen if Putin invades Ukraine and takes a piece for Russia?

Well, what happened when he invaded Ukraine last time to take Crimea?  I want that response or less. 

What do I think will happen if he invades and occupies all of Ukraine? 

I assume it will be an enormous pain in the ass as there is a large percentage of the population that would violently resist and that would be pretty difficult to deal with for a sustained period regardless of US involvement, and we already have armed Ukraine so there will definitely be some fighting, and later I imagine some freedom fighting/resistance/terrorism.

So now that I have laid out my case, Can I get a clear answer on what people that are concerned about this think will happen and why it is so important that the US/the world gets involved?

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Dugout DickStone:
Sanctions to the max, keep ukraine armed and fed, keep our troops home.

If we went to war with russia, we would kick their fat/short/drunk as hell asses so hard they would have to use the nuclear option.  This is KC v. pitt.

I like to think that I am a real American and I'll fight for the rights of every man. Fight for what's right, fight for your life. When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside. You gotta take a stand, it don't help to hide. If you hurt my friends then you hurt my pride. I gotta lend a hand, it don't help to hide.

Put me in the not going to start WW3 camp and not concerned in the least about it.

Rage Against the McKee:
Keep arming Ukraine, put heavy sanctions on Russia and also any EU country that doesn't sanction them, and offer drone support.


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