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Fall is the best season of all!

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Who’s with me? Football, tailgating, friends, family, etc. It’s almost pumpkin season. Let’s go, Friends! Had a hot belly of chili last night! :emawkid:

steve dave:
the great thing about seasons is I like all of them in different ways. and I'm always looking forward to them as they come up/begin. summer and winter get old towards the end but it makes the first parts of spring/fall seem even better.

I also love fall, but have a hard time getting excited for it when it's still 90+ degrees outside.

It is the best, the colors, activities, weather, all so good. I normally though get a little melancholy the end of summer entering the fall but this was the first fall in a long time I am ready for summer to be over, no real summertime sadness this time.

Agree with SD, they all got their points, though I am generally done with winter the instant NYE is done, my experiences though in Canada have made me more ok with winter though.

The advent of autumn and the changing of the leaves brings with it the death knell of White Boy Summer and the usual, concomitant feelings of wistful melancholy. Though I know we shall often revisit it, singly and together, in seasons of reflection and despair, on flagless memorial days of our own choosing.


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