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I hope that we handle tonight’s pending loss with the grace and dignity that the purple and white deserves
I think I might have discovered who mans the #Life sock and it’s incredibly disturbing.
I've had my suspicions for a while
It’s a neckbeard with man tits so it really isn’t surprising.

Yep.  I'll that agenda to the others in considering my rooting interests.


  Been reading this board.  Our three defenders held Creighton to their lowest point total of the year  (59)  with the two worst and laziest defenders, "Mak and Stokes" on the floor with them.  Very impressive that three guys can play great team defense in spite of Stokes and Mak.  .  And that was great team defense last night. 

More likely this board just likes to throw players under the bus to provide additional motivation.  Seems to be working for Mak and Stokes.  Good job posters.

It's not just this board.

Unless I'm blind there isn't a single post on this board that questioned Mak's or Kam's defense, literally not a single one. Cat97, who clearly has a personal stake in defending Mak, can't argue against the observation that Mak was bad offensively last night so it's easier to lash out at this board.
How bout the post I pasted below from this thread.  One of a number just in this thread.  (This was from the OU game where his hedge on ball screens helped us get 12 turnovers from Young.)   And I do liike to point out errors by posters who lash out at players.
Mawien did not handle Creightons double teams last night.  Caused him to make three turnovers.  That's what happend.  Meanwhile, he was part of the team defense that held Creighton to a season low. 

Quote from this thread:   There was a possession where he lost his man 3 times in the paint, fouled him and the OU guy got called for a travel. He fouls on box outs a lot. He is terrible.
It’s a neckbeard with man tits so it really isn’t surprising.
Year   Winner   Loser   Score
2013   (13) La Salle   (12) Mississippi   76–74
2012   (13) Ohio   (12) South Florida   62–56
1998   (13) Valparaiso   (12) Florida State   83–77 (OT)
2011   (12) Richmond   (13) Morehead State   65–48
2009   (12) Arizona   (13) Cleveland State   71–57
2008   (12) Western Kentucky   (13) San Diego   72–63
2008 (12) Villanova   (13) Siena   84–72
2001   (12) Gonzaga   (13) Indiana State   85–68
1993   (12) George Washington   (13) Southern   90–80
1992   (12) New Mexico State   (13) Southwestern Louisiana   81–73
1991   (12) Eastern Michigan   (13) Penn State   71–68 (OT)
2015   (11) UCLA   (14) UAB   92–75
2014   (11) Tennessee   (14) Mercer   83–63
1998   (11) Washington (14) Richmond   81–66
1991   (11) Connecticut   (14) Xavier   66–50
1989   (11) Minnesota   (14) Siena   80–67

Lasalle!  :angry:
11s always destroying 14s should bode well for us.
That flamed out quickly.
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