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Re: travel thread
« Reply #14900 on: June 22, 2022, 09:37:31 PM »
Park City was great.  The City has free buses that run you around from resort area to resort area and to Main Street.  Only used Lyft a few times to go to places the buses didn't run to.  The bobsled at Olympic Park was awesome and we got to see people practicing X Games ski stuff into the pool.  Evidently we just missed the Ukrainian Olympic team practicing by a few hours.

Went to a few places on Main Street for food and drinks and didn't have a bad experience anywhere.  Liquor laws are kind of odd though.  You can't order doubles and a lot of the beer is served in cans to get around "tap laws" I guess.  My pro tip for booze drinks back at the hotel is to stop at one of the state run liquor stores and grab a bottle for mixing your own cocktail for hot tub time.

For hiking, we stayed pretty close to the resort areas.  There were tons of trails and we got a pretty good workout.  The first day we hiked up the mountain from Canyons Village to above the Red Pine Gondola and with luck we were able to catch a ride back down in it as the wind had everything pretty jacked up as far as lifts go.  The last day we were there, we rode a couple of lifts up from Park Mountain and checked out a couple of old mines and a lodge that they moved up the mountain from its original location maybe in the 60s or 70s.

It was pretty warm the first few days but snowed a little on the morning of our last full day in town.  Pretty cool area and would definitely visit again.

Glad you enjoyed it.  I should have included a little primer on the liquor laws, definitely a bit weird.