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The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Bob Dole - Russian Profiteer
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:04:27 PM »
According to a libby lib that I follow on Facebook, Bob Dole is on the Manafort train. Compelling argument and story with reference links.

It's friends only post but copy and paste:

Damn, Bob Dole goes down with the Paul Manafort ship.[/color][/size]
Lost in recent news is some reporting on what Paul Manafort was doing before being fitted for an orange jumpsuit, and Bob Dole figures, and not flatteringly.[/color][/size]
Manafort and Bob Dole go way back, Paul was an airquotes adviser on Bob Dole's campaign, and Manafort managed the 1996 Republican convention ending with Bob Dole accepting the GOP nomination (I have come to learn that Paul Manafort's experience and skillset in re: wrangling and managing Republican conventions and delegates goes all the way back to the Gerald Ford convention in 1976).[/color][/size]
After retiring from politics, Bob Dole became an uber-lobbyist. I wrote just last year with some disappointment about his lobbying work on behalf of Taiwan, and today I learned that in 2009, one of Bob Dole's lobbying clients was none other than Oleg Deripaska. Yes, that Oleg Deripaska, the Russian aluminum oligarch central to the Trump-Russia investigation. Oleg is dedicated to eliminating US sanctions preventing him from moving his money indiscriminately around the world, or Donald Trump Jr.'s words, adoption. Oleg allegedly lent Paul Manafort ten million dollars after Paul's other bidness was drying up, but I am getting ahead of myself.[/color][/size]
In 2004 and 2005, Manafort worked for Viktor Yanukovich, the pro-Russian Ukranian presidential candidate in the run-up to 2005 Ukraine elections. Yanukovich did not win, but Manafort landed on his feet, working for Oleg Deripaska, with another Russian, a political consultant named Konstantin Kilimnik. Kilimnik and Manafort would continue working together on pro-Russian political strategy for years, all the way up until Kilimnik's indictment by Bob Mueller alongside Manafort for alleged witness tampering. Kilimnik is assumed to be in Russia now, and presumed to be linked to Russian intelligence.[/color][/size]
Deripaska put Manafort and Kilimnik on the Kyrgyzstan account, trying to curry favor with the kelptocratic ruling Bakiyev family, and swing it away from US influence and over to Russian. Manafort did this mainly two ways: Attempting to persuade the Krygyzs to evict the US military from its base in Kyrgyzstan, the only US base left in central Asia, and by helping to prop up a Kyrgyz bank so crooked and so rife with money laundering that even the Russian central bank had advised its clients not to do business with them.[/color][/size]
In the former, Manafort pitched the idea to Deripaska, who would have taken it to the Kyrgyz government. Manafort is also highly suspected of being behind anti-American and anti-western sentiment, protests and astroturfed social movements in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan around 2005-2006, which were intended to make Russia look like a warm ally and the US and other western countries to be the despotic overlords.[/color][/size]
In the latter, the Kyrgyz bank AUB had in 2006 been named in a report from the Russian central bank as a cesspool of corruption and money laundering, which is something considering we are talking Russia here. The Russian CB had advised no one do business with AUB, but AUB was an important national asset for the Bakiyev ruling family (mainly as a pipeline for them to steal from their countrymen), and the bank needed public rehabilitation.[/color][/size]
So they put Manafort on it, and who did he come up with? None other than former senator and former US presidential candidate Bob Dole, with whom Manafort had worked a decade earlier. In a description that sounds every bit as transactional as a hooker with a john, Manafort name-dropped Bob Dole, who was then approached by the search firm retained by the bank. There were some sham negotiations about who would ensure the foreign bank on the board of which Bob Dole was about to seat himself was on the level, then in 2007 he took the gig, staying through 2010, citing airquotes travel obligations. Of note is that 2010 is also the year that the kleptocratic Bakiyev family was deposed from rule in Kyrgyzstan.[/color][/size]
How much money Bob Dole made from sitting on the board of a crooked foreign bank for three-plus years has not been disclosed, but it apparently worked out for everybody. Kyrgyzstan and Russia have become closer economically, with Russia forgiving millions in Kyrgyz debt and the Kyrgyzs asking for a second Russian military base (ours is gone, but not as the direct result of Manafort's efforts).[/color][/size]
And Bob Dole apparently made a friend, for in 2009, his lobbying firm, Alston & Byrd, signed the man, the myth Oleg Deripaska as a client, to the tune of a half-million dollars in lobbying fees that year. Deripaska is a figure haunting the background of the Trump-Russia affair, indirectly related to efforts to weaken US influence and eliminate sanctions preventing him from doing what he wants with his money.[/color][/size]
If we consider Manafort a traitor, and Bob Dole has worked on behalf of and at length on subjects near and dear to the Russian that directed Manafort's most traitorous actions, what do we call Bob Dole?[/color][/size]
References in comments.[/color][/size]

References: [/color][/size]


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