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The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Huge Libbot Controlled Google . . .
« on: September 14, 2018, 06:12:05 PM »
fighting for freedom of information across the globe!


All it took for your guy to left sanctions on Iran was about $5.2 billion in cash, and a wink and nod unsigned memorandum of understanding that at most just kicks the Iranian nuclear can down the road a few years.

Meanwhile Iran has Quds forces/regional proxies or what they call the "axis of resistance"/Hezbollah in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and the Gaza Strip.   They very directly threaten U.S. ally and the only secular democracy left in the M.E., Israel.

They supply ballistic missiles to the Houthi in Yemen, and to Hezzbollah and similar elements in Lebanon.  They are building and continuously practice via asymmetric warfare the closing of the Strait of Hormuz by their forces, thus shutting a major oil and trade route for the world.

They are known traders of information regarding missile technology and likely nuclear weapons technology with North Korea.

They have a deplorable human rights record.

Yet, Barrack and the Ayatollah Kerry had no problem in unilaterally lifting sanctions on them over an unsigned document that was not approved by Congress.

Hypocrisy:  Thy name is LibBot Nation

Democrats were immediately outraged by this blatant attempt on the part of the president to take positive action on something for which they have long been in favor.  Rounding up the usual suspects, Rep. Sheila Jackson (D-Texas) and Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and other Democrats issued a statement urging Democrats to oppose Trump ideas because his plan does not yet speak to sentencing guidelines and requirements.

For a group that is supposedly so concerned with the unfairness of the American prison system, it's some stunning hypocrisy. But it's an example of Trump employing his mind-control power to make Democrats oppose something they previously supported.

The idea that serious people would oppose something that is a major step in the right direction simply because it isn’t everything they can imagine illustrates and exposes their true agenda; they don’t want to solve a problem for their constituents, they just want to have the problem to run on in the next election.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / What was Debbie up to anyway?
« on: June 07, 2018, 07:32:41 PM »
And WITW is up with Libs and information security?

No wonder the U.S. government is a hackers paradise. FFS.

But glad DHS (another clown car) left the investigation up to those crack Capital Cops.   

'Grats libs, your party literally bossed DHS around like a little bitch.


Read where some WH counsel is skeptical.   Don't get that at all.  No one doubts the woman needed to be punished, but a life sentence?  Positively absurd.


James, and Lyin Loretta, with the White House at the time straight up lying about not being involved.

SMDH.   But, LibBots aka the New (old) NeoCons have sold out to The Man, which means they are fully on board with anything the FBI, CIA, and NSA does (as long as it appears to be a negative for a Republican, or fully endorsed by a NewNeoCon Pres posing as a Progressive).

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Andy "CNN's Source" McCabe
« on: June 05, 2018, 11:07:08 PM »

Looks like he's headed for immunity.'

McCabe is not to be confused with Clapper to Tapper to CNN.


Ya know, I posted an article in another thread, that stated that since 1974 the Clinton's have raised over $3 billion dollars to support their political goals.   Much of it of course laundered through their fake shell game foundation and garnered through political favors ranging from phone calls, to good ol 'Merica coal (to the ChiComs) and Uranium (to the Russians).

Just how badly are cities like Lawrence dragging down the State of Kansas?

Can you imagine having to get into a car and drive an hour or more to catch a flight on a major airline?

the Capital Police every time the crap is about to hit the fan for them.

Sorry, Chuck, the pres is going to get investigated, Al's stepping down, another worthless Dem is going to "retire".

Step up and do the right thing, it's the new paradigm, you're guilty.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / A pillar of the Democratic Party
« on: November 13, 2017, 09:09:29 PM »
Loved, honored and adored by Libs.


Essentially Flyertalk / Things that make you laugh . . .
« on: November 10, 2017, 03:49:00 PM »
The mirthful Phil Hartman as Bill Clinton

 . . . intercepted by war lords

Kansas State Football / Sounds Familiar
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:14:59 PM »

Note:  KU Karl's words are his own with influences from others in his cubicle space:

I am providing initial impressions of the Italian Jhawks.

First, the most important and obvious, Preston and Lightfoot. Preston is sturdier and more attentive to rebounding and defense than I expected, clearly the staff is all over him on those issues, and importantly, he's got the athleticism to be very good at both. Looks like a strong rebounder around the rim, and has been aggressive on defense, although one post player spun on him and left him in the dust early one of the games. So the potential is there. However, he's had two possessions where he has tried to handle the ball in transition and without pressure lost the dribble. Also late he's fired up early 3's a couple times. But athletically and size/quickness wise, he looks like the sky is the limit, and hopefully they'll explain to him 1000 times that the NBA will be more impressed with him if he does the blue collar/dirty work to help the team win, rather than worry too much about showing his perimeter skeeellllzzz. That can come later. Scouts want to see that you get it.

Lightfoot has been a tremendous disappoint, even to the detail of his dad/family talking to reporters about his headwear bothering his vision. THEN WHY ARE YOU LAUNCHING 3 POINTERS. Even more concerning, he has thus far year seemed to have a knack for NOT being able to grab a rebound. He sure better never worry about showing what he can do other than set screens, rebound, play defense, keep the ball moving, maybe every once in a while taking a mid-range open shot or busting a post move, but he should concentrate on being the ultimate role player. Thus far, his ego is WAY too involved for my taste. He has fumbled at least a couple good passes, although in his defense one from Garrett on a baseline move was close and NOT a bounce pass, thus harder to catch, and a pet peeve of mine. Default in the paint should almost always be a bounce, and if a longer pass with a little back spin to soften the catch, always easier to handle by the receiver. Did have one nice post move but has been fumble fingers with the ball in general most of the rest of the time.

Garrett gets it (although that one pass needed to be a bounce) and looks like he'll be in the rotation, knows his place for the most part although has shot more than I would have expected, but hit a good percentage. Knows how to rebound. He's one of those guys that didn't play for a big-time AAU team and was under the radar in the summer circuit, but is better than his ranking, obviously. Just one of those guys that knows how to play and will be a fan favorite.

I think this team will be the best 3 point shooting team we've ever had. Svi and Vick are uber confident, Newman is better than Selden TODAY, an all league talent, and DG is better than ever. Those 4 need to be shooting 99% of our 3's.

Newman is a strong guy and that really helps with creating his shot. He is just a scorer. Same with DG, better at creating his shot now off the dribble. Those 2 will be dynamite.

And if/when they forget about feeding the beast, Garrett will take care of that, as well as Svi. Vick has looked fantastic both shooting and getting to the rim and finishing. Svi has looked very good, but still has those moments where you wonder why he isn't more sure of himself making a move. I suspect he'll always leave us with that feeling. I'd love to see him get past that this year but have my doubts. Even though he led the Ukraine team this summer and led the tourney in scoring and filled the stat sheet, the one game in full I did watch he still had too many t/o's for my taste, some of them inexplicable at this point, but he will knock down shots and do a great job, just not go out as a mid-first round draft choice as I always figured he would.

I agree with the JW writer that Dok should try underhand fts. That is going to be an issue. Watching the games on FLO (highly recommended by the way) during the 2nd game 2nd quarter there was a few minutes with no announcing and you could clearly hear Self yelling at Dok during play to rebound, block a shot, etc. He is going to bring the house down every game with his power. Looks to be in better shape but also was getting winded. Sky is the limit, still not much offensive game to speak of other than dunking through people, but for him, as opposed to Alexander, it looks like it will be effective for him.

Cunliffe has been disappointing, looks to be the opposite of Garrett in that much of his training has come one on one, and he doesn't really look like he is as comfortable actually playing well with teammates. Seems to have all the tools, is athletic, but has had a couple of horrific looking shots, I mean several feet off course both short and wide. It's in his head but he is as of now not someone Self will rely on at all, as opposed to Garrett.

Very unimpressed with the athleticism of DJamer, is not quick enough that he'll ever play much for us, I don't think. There must be a bigger difference than we think between Memphis league and ours if he was freshman of the year or whatever. I don't see it.

Moore has shown flashes but also not looked good a lot of the time, but hopefully will develop in practice and be ready next year. Has not been good enough with the ball for a PG, has shot it ok and had some nice finishes with tear drops in the paint, shows a knack for passing.

Oh and Newman will be a great rebounder for a guard, so that will help. But this team will do well if Dok can stay on the floor, hit fts, and Preston/Lightfoot play the roles their needed in, well, in the paint.

Overall I do think this team will be better than last years despite losing JJ and Frank, as long as we stay healthy and Dok can play 25 minutes per game and hit a reasonable ft %. Get Rick Barry in here as a consultant, he'd love it.

The Flo deal was reasonable for 30 and good quality, also has games on tape delay.

Inefficient "green" energy now getting more government subsidies than traditional energy sources (yet still only capable of producing a fraction of what is needed to power the country, and the world.  Not to mention fomenting energy poverty with skyrocketing rates). 

Elon Musk gets billions in government subsidies, while people who buy his cars can get up to a $10k tax breaks (while batteries are still produced in a highly polluting fashion and the production carbon footprint is still expansive, to say the least).

Apple in lockstep with the Chinese Regime and their great cyber wall.

Bezo's Amazon gets in excess of $1 dollar in subsidies per package shipped on USPS from the bankrupt post office.

It pays to have (left leaning) friends in high places.   

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Dems and NeoCons sittin in tree
« on: July 23, 2017, 08:25:29 AM »
It is, in fact, the ultimate union of mainstream Democratic foreign policy officials and the world’s most militant, and militaristic, neocons. The group is led by two longtime Washington foreign policy hands, one from the establishment Democratic wing and the other a key figure among leading GOP neocons.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / $1.84 Trillion
« on: July 19, 2017, 12:35:11 PM »
parked off shore.  A predominance of which is held by left leaning-favored by the left corporations.   Of which the preponderance of the outcry at the attempt to lower the corporate tax rate will come from the left.

Kansas State Basketball / Mid-Summer with KU Karl
« on: July 07, 2017, 05:59:26 PM »
It's been a fairly quiet summer so far, albeit Karl's gears took a beating at the neighborhood July 4th gathering.   It seems that Doug Edwards who grew up in the neighborhood but attended the University of Alabama wouldn't quit talking about the upcoming football season.   It was all Karl could do to keep from bluttering out that football would be dead in twenty years and nobody will care.   As he went around for thirds on Mary Beth Olson's three bean salad, Karla leaned in and told him to simmer down and to remember his blood pressure.   Karl mumbled something indistinguishable while grabbing another Natty Light out of John Wilson's cooler to wash down the beans.   Later, on the walk home, Karla mentioned how much she enjoyed this year’s fireworks, while Karl lamented the lack of reds and blues and seemed a bit miffed that the kids ate all the hot dogs.

Once home Karl hit the garage Frigidaire for one more "cold one", sending the bottle top careening across the oil stain blotted floor as "I'm a Jayhawk" roared from the bottle opener the kids got him for his birthday (best gift eva!!) .    Karla made sure all the flowers were watered before heading off to bed. While watering she noted that the limestone Jayhawk ornaments in the flower beds needed a good cleaning.   Something to do tomorrow in between snapping fresh picked beans.

The next day at Karl's office, the other two cubiclinistas returned from vacation (Branson and Wisconsin Dells) and an immediate "Hawk Talk" session commenced over coffee and Little Debbie Honey Buns picked up from the $1 dollar end cap at Hy-Vee.   First order of business was that "got damn stunt" that Kansas Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger was trying to pull with "this football stadium nonsense".   The cubiclinistas unanimously agreed that while the three hundred million should be raised, not a "red penny" should be spent on any football stadium.   To a man they assured each other that KU Memorial Stadium was perfectly fine they last time they saw it nine and a half years ago, and that nothing needed to be done.   In a tone that bordered on shocked disgust Karl exclaimed with hands waving, "They got a new locker room didn't they?  Enough already!"   Cubiclinista Joe immediately laid out a plan whereby the three hundred million would be divided three ways.   The first one hundred million would be used to improve Allen Fieldhouse, the second one hundred million would be immediately given to Kansas University Head Basketball Coach Bill Self and the third one hundred million would go into the Bill Self retention fund.   All present nodded agreement with satisfied smiles of challenge presented - challenge met accomplishment. 

Just as the discussion was starting to die and the last bites of honey bun were being ingested, washed down with black coffee swirling and steaming in matching "History of the Jayhawk" mugs.  Cubiclinista Ed excitedly looked up from his Iphone 4 and motioned for the rest of the gang to come over quickly.  Ed glanced up from his phone making darting eye contact with anticipatory faces.  He looked down again, adjusting his reading glasses (1.5 Walmart 3 pack, wire framed) he read the notification from KU Athletics aloud:  All 4 Jayhawk Exhibition Games will be streamed live!!  Hearts raced as they implored Ed for more details.   It seems that all four of the Jayhawk exhibition games in Italy would be streamed live on something called the FloHoops.   Thunderous high fives cascaded over the cubicle walls and reverberated around the office.   Suddenly, a flash of great concern took control of Ed's face, as he read the next line, "FloHoops requires a monthly subscription fee of $29.95."   Time stood still as a shattering silence enveloped the cubicle, Ed slowly turned and looked out the sliver of a window that served their tight cubicle, eyes glazing over in a thousand yard stare.   The two standing slunk back to their squeaky lower management desk chairs and dropped in with the grace of bricks falling off the bed of a speeding truck.  The click clacks of neighboring keyboards and quiet phone conversations humming in the distance. 

After what seemed like an entirety, Ed broke the silence, breaking the monotony of the daily processing of the 412A forms, "I'll get my wife's credit card." Both Karl and Joe quickly turned in their cheap lower management desk chairs, alert, and ready to hear more.  Ed reminded each of them that he and his third wife kept all of their finances separate and that she had a credit card that they could use to sign up for FloHoops.   Karl and Joe both said they'd be happy to throw in a "10 spot" to help pay for the cost.   Besides, Karl thought, Karla really doesn't need that second glass of Chardonnay (Sutter Home) at Johnny's every other Friday anyway.    The day was saved and they excitedly discussed if their lower tier home Internet service could handle the streaming.

As the cubiclinistas continued to engage in semi technical conversation on streaming, Hans Hohenstein -CIO/CTO (Startseite der TU Dresden '95, Cal-Berkeley '98) and Richard Faulk - CFO (IU '93, Cornell '95) passed by their cubicle (both were visiting the KC office.  Hans from San Francisco, and Frank from New York City).   Hans couldn't help but overhear the word "streaming" and did an immediate staccato like turn into the cubicle and reminded the cubiclinistas (with an authoritative Germanic accent reminiscent of Hans Gruber) that unauthorized streaming on the company network was not allowed and without another word he turned and left as quickly as he came.  Mere seconds later, Richard Faulk stepped in displaying a more leisurely gate.  He knew these three quite well from his days as SVP of regional operations-Midwest.  With an unapologetic wry smile he informed the cubiclinistas that in-house 412A processing was under budgetary review pending bids from third party cloud processing services.   Faulk smirked as he turned and walked away.

Alas, the threat of having to seek other employment didn't matter, Faulk's words may as well been said into a vacuum. The cubiclinistas had their 'Hawks, in August, on FloHoops.  Karl pulled his Motorola Razor V3 and hit the quick dial button for Karla . . . "Yeah honey, can you call Time Warner and see if we can bump up our Internet for four or five . . . .

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / So long Zbig
« on: May 27, 2017, 09:11:07 AM »

Unfortunately the New Cold Warriors worshipped at the alter of your ideology and thus the world is a more dangerous place.

Nobody seemed to concerned when the Obama Administration sold the Saudi's $10 Billion Dollars worth of weapons and then green lighted them to starting bombing the beejeezus belt out of Yemen.   BUT, since the Obama Administration wouldn't sell them the precision guided weapons kits, they just bombed Yemen (on the green light of Obama) with dumb bombs.   Thus, killing more innocent people.

Now suddenly Congress is interested in executive branch oversight . . . after the previous administration green lighted bombing Yemen, and then signed off on a stupid Iranian nuclear weapons/ransom deal which is now fueling an arms race in the Middle East (with Iran now opening a 3rd clandestine ballistic missile development facility that is not inspected).

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