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Powercat Posse:
I have given up on the Division. Clev plays Det 7x and I hope they go 5-2 or at least 4-3 vs them.
We play Clev at home games 160-162, and they could be resting their everyday starters a bit and not throwing their starting pitchers as much.

We have held ChiSox to 3 or less runs in 5 of the 6 games at their park.  Hopefully our pitching can keep that going this weekend so we can get a series win

Powercat Posse:
Dammit. Delete this please. I was on the Royals thread. Not sure why it started a new thread. My bad I guess

Nope, it's stickied now.

time to hang up the keyboard, Powercat Posse

steve dave:


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