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It appears the cats are in sections 213 and 214 if you are looking on the secondary masher and want to be close

Got my tickets. Lowers.
You have a better hook up than me, I got upper level. Still, WILL TAKE

would not have guessed Rod would be so high on that list! I remember him as an ice-in-his-veins 3 pt sharpshooter.
Rod did so many good things on the court. I always appreciated his rebounding and defense!


top five cats since beasley. in no particular order

I don't know who you remove, but Nowell has to be top 5.

I think you can make an argument for everyone but Pullen. At least for a single season.

did anyone get ticket confirmations? I haven't bugged my friend yet

yeah the courthouse is in a weird, pretty large part of Manhattan where there's nothing but courthouses. I suppose an enormous crowd could impact Brooklyn Bridge traffic but more than likely you wouldn't notice anything 3 blocks away.

Essentially Flyertalk / Re: Knives
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victronix makes incredible knives for the money


n00b question: Am I wrong to assume that the team is going directly from NC to NY or will they return to Kansas briefly?

they went back to Kansas. It was on the socials!

This needs to be preserved so all the Wildcat people who come after us can savor it:


goddam hero

I like Shrinking.  Has anyone in the history of TV ever written more parts for their wife than Bill Lawrence has?

Judd Apatow? (not tv but movies I guess)

FR needs to be careful about mocking paying for seks because maga absolutely endorses

he did it in a way where it could be seen as badass or sad depending on what you wanted to hear


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striking back against desoros, shots at Trump, yet placating the magas

I think the sound I made when Ish made his 3 was something like a jump scare squeal?

I did a couple laps around the couch after the Quis/Tomlin no look 'oop before halftime

5:30. TBS.

ridiculous tip time


If anyone snags an extra through their k-state connects, I’ll be going as a single and would love to pak with one of you fine individuals
There's a slim possibility I'll have an extra (if my request is successful).

Don't know where to Pak around MSG tbh. The KSU watch parties were at a bar about a 10 minute walk from MSG but there's like a billion generic bars closer. Everyone should get together somewhere though! Either at an official KSU or unofficial goEMAW meetup.

Stevens hasn’t proven he can recruit. I doubt he’s on their list.
LOL I feel like he has a job that's hard to leave though

I wish Wacky could be here to celebrate with us.  Hey mods, could we let Wacky come back for the rest of the tourney and just confine him to the bball board or something?


I love this team

Like lmao at a team with that Oscar guy complaining about another team being too physical

I’m just impressed that for most of the game the refs allowed some pretty physical play and we clearly got the better of it
I loved that we got Cal to use his interview to whine about it


Kentucky fans are furious that Markquis patted Pollard on the butt.


I think the warmup pants might be the most interesting thing about Indiana. (The entire state)

Yea any idea if you get to watch both Thursday games for that price or just the  qhatz?
Both games, it's a single session

This is what kstate email says fwiw

“This request is for both the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rounds, and only the sessions in which K-State plays.”   I read that as you only get to watch one game on Thursday if you go thru the ticket office but I could be wrong.
You are wrong. They just copied the language from the opening round games where first round games are two sessions of 2 games at each site and second round is a single session of 2 games. Sweet 16 games are 2 games, 1 session.

Tickets through the ticket office are charged by round/session. They only charge for the regional championship if we win on Thursday.
Yes and it is automatic after we win

Just be aware you will automatically need to pay $125 again for the Elite Eight after we kick the ever loving crap out of Sparty and then it will be for just one game. This happened to me when we played in Charlotte and I couldn't go to the second round.

Also tbh the $150 for lower level is the real steal

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