Author Topic: I can’t obviously speak for him, but I would be willing to bet Fatty...  (Read 950 times)

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Would be so proud of what Kstate is doing under Klieman!  :emawkid:

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"Round house kick to the butt hole!"-Kstate vs Aggie 53-50, 2011.

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he would be proud of the house we built.  no doubt.

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A FFF Deuce video would have been in the cards for sure.  As well as engaging in enough Land Thieves antagonization to get himself swatted 10 times over.

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I have to believe that fff would have been a huge Kli guy.
If there was a gif of nicname thwarting the attempted-flag-taker and then gesturing him to suck it, followed by motioning for all of Hilton Shelter to boo him louder, it'd be better than that auburn gif.