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Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Amazon Prime
« Last post by Trim on Today at 11:41:44 AM »
I finally saw one of their 3rd party drivers pissing in a jug the other day.
I don't think this is going to catch on

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Amazon Prime
« Last post by steve dave on Today at 11:40:17 AM »
Work smarter, not harder
Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Amazon Prime
« Last post by steve dave on Today at 11:39:47 AM »
The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: Possible WW3 thread
« Last post by sonofdaxjones on Today at 11:32:06 AM »
Collectively approaching $60 to $70 billion dollars in weapons from around 40 or so countries, and they just might . . . might stop Russia.

I predict that once the number hits $100 billion in weapons, that Ukraine might be able to make up some real ground.

For accuracy they should have said MSNBC welcomes it's newest former lobbyist/lobbyist consultant.

In 2012 the court ruled that when a state court "substantially" interferes with a defendant's constitutional right to be represented by counsel, the defendant, with a new lawyer, may appeal to federal court to show that he was denied his right to effective counsel. Back then, the majority was 7-to-2, with Justice Clarence Thomas in dissent. On Monday Thomas wrote the majority decision hollowing out that 2012 ruling on behalf of the court's new six-justice conservative super majority.

He said that federal courts may not hear "new evidence" obtained after conviction to show how deficient the trial or appellate lawyer in state court was. To allow such evidence to be presented in federal court, he said, "encourages prisoners to sandbag state courts," depriving the states of "the finality that is essential to both the retributive and deterrent function of criminal law."

I'm really not sure if Thomas is actually this stupid or if there is some sort of benefit to him if innocent people have to stay in prison or get put to death.
The Aggies I know will NOT like that swipe at the Texas oil industry.
Yeah. That has to be fake. No true American would slander the oil industry in this manner. Also, does taking swipes at the "military industrial complex" take away your ability to "support our troops"?

upon second look, you might be right.  They love to play fake dress up soldiers and would never crap on the troops.
Looks like the courts effectively stripped us of our right to legal counsel yesterday.
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