Author Topic: KState fans, when you going to learn?  (Read 613 times)

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KState fans, when you going to learn?
« on: March 23, 2019, 07:45:00 AM »
I am so relieved this torture is over. I turned the radio on once today, right before half, to get a score. We were up 10, and within 2 minutes, UCI had scored 9 in a row. That's what I got for turning the blasted radio on. I never went back again because, before the game started, I knew what was coming. I knew what was coming when the news, about Dean, broke before we even got a chance to celebrate the conference championship. At the time, I posted several times that we all should be happy with the conference championship while unseating KU in the process. I knew nothing else was coming this season when Dean went down. It wasn't because we couldn't win without him although it made it much more difficult. No. I knew it because I listen to what life is saying.

Our life is laid out ahead of time and there's nothing we can do to change the outcome. It's how we respond to the good and the bad that comes our way. This is what determines if we have character or not. If you have listened, you know what life has dictated for you. We can change little things. We can work like hell to become better, like The Flush, but even that work ethic was placed into him by a higher force. It's part of his brain chemistry, etc.

K-State fans: Listen to what the force has been saying to you for years. You are part of a fan base that gets to enjoy a certain amount of success, here and there, but you are not going to enjoy the big crown. You come close, like in 1998, but a strange power of force makes sure that the trophy of trophies is beyond reach. Who will forget the euphoria that swept over K-Statedom when the score was announced during that Texas A&M game?
the force lifted us up. Everything was set. K-State was leading by 17. The National Championship game was, finally, at hand...……Those were great football teams in the late 1990's and early 2000's, but it never happened.

It may change someday like it did for Boston and Chicago Cubs. It will happen when those fans, coaches, pass who are not meant to experience the pinnacle.

Our seniors finally whipped KU, but the very next day paid the price for doing so. Cartier Diarra went down with a freak hand fracture that never even happened on the court. Just as it looked as if everything was in place for an outright championship, Cartier goes down. Then right when Cartier is due to come back and the Cats are clicking, Dean breaks a foot just like clock work. Two years, same time, same result. You cannot make this stuff up. This is not mere coincidence...this is the force which hangs over Dean and K-State. Dean will get through it because he has the right character.

The NCAA sent our team, champions of the Big XII, 1,600 miles out to California so they could play an experienced California team that had never won an NCAA game. The pundits all picked K-State to lose because the pundits know the force which surrounds K-State and they knew what the NCAA was up to. The NCAA needs the Blue Bloods to advance and they need a few cinderella's to give the first week some exciting and thrilling moments. A Dean Wadeless K-State was the perfect choice. I read the vibe and that's why I predicted Barry would go down with foul trouble in the early going. Now, we're down two good players.

Yes, I'm relieved it's over and I've made a choice to not invest so much in this basketball thing. I'll support the student athletes and let the chips fall where they will.

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Re: KState fans, when you going to learn?
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2019, 08:44:12 PM »
It is tough not getting excited when you see a team with players who have matured into a pretty damn good group over the years. When this team was healthy and playing well, they were one good post player away from competing with anyone in the nation. Unfortunately, we were rarely healthy and never had that much needed big down low. Really disappointed in Weber's recruiting these past two years in not being able to address this issue.

All that said, I expect us to be terrible next year. Likely a bubble team at best. Weber will continue to disappoint us while occasionally pulling a good year out of his ass every five seasons or so.

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