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Kansas State Football / Some words on D's Nutz
« on: June 14, 2022, 12:27:29 PM »
This thread has been a long time coming. Mr. clams and DLew have made me realize that there is an untapped outpouring of love for D Scott on this message board. I’m not sure why they felt I wasn’t on board the D Scott Fritchen bandwagon, but you can search my post history and I have never posted a disparaging word against D Scott.

In fact, I’ll start things off with a previous post of mine singing D Scott’s praises.

I’m starting to view D Scott in a whole new light now that he’s not Fitz’ wingman & Marquis Nowell said he is “my guy”. He may be the greatest longform journalist left in this world. He could be our modern day George Plimpton or Frank Deford.

Remember when everybody thought Greg Sharp was better than Wyatt “golden tonsils” Thompson? lof’nl, good times.


Hopefully we can find a big man that can actually catch his passes this year. Imagine how many assists he would’ve had with somebody that could catch a ball.



[/font]Does Cooper Beebe need his own thread??s=20&t=Fo6aGv6a2mqE1OVe8hWuRw[/font][/size]

Yes.  Yes he does.

Kansas State Football / “BETWEEN THE STONES”
« on: May 07, 2022, 09:23:13 AM »
I think it is time that Caspar Milquetoast got off his ass and started promoting/marketing our limestone wall. I love that limestone wall and it should be part of K-State’s brand.

We already “pound the stone“.

The sledge hammer is our turnover hype tool.

I’m tired of being a generic wildcat. We should be the bad ass “Quarrymen” or “Stonemasons “ or “Bricklayers”

Keep it #BetweenTheStones

We could bring in Keith Stone for Keystone Light, “hold my stones.“ marketing promotions. Keystone light could be the only beer we sell in the stadium.

HugeCat Hoops Emporium / Changes are coming to college basketball
« on: May 03, 2022, 02:09:42 PM »

HugeCat Hoops Emporium / Name Image Likeness Mo Money Mo Problems
« on: April 28, 2022, 10:26:14 PM »

HugeCat Hoops Emporium / Portaling
« on: March 28, 2022, 10:45:38 AM »

With low-rated recruiting class, it's bubble at best for Kansas State next season

Mar 17, 2017
Jeff Borzello
ESPN Staff Writer
We continue our recruit and return series with the Kansas State Wildcats, whose season ended Friday with a loss to Cincinnati in the South Region. Here is a look at what the 2017-18 season could hold:

Possible 2017-18 starting five:

G: Deathbite

G: The Flush

F: Xavier Sneed

F: Claws

C: Bullnuts

Who is lost: Westicles was recruited to Kansas State when he was a role player next to the Harrison twins in the Houston Defenders AAU program; he’ll exit as an NBA prospect. Westicles, a skilled forward, can make shots from the perimeter, rebound effectively and pass from the wing. He took big strides during his four seasons in Manhattan and will be missed. Big man D.J. Johnson is also departing after averaging double figures and finishing second on the team in rebounding. He was a pure low-post option who was excellent on the offensive glass. Backup guard Dogbite II is also gone.

Who is added: oscar Weber has generally done well with under-recruited players, and his 2017 class is no different. The “biggest” name is New England guard Mike McGuirl, a two-star prospect. He can score at all three levels and make shots from 3-point range. Weber also brings in power forwards Nigel Shadd and Levi Stockard. Stockard in particular should be an asset immediately. Cartier Diarra and James Love III will also be eligible to play after redshirting this past season.

What it means for next season: Three starters are back for Weber, led by the two-way backcourt of Deathbite and The Flush. Brown was one of the best defenders in the Big 12 this past season, and he acted as a secondary playmaker and shot-maker from the perimeter. Stokes was the team’s primary ball handler and took a step forward as a 3-point shooter. He’ll once again play the large majority of the minutes at the point guard position. Up front, Claws will lead the way. He was more efficient on the offensive end as a sophomore and added a more consistent 3-point shot to his repertoire. Look for him to take on more of a scoring role next season. Versatile forward Xavier Sneed will likely slide into the starting lineup after acting as the team’s sixth man this past season. Weber will need more interior production without Johnson, though, which means Bullnuts will see more minutes.

Trending: Level. Kansas State snuck into the NCAA tournament this past season with three wins in March, despite constant rumors regarding Weber’s status with the program. He’ll likely be back in Manhattan -- and the Wildcats will be sniffing around the bubble again, due to their talented backcourt.

HugeCat Hoops Emporium / Was Darrell a DITR?
« on: March 03, 2016, 01:50:34 PM »
9 days later on 04/17/12 Basketball staff adds power forward
Robert Cassidy | Staff Writer
oscar Weber said he'd like to add a forward within days of accepting the job at Kansas State. Well, it didn't take him long to find one. Parkway North (St. Louis) High School senior Darrell Johnson became the new coaching regime's first commitment when he pledged his services to K-State on Tuesday afternoon.
His name seems out of left field, but it's not. Both Weber and associate head coach Chris Lowery have put in significant time recruiting Johnson. It's just that they were wearing the logos of their previous school when they did so.
Weber showed interest in the 6-foot-8 forward while coaching Illinois. Lowery offered him a scholarship as the head coach of Southern Illinois. With both men now pulling in the same direction, though, the decision was made quickly. Johnson's campus visit took place this weekend, and his choice was finalized less than 48 hours later.
"He loved the facilities at K-State," said Arnaud Jones, Johnson's AAU coach. "He loves coach Weber, too. He personally came down and let him know he has a good chance to make a good run right away. With guys like (Rodney) McGruder and (Will) Spradling returning, there's a good chance for something special to be there."
Both Weber and Lowery have made trips to watch Johnson play during the AAU season. Weber did not offer Johnson a scholarship during his final days at Illinois, but according to Jones, that decision was made for reasons that had little to do with his player's on-court ability.
"He liked him, but (Weber) didn't even know where he was going to land at that time, so he held off," Jones said.
Jones says Johnson's skill set starts with defense. He describes the 235-pounder as a "defensive monster" and tells tales of his rebounding prowess. Of course none of Jones' words speak more than the statistics. He rattles those off from memory, too.
"Darrell led the state of Missouri in blocked shots and rebounds during his high school season," he said. "It's what he's known for. It's the first thing you'll notice about him. He's physical."
Johnson played the summer AAU circuit as a member of Baylor Fusion. He chose K-State over offers from Alabama, Memphis, Virginia Tech, Detroit and Southern Illinois among others.

As of 04/8/12 PF Johnson takes official to Virginia Tech
Brian Mohr | Publisher
Virginia Tech played host to an official visitor late last week. Saint Louis (Miss.) Parkway North power forward Darrell Johnson took an official visit to Blacksburg and was close to a decision. What's the status now?
"I was supposed to go to Memphis yesterday, but I couldn't make it," he said. "Virginia Tech was pretty good. I liked it."
Johnson arrived at Tech on Thursday.
"I ate at a couple of the dining halls, hung out with the guys, worked out with them a bit, had dinner with the coaches and then hung out with the players more that night," he said. "The next day I went out with the coaches again and toured around the entire campus. I met with the academic advisor and even met some of the football coaching staff before leaving."
Johnson hadn't been to Virginia Tech fully before, so did anything surprise him?
"I was surprised how far they were from the airport," he said. "That was the most surprising thing. They were really far and it took two flights since they are a smaller airport."
Still, the visit went well.
"The coaches were really friendly," he said. "Coach Greenberg, Coach Johnson and the rest of the staff were nice guys. They worked me out really well and were really nice. The players were really helpful on the court. I learned some new stuff. It was a good experience."
Erick Green hosted Johnson on the trip.
"He's a pretty cool dude," he said. "He's laid back and he told me a lot of things about how to succeed and what to do, with my classes, how to go about my work, balance out school and more. I liked the visit, it was a nice experience."
Prior to leaving, Greenberg gave his final pitch.
"He just shook my hand and told me he wanted to get news on Wednesday or whenever I make my decision."
Before coming on the trip, Johnson noted that Tech might have even led for his services. Did the trip reaffirm him or change things?
"It kind of changed things," he said. "I know I always have said I wanted to get away from home. But, actually getting on the trip, the plane ride and knowing I had to take two planes no matter what. That made me second-guess things a little bit. I know I didn't have my truck anymore and I couldn't drive to campus since the airport is so far away from campus."
Johnson maintains Tech is right in the mix.
"I'm down to Memphis, Virginia Tech and Alabama," he said. "Alabama wants to get me in and I might be looking at taking a visit.
"I really wanted to get a decision by Wednesday, but it looks like I'll have to push it back further. I'll have to see Memphis and maybe even Alabama."

HugeCat Hoops Emporium / psh psh psh is this thing on?
« on: October 25, 2015, 09:12:21 PM »
Any of you hosers go to the scrimmage?   :impatient:

Quote from: BrettGPC, post: 392402, member: 8266


1, Dogbite II: Did not play again. The junior college transfer is still slowly but surely coming back from having some lingering knee issues this summer. He did some fast break drills before the scrimmage so I'm under the impression he could give it a go, so this is just being cautious. He has a nice frame and could be a boost offensively. Not sure what he can do defensively, though, since i haven't really seen him play.

3, Deathbite: The freshman point guard is starting to become my favorite newcomer. There's just something there and it's easy to get on board with his game early. I like how he gets separation to get open, he's looking to find open teammates, and he has moxie to knock down some shots. He hit a clutch 3-pointer near the end of one of the periods. By no means is he perfect. He makes some mistakes, as all young guards will. I just think, right now, he is playing the best of any newcomer by a long shot.

4, D.J. Johnson: Did not play. Johnson did play in the first scrimmage last Saturday, but was held out of this one. It wasn't for any setback. He just didn't play. oscar Weber had mentioned before they were going to ease him back into things so having him healthy and absolutely ready to go in games is more important than an open scrimmage on a random afternoon.

5, The Flush: Did not play. Brown struggled in the scrimmage last week. He looked incredibly nervous. Not sure why he didn't participate, but I don't believe it's a big deal. He was moving around fine and shooting during breaks.

10, Bullnuts: For every good thing he does, there's another one or two things the coaches get after him about. It's interesting. Maurice is not a very demonstrative kid. He doesn't talk much or show much emotion on the court. He's athletic, but very raw. Once it clicks, and it will take a little bit, he could be a nice little complementary piece to this team. He takes coaching pretty well and attempts to run it all correctly on the next possession.

12, Gruntley: Much like I wrote last week, he's a good, physical practice player.

13, Festus: This is the first time I saw the juco walk-on, and it was certainly intriguing. He was pretty active defensively and got his hands up in the passing lanes a lot, and he made a sweet pass over the top of the defense to Big Meat for a quarter-winning score. You can tell he gets after it in practice.

14, Hopper: After being sidelined last week, the senior guard played in this one and really looked pretty good. The game looks slower for Edwards and he's able to see the floor a little better to throw pass and, most importantly, drive. He also finished at the rim a couple of times while also drawing the foul. Yes, it was one scrimmage, but everything I have heard indicates Edwards has elevated his game. The scrimmage proved that to be accurate at the moment. He looked better.

15, xWhomper: Did not play, and did not expect him to play. He's just getting back into shape still.

23, Hollywoods: Not the greatest outing for the freshman in this one. He was pretty fluid and looked very athletic and pretty active in the first one, and looked a little lost in the second scrimmage. He did, however, make an impressive floater over Big Meat in transition. He's another player that's pretty raw and it will take some time for him to get his game up to speed, especially the mental aspect of it.

24, Hunch: Had a nice dunk in transition. He also read a screen really well, slipped it, and got a backdoor layup. It's impressive the local product has put on the muscle he has since being on campus. He played and guarded both wings and big men, which helps having the versatility in practice while he redshirts.

25, Westicles: The senior spent most of the time running the point against Stokes, which turned out to be a pretty solid matchup. Westicles looks pretty comfortable with the ball in his hands. Sometimes he dribbles too much or tries to do too much when he gets ball screens, but at least that area is improved. He definitely looks better than he did a year ago. He hurt his arm on the rim after a dunk, but he should be fine. Wouldn't we all like to say that is even possible??

32, Claws: The kid is talented, but he's adjusting. This was the first time I had seen Wade play since he's been at K-State and there are some flashes there. He has a nice touch from mid range and can be active on the glass and handle it a little. He also finishes above the rim. He just really is adjusting to this level of basketball. I don't think there's any doubt it will click and he will be a big part for this team for years to come, and perhaps a lot even this year, but the hope I'm sure for the staff is that it happens sooner rather than later.

33, Vulture: He didn't standout, and he wasn't bad. It was just a typical, solid overall performance. He plays hard and is really active on the defensive end, which could be very important for this team. I like that role for him way more than him running the point, which was very minimal in this one.

35, Hot Horndogs: Once again, Budke made some plays and hit some shots. He comes to play each time he's on the court. Tough kid, too. He can knock down some shots and makes smart decisions. He also missed an open layup. The good outweighs the bad when he's on the court, though. I would take that over going through the motions constantly.

41, Big Meat: I can't say I was overly impressed, but thinking back, he really didn't do anything that wrong. He has better spacing and court awareness than a year ago. Sometimes the big man should be more selfish. When he has an open look, he needs to take it. He is running the floor well, too.

Now, here's the thing. I know people always ask me for a starting five, and I hate doing it, but what the heck. I haven't seen the team at full strength yet, so here goes nothing...

1: Deathbite. Why? He's not only the healthiest of the two point guards, but I like where he's at right now. He sees the floor well and plays better when the older guys are on the floor next to him.

2: Hopper. Why? Experience. He has played in games and provides stability on both ends to start the season. Add that to his improvement to his game and body and it's an easy fit that the senior is in the lineup.

3: Westicles. Why? Why not? He's started since his freshman year and he's likely the best overall player on the team.

4: Claws. Why? Knock the cob webs off and see what the kid can do. He might struggle a little bit, especially early, but it's the logical fit at the position right now for what Weber's motion offense is looking for.

5: Big Meat. Why? He's the healthiest big man and has played well enough to earn this right now. I also thinks he is better suited starting the season so he can get the feel for the games earlier.

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