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Other Sports (Tiger's Back) / Re: The Royals
« Last post by mocat on Today at 12:58:35 PM »
And of course this part of the equation would not be an issue at the east village site
Adding clams and the pizza thread to my list.

Have you not seen clams B&G pics?

I suppose if you're All MAGA/All Don Trump - All the time, you miss things like this

The whole supply/demand, cost of doing business, cost of production, cost of logistics etc. etc. is lost on Joe and #blueanon as the assault on #blueanongE's beloved Free Market system continues from this administration.

You should be absolutely enraged, dug

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Best poster/BBS thread combinations
« Last post by WonderMeal on Today at 12:25:10 PM »
Adding clams and the pizza thread to my list.
The staff shakeup is definitely #2 on the things to watch. #1 is whether Daniels will be healthy for the actual conference portion of the season. He's looked great against inferior teams but despite being there like 3 seasons now he's more of an unknown than Avery is.

Based purely on recruiting rankings, their QB room is pretty bad with the exception of their incoming true freshman. But, even if their next-in-line QB outperforms the rankings, there's nobody near Bean's capabilities to save them if Daniels goes down again.
I thought Ballard did ok for a freshman getting thrown into action unexpectedly.
I have a 2019 Tesla that has under 30k miles on it. Working from home so I drive like 1 mile per day mostly. I'm hoping it last another 5 or so and it will be my kids first car, but we will see. I was hoping it would just be driving them around itself by the time my kids could drive but Elon went bonkers and bought twitter instead.

Yeah, I have a 2018 and while I finally got the heat replaced here in Canadia, having it go out really soured me even more beyond just ol Musk. I really want to see what the Ford T3 is, or if they'll make like an electric Maverick. Or I'll go with a Kia EV6/similar. With Tesla opening up their supercharger network/winning the NACS vs CCS, while a great move for everyone, also to me takes the last sort of advantage they had. And that is with their Highland Model 3 getting actually good reviews on build quality/drive quality improvements. I'll almost certainly be going elsewhere when I make the change (2025 or 2026).

I will also say though, their service center in Saskatoon kicked ass on helping me with getting the heat fixed, I am very appreciative of them.

I'll prob look elsewhere as well, but I don't have any complaints with my car outside of the jinx I just gave myself. I'd love to go Rivian, but I just can't bring myself to spend that much money on a vehicle. I'm def staying EV so it will just depend on what else is out there. The main appeal to Tesla for me was that they built a normal/good looking car as opposed to the other companies that think an EV needs to look like my kid designed it from a lego set or a sci fi movie. I'm convinced none of the other companies want to sell them so they put out these shitty looking things only to say they tried. Just make a normal looking EV you dumbasses!
Modern medicine is marvelous.
if only more people were able to benefit from it. 

the corruption in our government that has allowed the health care system in the US to be exploited to the extent that it has will be looked upon very poorly by our decedants

That's if we don't ascend into religious theocracy, in which case we merely allowed the free market to work as the good lord intended whilst hastening his followers into his heavenly embrace.  QUICK, TO THE PIT!  :buh-bye:
On txags?
if I was going to buy an EV it would be a Lucid, tesla doesn’t have the luxury feel that my ass desires

Were ... Were ...
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