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Hey gang! If you're anything like me, you love using a nice fancy word every once in a while. I wanted to open a dialogue to share some of your favorites. JUST TO BE CLEAR: This thread is for fancy words you can actually get some milage out of. Like yeah, sesquipedalian is a great word but let's be real you only get to bust that one out maybe 2-3 times a year. Ok I'll start:

Peruse (but actually using it correctly instead of what most people think it means)
Broach (the verb not the noun and yes I learned it from Cosmo Kramer and no I'm not ashamed of that)

PRO TIP: if your idea of a fancy word is like plethora please save yourself the humiliation of posting ITT this is for people that read above a 6th grade level TIA go cats

you guys we can all agree this is the greatest time of the year. football season, cool weather, and of course halloween. if you think dressing up is "dumb" or "for kids" then please, PLEASE, set yourself on fire right now and gtfo of this thread this is a space where we can come together and discuss great costume ideas or what we are going to be for halloween.

topics include but not limited to:
*costumes to wear to work
*group costumes
*couples costumes
*costumes for individuals/couples with babies
*topical humor costumes

thanks go cats

Kansas State Basketball / Did Barry declarey?
« on: April 02, 2018, 07:24:24 PM »
I'm hearing he did. Anyone else hearing this? :Wha:

Essentially Flyertalk / Debt Collectors
« on: April 09, 2014, 03:52:08 PM »
Could really use some advice here guys...basically this story started right after high school when the future mrs. hub decided she was going to go to the finest colleges money could buy.  Skip ahead a few years and she, like many people ages 25-33, has found herself up to her eyeballs in student loan debt with a job that, on her current trajectory, will allow her to pay off her debt by the time she's 125.
Anyway, she's gone through a cycle of debt consolidation and even after that she still has like 4 different loan payments she has to make each month from a variety of private and federal lenders.
So anyway, one of these private lenders has unleashed the collection agency on her.  The current sitch is that the lender is "no longer willing to negotiate" and her 2 options are 1) pay $5000 in 3 weeks, then resume normal outrageously high interest monthly payments or 2) pay off the loan in full over the next 24 months.  And the outstanding balance is something like $45, way in hell that is happening in 24 months.

So like, does she have any recourse but to meet their outrageous demands?  Even with my help she couldn't come up with 5k in the next 3 weeks, but even less likely than that is her being able to pay off 45k in the next 24 months.  Because in reality, neither of those are viable options.  Will they likely take her to court?  Or are they just trying to scare her in the hopes that she'll give them all the money they want?

Would really appreciate any input from anyone who knows anything about how this works.  I feel bad I can't offer her any advice but I was fortunate, my student loan debt (Sallie Mae) was minimal and I was able to pay it off fairly quickly, so I have no experience whatsoever with private lenders or collection agencies.


I need some guidance on this one here guys.  I don't know how to feel.  On the one hand, I want to ISU it up and dwell on all of the moral victories from the past 2 know, like losers do.  By next gameday i'll have psyched myself up to believing we've righted the ship and it's all Ws from here on in.  As long as we keep winning, that's vindication.  We take a loss and i'm devastated again and have to start the process all over.  On the other hand, I want to KU it up and be completely indifferent to the fact that our team is dogshit and otherwise spend all of my time and energy focusing on how other teams have failed to match their success from the previous year (unless we score an upset in which case let me go find my tee shirt!).

In either case...I feel like the answer lies somewhere between those two extremes.  Somebody help.  I really want to believe but I can't keep taking this kind of disappointment. 

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