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The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: The Trump Presidency
« Last post by bucket on Today at 04:34:19 PM »
Man, 8 years to try and curtail NK's ICBM and rocket development, and . . . nothing.

8 years of enabling ISIS (which has been almost completely rolled back geographically in months under the new administration) . . . terrible job

Damn, the previous guy sucked ass.

Ya, Trump deserves all of the credit for the caliphate falling  :lol:
Alex Jones has theory illegal voters were bussed in... :crossfingers:

Not surprised Bill Mitchell follows Alex Jones
yes, clearly i meant Venzy would be considered a huge splash with K-State fans.  but hey, Darnell McDonald didn't play MY playstation so i will just kindly stfu
Are you able to choose your electric and gas provider dax?

No, and in most places you cannot.

But in a substantial number of places you have at least two and in some cases more vendors for Internet.

But the main point is, Wilson is being painted as a model while leaving out a substantial number of facts, like the "model" being funded by a monopoly. Plus having worked with government enough to know that anytime they try and say it was financed by bonds instead of taxpayer money, it's pretty much a lie, the taxpayers are on the hook.

Venzy would make a HUGE splash, and he's someone we should totally be able to get.

 :lol: I see why your opinions are few and far between. Tennessee hired Nick Saban's DC and literally everyone was like

There is literally one fan base in the P5 who would think of Brent Venables, or any other coordinator, as a dream hire

I think he was saying that it would make a huge splash for KSU cat fans.

Okay, got it. If this is the case I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies to m2. That's not the point wb was making though, everyone is excited with their own hire. We were excited for Ron, hell Tennessee was happy with their hire despite him being 100% off of the radar.
he didn't come on my radar until his "facilities" stuff.
XRP 85 cents!
Alex Jones has theory illegal voters were bussed in... :crossfingers:
Whisker Biscuit, the poster, and the archery device, is fantastic

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