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Reminder on how to "Ignore User" in in your Profile settings

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Someone making your blood boil and and making you feel a little crazy?  It happens.  Just remember that there is a feature on this forum where you can automatically ignore the content of users posts...the words in their posts stay hidden unless you click on a "show me the post" link.  You'll still see the words from their posts if others quote them, however.

Here's how to use the "ignore" feature.

Go to "Profile" at the top of the screen.  Then choose "Modify Profile."  Then choose "Edit Ignore List."  Enter the username you want to ignore in the "Member" box at the bottom and click the "Add" button.  That users will then appear in your list of users being ignored.  You can remove someone from your ignore list from the same page.

Rather than nurturing a resentment, sometimes it's best to just take a little time off to cool down.  I think it was Michael Bishop who had the wise advice that "if you continue a resentment of another person, you are the one taking the poison and hoping it hurts the person you resent." 
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Finally, I’m sick and tired of Tom’s nonsense

Institutional Control:
I’ve had steve dave on ignore for years.

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So this is why no one responds to my posts

Ignore is for the weak


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