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steve dave:
same person over the last two weeks

--- Quote ---Hey Obama clean your ears out and listen to us.... Don't just respect hunting respect the 2nd amendment ya dumbass tyrant oh I guess I some dumb red neck republican that don't know any better hmm at least I know one thing........ Bring body bags lots and lots of body bags when you come an get my guns, your defiantly going to need that.......

Haha haha 600 bucks in the bank and that so lazy week haha I guess this is what it feels like to laugh all the way to the bank lol ha ha ha ha

I have this annoying,,,,,,,,, annoying,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, president is there a cure for that

From 3am to 5 p.m. um yeah I'm tired thank God I got a load though I know it's Martin Luther King Day but a man has to work and even though I'm tired at least I can rest easy tonight knowing that I have a job despite living in Obama's economy oh by the way I imagine his speech today was saying how well off we are that he is our president too bad for him that I actually have a brain and I know how to use it because I see 1 man just full of hot air behind the podium I see a liar who is a tyrant and I see a child dressed as a man when I see Oba once everybody wants everybody to compromise with him but he will not compromise with anybody else he likes to play political games with children as pawns I don't trust nor believe in that man which took office today I just pray these next few years are not the Twilight of freedom

for those who are Obama's fans take note he's not Martin Luther King he'll never be close to that man and not some mystic hero he's a man with very little leadership qualities who has 0 amount of experience and handling crisis situations that's why he runs away on a vacation every time there's a crisis in this nation not talking about sandy Hook but where was the wind Joplin got hit in Ireland that's where claiming that he's part Irish so what's make this clear before watching a tyrant getting inaugurated into office I'd rather have my eyes gouged out then seeing that

Well its Friday I still gotta drive back to Austin gotta deliver my load pick up another 1 to hold my angel today looking forward to tomorrow though Lake Charles here I come,,,,,,, something about Louisiana just perks me up or it could be the fact that I get paid 280 dollars just for 1 load lol

How many people want Obama impeached leave your comments please??????????

Wall I'm sitting here waiting to get unloaded listening to ap radio news and trying to comprehend why people haven't understood the second Amendment for those who actually read this the second Amendment isn't just for hunting nor is it just for home protection it is for the defense of the citizens against a tyrant government like we see before us now I forgot you said it but I remember a quote someone to tell me he said this I'd be grateful people should not be afraid of their governments the government should be afraid of its people the government the government should serve the people I'm not asking for a big government I'm asking the government to stay out of my life

let us ask ourselves 1 question before we go to bed tonight.., is it better to stand idly by and let tyrants control our every aspect of our daily lives or is it better too say on our final day on this earth that I was not the sheep but yet I stood for something greater than myself I stood when nobody else would..... Can you say that or would you let our freedoms disappear

Funny thing Obama is trying to take your guns but yet he can't even get the financial situation under control... I wonder who the real tyrant is today
--- End quote ---

I find people from Western Kansas so interesting. Such an eccentric bunch.

steve dave:
different guy, mostly just posts pictures. These are from just this weekend.

I worry about the people you run with SD


--- Quote from: Barrack Obama on January 27, 2013, 12:42:53 PM ---

--- End quote ---


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