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He seems to be really good at picking/hiring coaches.

Both worthy of their own threads.  I mean...that dunk (and drive) were Lebron-like, and that guy on the Katz bench celebrating and being dragged backward by a teammate was absolutely hilarious.  Are people talking about these things elsewhere?  I want to look into having a GIF sequence of it tattooed across my chest, guys.  It was literally 10x as much fun as beating ISU without it would have been.  I had never been more proud to be a wildcat fan.

Essentially Flyertalk / OK time to remove Fatty Fest '15 splash page?
« on: November 23, 2015, 03:44:16 AM »
I mean...given that it happened in June.  Just wondering.

I don't want to put a ceiling on these guys, but I feel like this is a good place to start.

Kansas State Football / So...that last minute before half...
« on: November 16, 2013, 04:07:22 PM »
At the ~1:05 mark, I'm pretty sure that it took ~40 s to call/run a QB draw.  Perhaps not the best use of clock I have seen.

6's apparent that this might be the only way we will ever not get run out of the effing gym by KU at least once per year.  Holy effing balls.  This is a pretty crap KU team too (marginally more talented than our team, but still).  39 rebounds to 20 late in the 4th?  OMFG.  That's "won't to", as Deputy Dawg would say, bros.  How do KU players get up for this game more than ours do?  Eff.

My only other idea is to have our dudes drink something that makes their piss more viscous so that, when it runs down their legs just after tipoff, it runs really slowly and won't make them slip and fall.

Effing embarrassing.  Not sure that it's healthy for any of us to be emotionally invested in this.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that it's not.  Seriously contemplating a multi-year KSU hoops fan hiatus.

Kansas State Football / 9 for 15 on 3rd-down conversions
« on: September 24, 2011, 06:59:15 PM »
Sweet effing Jesus.  Amazing.

“We want to play the best," he said. "Just tell them to schedule us. We can’t get people to come to Autzen. So, that’s a real tough deal to deal with. We would play the best to open every season, but we aren’t going to be home every season, either.”


"We were supposed to play Kansas State, but they cancelled," Kelly said. "We were supposed to play Tennessee, they’re not going to play us. We were supposed to play Georgia, they’re not going to play us.”


In other news, Chip Kelly (a.k.a. Corky) would like to hear any subtle excuses for the loss to LSU that you might be willing to share.

Why didn't Frank force Jake and Denis to give the ball to Curtis Killer every fracking possession?  Dude wasn't going to be stopped.

Why didn't Frank play Wally and C Kell the whole game and ask Luis to watch over the vitamin water?

Why didn't Frank put in one of our best shooters (Rod McGruder) when no one other than Curt could put the ball in the hole?

Why didn't those two KSU katz guard Opie with less than two minutes left when he had that wide open layup?

Why didn't Jacob Pullen show up and play with some passion?

Dear god.  Butler is fracking ridiculously unathletic and unspectacular and totally undeserving of a final 4 bid.  We just got outfundamentalled to the final 4.

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