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The pundits have spoken
« on: March 03, 2017, 05:29:45 PM »
Kevin Kietzman and Tim Fitzgerald have spoken. Kansas State does not deserve to be in the NCAA tornament. No, I haven't misspelled the word, "tournament". This is how the nation pronounces the word ever since Frank Martin got on CBS the year he left Manhattan and said, "tornament" instead of tournament. Tom tour his trousers at the tornament and got an attourney. This is how pliable the American mind is. A guy gets on TV and pronounces tournament as "tornament" and the whole country changes the pronunciation. Thankfully, they're not saying "torney" as of yet. But I digress.

The pundits have spoken. This is how toxic the K-State fan base has become. Our players don't deserve to step into that hallowed ground of the NCAA tornament even if they end up 19-12. You see, fellow posters, only the best deserve to be in that hallowed membership. That's right, DJamer and Wes. It's true you guys beat Baylor at their place. That's the team that worked over some pretty good teams across the nation before pounding it out in the only true round robin in the nation. Yes....yes, it is true that you beat the venerable Bob Huggins and West Virginia, but that was a long time ago. Okay, if you insist. You, also, beat Oklahoma State on their court and, yes, it's true that Oklahoma State laid the hammer on Greg Marshall's Shockers up in their neck of the woods.....what's that you say? Yes, I know that everyone thinks Wichita State is a team to be reckoned with after beating up on Evansville and Dry Gulch. Aw come off it you two! Yes, you came one point from beating the best the Big Ten has to offer up in their neck of the woods. Hey, I'm going to stop you right there! I know what you're going to bring up....wait a minute....did Kietzman actually say that? He said KU is probably going to win the National Championship? Well, you may have a point. If you guys are so terrible, how did you manage to have the National Champs beaten on their home court? Well, yes, you're right, Kietzman did yell and scream about KU getting away with that travel....but you guys still lost!

Fellow posters, we are told that the bubble is soft this year. A K-Stater mentioned that to Jerry Palm, I believe it was, today and he said: "The bubble's always soft." Last year, I believe the Big XII got 7 teams in and I bet ole Kietz and Fitz weren't crying about the 6th and 7th team getting a bid. One could make a valid argument that the league is tougher this year from top to bottom.

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Re: The pundits have spoken
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2017, 05:45:19 PM »
Good post LIFE.