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The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: MAGA
« Last post by steve dave on Today at 08:08:10 AM »
Recruiting team is part of HR & I helped get him hired here (he’s kicking ass). We hire Dentist remote for them. Not sure I can use the “I’m scared for my health & my families health” right now, after traveling to Florida twice, Colorado twice, & Arkansas twice in the last 2 years with this recent spike & his values.

You can easily travel to even those maga hick states without sharing a stale conference room with the unmasked unvaxxed.

And he should be the one not traveling, not you. JMO
Makes sense. I'm behind this.
Essentially Flyertalk / Re: New To Investing Thread
« Last post by steve dave on Today at 07:36:38 AM »
Nikola has some hotness right now

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shocking news here

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Recent motion picture viewing - Add your own!
« Last post by IPA4Me on Today at 07:27:27 AM »
The Best of Enemies. 6/7.

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Not all football fans are toothless southern hicks but all toothless southern hicks are football fans.

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Maybe getting chipped is rough ridin' us all.


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This really might wind up as two college football leagues won't it... the Disney League and the Fox league.
Things do seem trending in this direction.
3.5 hour games with only like 10 minutes of actual action.
I’m ok with being a conference of 8 making it super awkward for the other super conferences.

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