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WVU game streams
« on: November 11, 2017, 02:17:10 PM »
2:30 PM CT / 20:30 GMT / 21:30 CET

West Virginia at Kansas State | ESPN2 | WatchESPN* & Wiz1 25 & Zunox espn2 &

>links removed<

VLC + tablet/mobile Links
VideoLan has upgraded VLC to Version 2.2.6. Previous versions should still work, but it's usually good to upgrade this app.
*NOTE: When installing, select > delete preferences and cache.

You will need VLC media player to view the streams on PC/MAC/other OS. Click Here for windows x64bit systems. Previous versions.

You will also need to make an adjustment to VLC. ------ VERY IMPORTANT!!
1st, Open VLC > Go to Tools > Preferences
Select the radio button "Show Settings" -- "All" (near the bottom)
Select input/codecs.
Scroll down to advanced, and change the value for Network Caching to 5000 (ms).
This helps to prevent dropped frames and provides a more stable stream.

NOTE: It is much better to view streams through the VLC stand alone program, than to view it through a browser/VLC association.
The best way is to.... copy the .m3u8 file given... > open VLC... > click in middle of screen.... > press (keyboard) ctrl+v (to paste link) into VLC... > press play.

NEW!! >>
For the VLC links there are other options to watch them.
If you're on Windows 10 you can use the Edge Browser. Copy and paste the VLC links into Edge Browser.
You can use iTunes by replacing http:// with itls:// on Windows or OSX.
On OSX You can just click the link and it will play in Safari.

GO CATS!!  :ksu:

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Re: WVU game streams
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