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Given how you guys hate-hate-hated this guy because he didn't do your hero, the Mega-Corrupt Hillary Clinton any favors and likely hurt her chances at becoming President.

This has got to be a fist pumping moment for you all . . . congrats!!

in a stunning (not really) turn of events, Elijah and wife appear to be the next series of LibDerp Nation Icons to be running a charity for profit scheme.   Don't worry, this isn't Bill and Hillary level stuff.

At the same time she heads CGPS, Mrs. Cummings heads a for-profit consulting firm called Global Policy Solutions, LLC, whose operations appear to have been indistinguishable from those of CGPS. The two entities have shared office space, telephones, etc., all of which are flagrant violations of the Internal Revenue Code.

and also got that "we came, we saw, he died" T-Shirt

8 years later and nothing is settled in Libya but a lot of suffering.

it reads like something straight out of the 1950's-60's-70's CIA Soviet Hyper Paranoia Playbook.  LibDerp Nation:  Masters of the Paranoid  :jeffy: :jeffy: :jeffy: :jeffy:

LibDerp Nation:  Defining and redefining useful idiot(s)


I don't know what to think about this article.

Relevant, reaching, dumb  :dunno:

So I went to the inaugural Legion FC Match yesterday.   It appears they’re in the USL Championship Division.   

They lost 2-nil to Bethlehem Steel FC.   They say there was 5800 there.  Not a bad stadium on the UAB campus.

Bunch of MSL II teams in the USL Championship league.  Might be interesting.

They have a Good Peoples Brewing Deck in one end zone I might try next time. 

I'm pretty sure when the WOPR was going through all the many nuclear war scenarios to finally conclude MAD (mutually assured destruction).   That one, if not several of the initial scenarios to "kick off"  WWIII was an Indian/Pak Nuclear exchange.

Let me know . . .

Kansas State Basketball / Who replaces Nike at K-State?
« on: February 21, 2019, 08:45:10 AM »
Who replaces Nike at K-State

Kansas State Basketball / Nike = Garbage
« on: February 20, 2019, 09:10:16 PM »
See also Zion Williamson

Anecdotal story:  LHCBS broke script a few years back to say Nike gear was Hot Garbage 


Another country the US is going to need to protect while the Germans and others  wallow like pigs in the mud under the warm heat lamps of US military might. 


and the Era of 2012 Post Election Flexibility aka The Great Bendover in the national rear view mirror.

US Navy sails warships through Taiwan Strait

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Somewhat dated but pertinent . . .
« on: January 25, 2019, 01:35:01 PM »
Realizing that LibDerp Nation and in particular resident LibDerps aka the Perpetual Enraged New (Old) Neo Cons have now done a complete ideological 180 and are now all for U.S. Geo-Strategic Hegemony via military force, because in their dumb little heads they think that Trump is "withdrawing" from the world and selling out to Vlad Putin.

First of all, Trumps support of Guaido in Venezuela is a direct confrontation/affront to Russia and Putin . . . but you guys are too rough ridin' dumb to understand or recognize that.   We can just add that to the list of other instances where Trump is thwarting Putin and Russia at every turn, almost a total 180 from the Era of Post Election Flexibility 2012 to 2016 OKA the Great Bend Over (dumbed down from The Great Cucking at the request of certain resident sensitive souls).   But I digress . . .

The US – were energy dominance to succeed – simply would control the tap to the economic development – or its lack thereof – for rivals China, and Asia. And the US could squeeze Russia’s revenues in this way, too. In short, the US could put a tourniquet on China’s and Russia’s economic development plans. Is this why JCPOA was revoked by President Trump?
Here then, is the squaring of that circle (more US power, yet less empire): Trump’s US aims for ‘domination’, not through the globalists’ permanent infrastructure of the US defence umbrella, but through the smart leveraging of the US dollar and financial clearing monopoly, by ring-fencing, and holding tight, US technology, and by dominating the energy market, which in turn represents the on/off valve to economic growth for US rivals. In this way, Trump can ‘bring the troops home’, and yet America keeps its hegemony. Military conflict becomes a last resort.

of the United States removing itself from perpetual war and from places it had no business being to begin with. 

Follow this link and keep in mind that one recent poll yielded the 50% of Democrats disagreed about pulling U.S. troops out of Syria and Afghanistan . . .  giving strong indication that Dems/Libs hate Trump so much that they're willing to let their true selves shine through once again from the days of total complicity with the wars of aggression as prosecuted by the hero's and icons of the Lib movement.    The era of "cool guy" wars when the United States didn't even bother to nation build, just blow up and turn around and walk away. 

Respond below with how hard you fist pumped upon reading this map . . .

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Congrats New (old) Neo-Cons
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:40:26 PM »
Ryan James Girdusky
? @RyanGirdusky
Jan 9

Politico/Morning Consult Poll on Withdraw from Syria (Support/Oppose):
Democrats - 29%/50%
Indies - 44%/29%
GOP - 73%/17%
Registered voters - 49%/33%
Whites - 51%/32%
Blacks - 35%/42%
Hispanic - 39%/36%
Other - 39%/30%
Military HH: 52%/35%
51 replies 318 retweets 503 likes

Ryan James Girdusky
? @RyanGirdusky

Politico/Morning Consult Poll on Withdraw from Afghanistan (Support/Oppose):
Democrats - 40%/41%
Indies - 53%/23%
GOP - 76%/15%
Registered voters - 56%/27%
Whites - 60%/25%
Blacks - 40%/38%
Hispanic - 49%/28%
Other - 48%/26%
Military HH: 62%/29%


No one has accused Tlaib of forgetting what country she represents when she supports the Palestinian cause, even though Palestinian terrorists, acting in the name of "Palestine," have killed numerous Americans. Americans of any religion have the right to support Israel, and most do, without being accused of disloyalty, just as Americans of any religion have the right to support the Palestinian cause. It is both bigoted and hypocritical to apply a different standard to Jews who support Israel than to Muslims who support the Palestinian cause.

Hypocrisy and bigotry go hand in hand, and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is the poster person for both. If she is the "new face" of the Democratic Party, we Democrats should begin worrying.

news opinion from the most hyper-partisan news opinion outlet in main stream media.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / It's pretty damn sad . . .
« on: December 20, 2018, 09:42:19 AM »
that people like Lindsay Graham aka John McCain Jr. are so set on seeing U.S. troops remain in Syria, a place where the U.S. had no business being in the first place.

The reason why ISIS became what it was in Syria was because of the destabilization of the Syrian regime.  Non lunatic expert after non lunatic expert said again and again that if the Assad Regime fell that Syria would fall into the hands of a Balkanized set of radicalized factions aka a larger Libya and would be the worst humanitarian crisis, possibly ever.   It's already the worst humanitarian crisis since the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia.   

Again reference (Google it yourself) a NYT's article from back in 2015/16 or thereabouts which said that not a single "freedom fighter" group was a wholly moderate entity . . . all had radicalized elements (recall again that at one time DOD backed rebels were fighting CIA backed rebels). 

ushered in by the mega-Racist Clinton's and wholly supported by the likes of Joe "Pew Pew" Biden and still left intact by the huge fraud of 8 year of "Hope and Change" is finally being dismantled.

Great work President Trump:


You can't classify a crime (keep in mind for future reference).   Over classification to cover the commission of a crime, is illegal.

Lib Hero John "voted for a communist" Brennan:

-Hacked Senate/Congressional Computers (twice)
-Kept classified kill list (that included U.S. citizens) circumventing due process laws
-Helped the Obama administration wage war on real Whistle Blowers (but let's meltdown about Jim Acosta)

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