Author Topic: Will this election process take down FOX news? OANN, Newsmax, etc. Thread  (Read 55951 times)

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Courts rule that Rachel Maddow is a hyperbolic, chronic liar and that nothing she she says should be construed as being factual.


Sydney Powell
While it’s certainly appropriate to dub Rachel Maddow a Prog-Lib go to a Russophobe sociopathic pathological liar.  The courts sadly granted her permission to continue to be a ProgFascist propagandist believed daily by ProgFadcist/#blueanon types numbering in the millions.  With free reign to attack her political enemies in any manner she see’s fit.  Because the courts say that allegedly everyone already knows that she’s a hyper partisan pathological liar (except for millions of #blueanon types).  So it’s okay. 

Note that no conservatives are demanding equal time, boycotting and canceling.  At least not that I’ve seen. 

Note that similar celebrities on the other side of the aisle are not granted the same leeway.