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Kansas State Football / Re: Fire Chris Klieman
« on: October 06, 2023, 10:34:06 PM »
I just want to throw this out there. Anyone here get the feeling that Kleinman is throwing games? I have been watching college football since 1984 and I have never seen a coach handicap a team in games like Kleinman has. Mizzu and this game tonight at OSU and previous losses that were done by bonehead coaching. Johnson is clearly better than Howard and Ward is clearly better than Giddens. As bad as the Cats looked they are clearly better than OSU and all they had to do was run the ball. Going for 2 when it was clear they didn't need it at all??? The botching of the Mizzu game? Keeping Howard in when he was clearly hurt??? Is Vegas going to break his kneecaps if he wins???? Something stinks!!!!! Is Kleinman being paid to Kill K-State??? This may just be a game but the corruption of this country is out of control. With money going to players is did Howard take a dive??? Is Vegas fixing everything???

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