Author Topic: Jim Nantz and Phil Sims love the Cats, Snyder..lots of love right now on CBS  (Read 717 times)

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 Phil Sims: "he played those years at Kansas State with LHC Bill Snyder, and you know LHC Bill Snyder isn't a walk in the park."
Jim Nantz: "he's a great coach!"
Phil Sims: "he's a tough coach he teaches his guys when then come to the NFL, they are ready to adapt and play well!"

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It was nice to hear.
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i can't believe the snubbed sean like that

Cheesy Mustache QB might make an appearance.

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i can't believe the snubbed sean like that

I feel like Phil was probably seconds away from saying something like "Sean came from the sperm inside of Coach Snyder's testicles, and as such, is probably really rough ridin' awesome and that manipulative 'Eddy Haskell' AD cocksucker had best just get out the way and let him coach..." but NFL games move pretty fast, so they had to discuss something else (e.g. Bear's offense woof city IIRC).