Author Topic: Non-sport-specific but kind of (go)EMAW-related status/twitter/wall thread  (Read 173621 times)

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Re: Non-sport-specific but kind of (go)EMAW-related status/twitter/wall thread
« Reply #1775 on: November 16, 2022, 08:36:46 PM »

The temperature ratings we list for our insulated outerwear are the result of laboratory tests conducted by an independent university laboratory, the Institute for Environmental Research (IER) at Kansas State University (KSU). Our garments are tested to a modified version of ASTM F2732 using a thermal manikin dressed in a predetermined base ensemble of our clothing. The thermal manikin results are then put in a model to predict the rating for “Light” and “Moderate” activity levels.

Our sleeping bags are also tested independently by IER at KSU to establish their temperature ratings using the thermal manikin according to ISO 23537-1:2016, a revised version of EN 13537.