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The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: MEGA MAGA
« Last post by Dugout DickStone on Today at 07:45:53 PM »
Ricky Shiffer new maga god king
Always going to be another thing he’ll scream about, say blue anon or some other garbage. It’s why I have his responses on mute… but like always the obsession he keeps mentioning me. Sorry we can’t help you’re wrong Dax. There will be another conspiracy theory you can grab on to that will explain why the last incorrect thing you said didn’t happen.
So now the DOJ is going to unseal the warrant on their end, since Trump was too much of a coward too, any takers that he’ll fight having it released lol.

dax, you big goof. DOJ isn't being "compelled". In a highly unusual move, the DOJ filed a motion asking the court to unseal the warrant. This really does put the pressure on Trump. Pretty shrewd move.

OMFG dax will need some new D cells for his tazer at this rate.  He is self owning at record speed

This from a dude who calls himself smart while referring to the most simplistic portions of any matter and is easily one of top officers in the Confederacy of Not Knowers.

So two outside organizations with VERY questionable standing to intercede filed a motion to unseal. The DOJ was told to file a response to that motion. That in no way counts as the court compelling the DOJ to unseal the records. Only the court can unseal. The DOJ made it clear that it wants to unseal the records, and they moved to do so today. You can read the DOJ's motion here:

This is so far over his head you might as well try and teach earthworm play the piano (cross thread).  He cannot understand those terms and you know it.

You're such a derp, you both are making so many assumptions here relative to the motives of the DOJ.  It's entirely plausible based the multiple filings that the DOJ opted to unseal.   The DOJ just asked the courts to unseal the documents a few hours ago.   You're about as politically savvy as a brick.  If that's been their intent all along, why did Garland say, ""substantial public interest in this matter"?? Why did he allude to Trump's public comments as another reason why they asked the courts to unseal??   They're making the request because they're under a barrage of criticism, and the longer they hold out the worse it's going to look.

You were wrong, we all lol'd as you tried to wade into the law and swallowed several gulps of water, and now your feelings are hurt because spracs pointed out you don't know what "compelled" or "response" means.

Your old man rage/shame will not obscure your ignorance of legal proceedings.  I get it that your self esteem is deflated but don't double down on your pair of 3's

As usual you're not answering any of the questions, just being #deflectodug as always. #onbrand

Only a total derp doesn't understand the political mechanisms at play here.

You didn't ask any questions.  You pretended to understand legal procedure with hilarious and embarrassing results.

I wouldn't be so humiliated by it though, you do this frequently then rage out to distract
Hey turnbull, big fan! What do we need to do to get you to type your words below the post you are quoting?  It makes reading difficult if it gets to a string of quotes. TIA. Anyway, go cats!
So I had to create an account after years of lurking to just add to the laughter of dax's understanding of the law. Fun watching him flounder around.

BTW according to the account creation tool on this fine blog, oscar Weber is the K-State basketball coach.
Welcome. :-)
Much like his about-face on taking the Fifth, he will say he would love to release the search warrant if it were truthful, but that it's full of lies and false information, and releasing it would only help spread Biden's and his henchmen's hoax propaganda. The great American patriots deserve better than to be drawn into this whirlwind of fake news. And so, to protect them, Trump will fight this battle alone and keep the government's lies under seal, where only Trump will be forced to shoulder the burden of unravelling Biden's web of lies.

That might be the most dickless thing I’ve ever read.  He’d never
It’s all just a #blueanon witch hunt by the #nevertrumpers

Kansas State Football / Re: eff you, student section.
« Last post by Pete on Today at 07:03:08 PM »
eff yeah. That’s better than a conference championship.
What a pickle for #blueanon.

As ProgLibs John Bolton was despised.  As a bonafide anti-Trumper (because Trump wouldn't let him start World War III), #blueanon embraced JB with open arms.

Chimps don't eff around when it comes to ending a fight.  That dude would be faceless and genitalless in about ten seconds
Another #blueanon derp joins the blog.  BAU

hehe "blueanon". I love how ridiculous you know the morons on your side are so you try to project it on to the left. You're right though, those Qtards are pretty stupid huh?

Well NVT, I've explained this multiple times.  The "Qtards" make up an extremely small minority of the conservative movement and the vast majority of conservatives until not long ago had never even heard of it.  But weirdly, #blueanon (and our resident #blueanon incel and Q experts who can never provide any links to anything can attest to this) knows all about them. 

#blueanon on the other hand numbers in the millions upon millions and is mainstreamed. Numerous members of this blog help comprise the #blueanon movement.  That is, they believe everything anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, no matter how insane, and they parrot that insanity repeatedly.


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