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Me - 3
Circue du soleil pole climb'r & hoop jump'r - 6
2005.. lose to 14 seed as a 3
2006...Lose to a 13 as a 4
2007... Lose to a 2 as a 1
2010...Lose to a 9 as a 1
2011.. lose to 11 as a 1 in E8
2013.. lose to 4 as 1 in S16
2014...Lose to 10 as 2 in RD32
2015...Lose to 7 as 2 in RD32
2016..Lose as 1 to a 2 in E8
2017..Lose as 1 to a 3 in E8.

So Self...
Has lost 2 rounds early in 6 years(Accord to seed)
He lost to 11 seed as a 1 seed
Lost 3x in Elite 8 as a 1 seed (to a 2/3 seed)

Six 1 seeds that produced 1 FF
Five years got 2-3-4 seed and got 4 total wins
That's 11 of last 13 years for Almighty Bill
Ku didn't even shoot 40% eFG.
They were tied 16-16. Then got Outscored 45-31 the next 21minutes.
The headlight breaker, the expired tag maker, and the kick my GF in face sucker...Were a combined 5-23 FG. That's Jackson, Graham, Vick for you out of the loop peeps
They scored 64 pts in 22 minutes vs Purdue. Only hit 60 in 40 full minutes tonight
Brooks, Dorsey, Bell...

68.9% eFG, 23 Rebounds, 9 assists, 8 block shots.

Clown show on Frank Josh and Landon
Six 1 seeds say far more about his coaching ability than the number of final fours

Getting a 1 seed is akin to rankings/polls
Great Reg season coach... 13x big 12 champ

Postseason... Meh....
Lost 2x in first Rd as top  4 seed
6x as a 1 seed... Made 1 FF ( thank u Chris Douglas Roberts FT choke job)
2x as 2 seed....Lost to 10 seed Stanford, got bombed by 7 seed Wich St

They are lucky.  LUCKY, Memphis choked 9 pt lead with 2:10 to play..... Otherwise, no Self title in 14 years.
I still think Forbes has potential. I'll throw Dooley in there as well.
Top two targets imo. Elevated play and recruiting.

If SMU beats the hell out of the AAC again next year Jank has to be the top target.;quote=1702288;topic=12275.5375;last_msg=1702430

Recruiting is way down with out Brown from a shallow star perspective.

Their four commits all have pretty impressive offer lists, all of them have at least one P5 offer. Also there is no freaking way that you can give the full credit for those previous classes to a 76 year old man, that staff absolutely did the heavy lifting.
You don't need this crap Bill!

This one is on Coach Self. I read that article where he was, in effect, taking it easy going into the Oregon game. That should NEVER happen in the tournament. Mentally the guys were beaten at the outset of the game. Lack of preparation...

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Come home Bill!

 the worst performance I have seen from a Jayhawk team. The blame is as much the coaches as the players.
I have watched every game this year and this was by far the most pathetic I have seen.
jackson, you didn't show up. Lucas, were you there tonight. Graham, should have played Tyler Self you were that bad, Mason, you are still the #1 payer in the land and gave everything you had.
Self, maybe time to think about moving on. You can't deliver in the big games and thats what you get paid millions to do.
What a horrible finish to a great season. No excuses other than not being prepared

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Six 1 seeds say far more about his coaching ability than the number of final fours
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