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I think therapeutics should be pulled out of everything category since we are talking about preventing worse outcomes with sick patients  :don'tcare:

Was going to do the last option thinking we wouldn't reach 250k till like Feb 2021 and then probably stabilize into like 7k deaths per month like the flu (cept worse) or whatever. Schools tho.

Per worldmeters

Feb 15 : 0
Mar 15 : 73
Apr 15 : 33,293
May 15 : 91,185
June 15 : 120 768
July 15 : 140,572
Aug 8 : 165,070

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: The Trump Presidency
« on: August 08, 2020, 07:00:09 PM »
So this executive order waiving federal withholdings. People will still owe the same amount of tax next April ? This along with unemployment being taxed is going to be a ride awakening for a ton of people.

I was trying to understand how the executive branch could maneuver with tax and spending items unilaterally. I would have thought they wouldn't have that leeway but maybe the laws are written in a way that gives it to them.

committee is likely to be seen as smacking too much of a Star Chamber—probably benign and well-intentioned, but a Star Chamber nonetheless …

I enjoyed this. Thread idea rename the board (Pit) if Biden wins.  :D

Dax provided Twitter, I think because they're pro hcq. Not very scientific but thought 20% infection rate of the population would put Rt enough below 1 with mitigation.


good thread.

Sounds like what that gummi bear person was saying. Although that person was big on 20%.

"An apology is the first step in undoing the harm you have caused many members of the community, but is in no way the last," they wrote. "In the current political atmosphere, it is imperative that we are all actively anti-racist, and endorsing speakers like these is antithetical to the anti-racist work being done by students, faculty, and staff on our campus."

Reason: Tulane Canceled a Talk by the Author of an Acclaimed Anti-Racism Book After Students Said the Event Was 'Violent'.



Downloaded the first US covid tracing app from Virginia. I guess I didn't realize any alerting is done onlu within Bluetooth contact with someone signed up with the exact same app. I figured that beacon data was shared between apps through apple/Google API.

In order for this to be anywhere close to successful it should have been rolled out nationally. Are DC metro residents supposed to now down 4 apps so they are covered by each health department covering residents that flow in and out of that metro?


VA also buying some rapid tests with 6 other states in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation. Dunno if I'll get the tracing app. The part in the article about Norfolk is  :frown:

WTOP: ‘We’ve had enough’: Northam on compact with 6 other states for COVID-19 testing.



Tbh not all that interesting in that alot of it seems like it's generally understood, but I guess is good to check your assumptions/understanding.

I think this one is more interesting. Like I didn't expect Asian Americans to be more about abolishing the police or that 15% thought it was a good idea.

Kansas State Football / Re: No 2020 College Football :-(
« on: August 05, 2020, 11:15:26 AM »

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So like if they opt out and it's a single year scholly... schools could still retaliate by not renewing next yesr?

A 50% false negative/false positive rate would literally delegitimize the entire testing process.

I can't think of a bigger disaster, "I've been tested" would be rendered nearly meaningless.

Good Grief.

I think you illustrate a main draw back, people would want to consider them diagnostic tests and they wouldn't be. They'd be something different, potentially just a cheap a highly infectious indicator to help with timely decisions on isolation and contact tracing that would only supplement current testing and not replace it.

Obvi devils in the details like the false positive rate vs false negative rate and how that works with sensitivity window for its usefulness.

Yea I don’t believe a word of that.

Yea I'm skeptical of the test's efficacy/sensitivity and cost. Sounds good in the article, I guess the idea is negative doesn't mean crap but positive means don't spread that ish.

That criticism made more sense to me when I learned that some signatories believe the demand has no chance of being met, and treat it as something only bad-faith critics would take seriously. Of course I don’t want that, more than one signatory told me, as if anyone with common sense would already know as much.

The Atlantic: The Princeton Faculty’s Anti-Free-Speech Demands.

So does Kobach take this thing?

Yeah, I don't think she's politically motivated.

Maybe I just choose to think that though.

it obviously is.

Haven't been following Birx, what makes you say that definitely?

First use by dax on this blog - June 15th, 2020


I'd actually be surprised if he hasn't tried to use that term in the same sentence as Biden to disparage him.


Now Nancy "gin and Oxy" Pelosi says she doesn't trust Birx.   :lol: :lol:

Although Japan understood earlier than many Western countries that the virus was more likely to spread through droplets in the air, and warned residents to avoid crowded, unventilated conditions, it wasn’t enough to change individual behavior as the restrictions were lifted. While people have continued to wear masks throughout the pandemic, the current infections have largely occurred in situations where face coverings aren’t typically worn, like group dining and drinking events.

I'd love to know where the data is behind this statement. It makes sense to me and I think is reflected in the US.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: political hobbyist thread
« on: August 02, 2020, 07:20:31 AM »
Americans' ideological bent has shifted in the first half of 2020 with fewer people self-identifying as politically conservative in May and June than at the start of the year. There has been a corresponding increase in self-described liberals while the percentage moderate has been fairly steady.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: MAGA
« on: August 01, 2020, 10:16:03 PM »

Happened on this lol

“We’re gonna keep the name of Robert E. Lee?” Trump asked. Inhofe replied, “Just trust me, I’ll make it happen,” and Trump replied, “I had about 95,000 positive retweets on that. That’s a lot.”

But if everyone masked up...nvm I'll just be glad my slightly worsening eyesight means I have ppe.

Pretty good read.  Mildly surprised to see it on Vox.

Thought it was well written as well. Why were you surprised to see it on Vox? Critical of some liberals?

KCMO foreshadowing

Recommendation 3 is interesting, not sure I understand it.

Are you too old to remember what bars look like before 10:00PM and after.10:00PM? It's a way to let the bars stay open by catering olds to day drink, have happy hours, and throw a few back after work, but makes the bars close before 1 in and 1 out time.

Was hyper focused on the term outside, but I think Phil is right about fairness in closures moreso than some concern over safety of drinking outside.

Was also was somewhat confused by that in combo with the 25% capacity limit. I'm guessing they just assume after 10 pm and booze drinks capacity limits won't be followed and it's easier to say no than to trust bars.

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