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Essentially Flyertalk / Tuttlecreek Conspiracy
« on: May 15, 2019, 05:57:52 PM »
With the lake 48.57 feet over standard pool. And now the Corp is sending out letters tomorrow about emergency water release and the impact to local flooding. Are there nefarious forces at work here? Or are we just in a shitty weather pattern? Also we have the emergency gates under construction and the tubes as well. Who thought that up at the same time sans guest sinkhole at the tubes.?.?.. totally screwed my own personal saugeye experience. Discuss.

Bob what’s with the letter? Well Bill its just, it’s just that well it’s not being represented in all of its imperical context! Well Bob was my synopsis inaccurate? Well no Bill it’s just Chum1 and Phil of the tits up clan is not getting it out on GE quite right.

Ok Bob maybe you should go before the KFC Stooges and testify under oath if you need to get your story straight! Well Bill see if I do that then I’m under oath, that won’t work.  Maybe we  can do a secret Chum Captain Blumenthal ring of secrecy Schiff meeting?

Well Bob that’s  up to you but for right now I guess you can write letters or something and send them to Chris Klieman? Right now I have to go look into some item about a couple of missing Orr’s or something. But feel free to stop anytime but you may want call ahead I maybe a little busy.  :eye:

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