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Hey there, Wildcat Fans. I have a giant gas grill that came with the house. I use it for very basic things, and am many years away from joining the grilling/smoking thread.

On Sunday I went to light up the grill in preparation for a July 4th BBQ, and lo and behold, my grill wouldn't start. I thought it was either my propane regulator thing, or that the tank was empty. I tried resetting the regulator deal, I replaced it, and I also have a new propane tank. Still wouldn't light.

I cleaned out the little burner thingies that the gas goes through with a paperclip like YouTube told me to, and it still won't start. I tried resetting the regulator deal again a few times. I even replaced the battery in the starter just for kicks--still nothing.

Does anyone know what is wrong with this thing? And don't say "you have the wrong grill," because I mainly only use it for 'burgs and 'dogs and it has the fry pan thing and it does the trick. I'm not getting a new grill. I just want to fix the old one.

Any HandyCats out there able to help?

Essentially Flyertalk / Getting ready to die
« on: March 09, 2016, 05:53:47 PM »
As a dad of three Li'l 'Cats, I am long overdue in figuring out how to provide for my kids should I go to the great Ring of Honor in the sky. (Insert OK Cat joke here.) Any posters on here have any tips on life insurance, wills, or other common end-of-life stuff?

Some questions I have:

-I'm not interested in using life insurance as a de facto retirement savings strategy. Should I get a term life insurance policy that runs for like 20 or 30 years, assuming my kids will be grown and able to take care of themselves if I kick the bucket 20 years from now?

-Can I just LegalZoom a will, or do I actually need to contact an IRL lawyer for that stuff?

-What is a trust and do my Li'l Cats need one if I die before they're 18?

-Is there anyone on this board who would be willing to take WonderMealette, WonderMeal Jr., and WonderMealina me and Mrs. WonderMeal both die? It's freaking hard to ask someone to take three kids. (Katdaddy, FSD, or K-S-U-Wildcats need not apply.)

All pro-tips appreciated.

Essentially Flyertalk / "Sports Cups"
« on: January 21, 2016, 08:17:36 PM »
Anyone else on this blog that likes (or used to like) collecting "sports cups"?

When I was a little 'Cat, I remember collecting plastic KSU cups after games and trying to get a bigger stack than my siblings. My dad would never let me take them all home, but we still brought some home and cleaned them, and I always liked to drink out of them when I could. They were my cup of choice at home, no doubt.

In college, I started traveling to different Wildcat away games. I'm no Weird Robert, but I have been to a K-State game at every former Big XII stadium + WVU. ( :cool:) From these and non-Big XII games I attended, I amassed a pretty good collection of "sports cups," including UT, Nebraska, OU, WVU, Iowa State, Chiefs, Texans, multiple KSUs (obv), LSU, Georgia, and Minnesota.

Am I the only one who liked to collect these things, or are there other "sports cups" aficionados out there? If so, what are/were some of your best?

PS. Once, a guy I know was talking about "sports cups" basically yelled, "I HAVE THE BEST 'SPORTS CUPS' IN THIS HOUSE, AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT." It was very weird.

Kansas State Football / WackyCat08 owes us all an apology.
« on: November 14, 2015, 06:03:43 PM »
Sophomore Daniel Sams had better stats than sophomore Ell Roberson. Joe Hubener couldn't stott to save his life.

I hope your Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl ring helps you sleep at night.

This thread is for the very BITB of Cat Fans. Your _Fans, your punis, your =Mods?=, etc.

I have eight buds coming to MHK for the TCU game who have never experienced BSFS. We're trying to all sit together*. Which tickets should we buy?

North endzone GA, ~$90
Upper deck East side 50 yard line, ~$105
Visiting section ~$90

I've always been a SEZ guy myself--which of these are the best seats for my buds? What is GA like? Is the NEZ still a Fun Zone?

(Not all buds are  :kstategrad:, so options are limited)

Essentially Flyertalk / Moms. They're great. Let's talk about them!
« on: May 10, 2015, 09:25:28 AM »
In this thread, we post about the cool/funny/quirky/awesome/weird things our moms (or grandmas) do. If you want to talk about how your mom was terrible, or a mom that isn't related to you, or you as a mom, find another thread.

I'll start:

She used to sing along to whatever songs my brother liked in her church choir voice. It would make him so mad to hear "Dude Looks Like A Lady" two octaves higher than it was supposed to be, and sometimes she'd add harmonies! Oh man, that would get him really steamed.

Now that she's older, she's starting to act more like my grandma and think up ludicrous situations for why the dog might not be feeling well. It's a real treat.

Thanks, Mom!

gE.c Nice List:
ben ji

gE.c Naughty List:
KatDaddy  :fatty:
Fanning  :fatty:
Yard Dog  :Yuck:

Add your own.

Kansas State Football / Pick a QB, any QB.
« on: November 08, 2014, 10:47:15 PM »
Looking at the numbers, who would you rather have on your team? Humor your old pal WonderMeal here.

Edit: added rushing yards and corrected a typo.

Double Edit: added rushing TDs.

Quarterback A
Comp/Att: 105/176
CMP%: 59.7%
Pass Yds: 1198
YPA: 6.81
TD/INT ratio: 1:1
Rating: 122.0
Rushing Yds: 313
Avg rush: 3.0
Rush TD: 7

Quarterback B
Comp/Att: 38/53
CMP%: 71.7%
Pass Yds: 452
YPA: 8.53
TD/INT ratio: 1:1
Rating: 153.1
Rushing Yds: 807
Avg/rush: 5.3
Rush TDs: 11

Quarterback C
Comp/Att: 54/136
CMP%: 39.7
Pass Yds: 855
YPA: 6.3
TD/INT ratio: 1:2
Rating: 90.5
Rushing Yds: 643
Avg/rush: 4.5
Rush TD: 9

Kansas State Football / OU Kicker
« on: October 20, 2014, 11:07:55 PM »
He probably should have spent more time doing that thing where he finds a spot on the floor in his house, pretends that it's where the holder placed the ball, then does the whole plant foot/follow through thing and thinks to himself, "Yeah, that one probably made it through."

Sidenote: someone share this strategy with Cantele.

=Mods?=, please do not merge this thread with other kicker/OU-related threads. In fact, just pin it.

Kansas State Football / THEY WON A BALLGAME!!!
« on: September 30, 2014, 09:21:29 PM »
What it is!!! What it is!!! It's a big, big, big big big big touchdown!

On this day 25 years ago, Frank Hernandez burned some chump corner and caught a moonball from Carl Straw in the North endzone as time expired to give the KSU 'Cats their first victory in 31 games. Cats win 20-17 over Corky Nelson's North Texas State University.

Everyone do yourself a favor and watch the final drive one more time: But just know that it will get dusty in your house as you watch it.

Tonight we toast LHC Bill Snyder's hair, the stand-up tight end, Sonny Ray Jones, Fatty4KSU, our horrible offensive line, Michael Smith, those dudes who broke the bell, the students not wearing purple, and the miracle completion to Frank Hernandez that made it all possible.

Cats, man. Cats.


Not sorry if WonderLuked. Go 'Cats.

Essentially Flyertalk /'s Poetry Thread
« on: August 24, 2014, 04:23:36 PM »
Hi there, PoetCats and PoetryEnthusiastCats.

Recently your guy WonderMeal read an article about how no one memorizes poetry anymore, and I decided I would try to memorize some poetry. What are some of your favorite poems? Who are your favorite poets? Are you more of a j dub sonnet guy, a Chingon cowboy poetry guy, or a RowdyBoyy haiku guy/gal? (Shel Silverstein is great, but take it to the Shell Silverstein master thread.)

Paste some favorites here ITT!

Young Apple Tree, December
By Gail Mazur

What you want for it you'd want
for a child: that she take hold;
that her roots find home in stony

winter soil; that she take seasons
in stride, seasons that shape and
reshape her; that like a dancer's,

her limbs grow pliant, graceful
and surprising; that she know,
in her branchings, to seek balance;

that she know when to flower, when
to wait for the returns; that she turn
to a giving sun; that she know

fruit as it ripens; that what's lost
to her will be replaced; that early
summer afternoons, a full blossoming

tree, she cast lacy shadows; that change
not frighten her, rather that change
meet her embrace; that remembering

her small history, she find her place
in an orchard; that she be her own
orchard; that she outlast you;

that she prepare for the hungry world
(the fallen world, the loony world)
something shapely, useful, new, delicious.


Essentially Flyertalk / The Divorce Thread
« on: July 30, 2014, 06:34:19 PM »
Hey fellow CatFans, happily married WonderMeal here.

In the past few months, several dads I have known with relatively newborn kids (<18 months) have filed for divorce. And in each instance, the mom and kids have moved back in with their parents. I mean, who does that, right? Are people really that bad at picking a spouse that they have to get divorced less than a year (or less than 2 months!) after having a kid?

What I'm saying is that this is a ComboFanning thread to talk about divorce. Yours, your friend's, your parents'...whatever.

Go 'Cats.

In an effort to cope with the departure of #LiFE, I wanted to use statistics to compare him to other great KSU QBs so I knew exactly what we're losing. The answer? A lot.

TLDR Version: It's possible (likely?) that if Sams had been the full-time starter in 2013 that he would have been the best K-State QB in history by the end of 2015.

Out of 10 comparable seasons of modern KSU QBs, 2013 Daniel Sams had the highest completion percentage, and was 6th place in passing yds, 6th place YPA, 1st rushing yds, 1st in YPR, 3rd in QB rating.

By comparison, Waters was 3rd in completion percentage, 2nd in passing yds, 2nd in YPA, 10th in rushing yds, 10th in YPR, and 2nd in QB rating.

Methodology: Since #LiFE attempted 53 passes in 2013 and rushed 152 times, I used the historical averages of KSU QBs to determine what their effectiveness would have been if they had been given the exact same number of pass/rush attempts as Our Guy. Another way to say it: take each KSU QB's season and reducing their number of pass/rush attempts to the exact same number of opportunities Sams had last year.

Disclaimer: I am not _FAN, nor am I trying to be. He is the best, I am not. I recognize that the methodology used is not perfect. But given the information that Google provides and the amount of time I had, this is the best I could come up with. And I think this methodology is strong enough to develop real conclusions about what we're losing w/ Sams.

Why I did this: Like most of you who aren't total idiots, I had a sad when Sams announced he was transferring, but I wanted to be as objective as possible and try to determine what losing Sams (and not starting him in 2013) actually meant. I also wanted to try look at the Sams/Waters debate through an identical lens. (Obviously that's not totally possible, but this isn't a bad start.)

In the tables below, Our Guy will be highlighted in lavender, because he undoubtedly would look adorable in lavender. Go 'Cats.

Table 1: Statistics of Each KSU QB if they had been given the same opportunities as @DS4ms:

Table 2: Ranking each KSU QB season against each other in every statistical category:

Table 3: KSU QB season, by golf score
This one is obviously a little silly and is more for fun than anything else, but I wanted to see where Sams's 2013 season would rank if you added up all the overall rankings in Table 2, with the lowest score being the best season. (Like golf--lowest score wins.) How did Sams stack up? Pretty good! (Better than Waters.)

Sams vs. Waters:
Waters can move the ball better through the air (3rd in comp%, 2nd in yards passing, 2nd in YPA), whereas Sams is middle of the pack (1st in comp%, 6th in yards passing, 6th in YPA). No surprise.

The big difference comes on the ground. While Sams was a middle of the pack passer and is ranked #1 in both rush yards and YPR, Waters is 10th in rushing. Out of 10.

To put that another way: Sams is a good passer and elite runner. Waters is a great passer and the worst runner (compared to the other 9 seasons).

Sams as a sophomore was a better rusher in the opportunities given him than any K-State QB ever (including all three of Roberson's season as a starter), and was a comparable passer to Bishop as a junior, or Klein and Beasley as seniors.

With his production last season and potential for growth over the next two years, I cannot believe we didn't start him full-time in 2013 and watch him lead us to back-to-back Dr. Pepps/Searses in 2014 and 2015. I had hoped that doing this analysis would help me get over Sams leaving, but it had just made me even more sad.

RIP, #LiFE. You are loved.

Everyone knows that posters on this blog have moms that are huge studettes. Since we have a thread for talking about how great dads are, let's mention our favorite things about the moms of goEMAW*!

I'll start:

Oh man, you guys, my Mom is great. She does a lot of adorable things, but I think my favorite thing growing up was when she would sing along to WonderMeal Bro's favorite Aerosmith songs in an opera voice. She was trying to bond with him over his music, and he'd get all mad that she was mom-ing up Steven Tyler.  :curse:

She's also a huge :ksu: fan and loves the state of Kansas, even though she's not originally from here.

*no katdaddy

A few weeks ago I posted in F3's cooking board about cooking for some vegan friends who were coming over, and I was intrigued by the response and assistance from stud goEMAW posters like ChiCat and SluCat. I also read an article recently about Arian Foster (and some other NFL puds) going to vegan or largely-vegan diets. After a thorough and detailed search of gE that took ~10 seconds, I determined that there was no permanent thread on this topic and that we should probably add this to our Combo-Fanning canon.

-This is a no GPC zone. Meat-lovers (shout-out to AST!) are encouraged to post in this thread, but are not allowed to be dumb about veganism/vegetarianism. This is a thread for grown-ups and is intended for the :confused: and the  :cheers:.

Possible items to discuss in this thread:

-Even if you are not vegetarian/vegan, do you have any desire to learn to cook more vegetarian/vegan meals? (Looking at you, AST.)
-Have you ever eaten vegetarian/vegan for an extended period of time? Share your experience!
-Is your significant other a vegan/vegetarian? Is it an issue at all?
-Do you have any delish vegan or vegetarian recipes?
-If you have a reasoned argument against veganism/vegetarianism, what is it?
-Did you know that vanilla soy milk tastes like melted ice cream? It does, and it rules. (Regular milk also rules.)

Okay, friends. Remember the No GPCing rule, and let's really have at it.

Save this thread link, goEMAW pals. This is a place where we can spend the next four years (!) hanging out as best buds and e-chatting about current and future EMAW d-line stud, Will Geary.

I'm so excited, you guys.  I've heard rumblings he is a gentle giant who loves books almost as much as he loves dominating pud offensive linemen. 4.0 in high school who turned down Cornell because he's so EMAW? National champion wrestler? 330 pounds and not even 6-feet tall?  Basically Fatafehi Jr.? :love:

This thread is where we post all great stories we hear about Will Geary, celebrate all the great things Will Geary does, and of course, come up with nicknames for Will Geary.

Look how studly. Not as adorable as other 'Cats, but definitely studly. What a stud.

 :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: 

Essentially Flyertalk / SB and Mrs. SB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: April 19, 2014, 04:31:51 PM »

Essentially Flyertalk / 2013-14 COMBO-FANNING: OFF-SEASON AWARDS
« on: March 23, 2014, 08:38:21 PM »
As everyone knows, Combo-Fanning season began on Friday night. Ever since the PurpleCats saw the last of Will w/out his undershirt, the Combo-Fanning: Offseason judges have been debating who should receive recognition for their efforts during the Football and Bruceketball season.

If you didn't win any Combo-Fanning: Offseason awards this year, best of luck during actual combo-fanning season.

NOTE #1: These are not the CSourky's, nor are they trying to be. These are more analogous to the g.E Golden Globes.

NOTE #2: These awards are given for a poster's overall performance during Combo-Fanning: Offseason, not necessarily for their work on the Combo-Fanning board exclusively.

1) Mocat: took The Leap during the Offseason. You've been consistently solid, and your performance in the Credit Card thread elevated you to your number one spot.
2) Rick RowdyBoyy Davis--put you as number two so you wouldn't give me any speeding tickets. Also, when you just riff, it can be some of the best BBS-ing there is.
3) _FAN--where would this blog be w/out _FAN? His are the only basketball board posts I read.
4) Alexander Supertramp--judges recognizing your efforts in branching out from cooking to other threads.
5) Tortuga--rock-solid poster who jumped off the HM list simply because of his recent thread title/ability to name children.
Sixth Man: Tom--by far the best poster on this board. Just need more volume.

HONORABLE MENTION (in no particular order):
-BlackCats, et al--scoops scoops scoops!
-centraltexascat/Dobber--great IRL pak buddies who are good posters.
-MadCat--Continuously underrated. Should probably change his screenname to "The Continuously Underrated MadCat"
-EMADUB--more MCC posts, please.
-Asava--known for gifs, but also does extraordinary work bringing offal and sciencey pictures to the masses.
-DLew--our previous champ. Retreated from the limelight this offseason.
-GoodForAnother--not flashy, but good all-around poster. Basically the Adam Davis of posters.
-TTHOTUC--pretty much the same description as GFA.
-Steve Dave--good work, as always. Would like to be invited to his new house one day, but will not ask for him to microwave anything.
-'clams--definitely an acquired taste that I have finally acquired.
-SkinnyBenny--pretty meh for the most part, but is the expert on stadia (both BSFS and others). A real architectural asset.
-Dax--I love a good Dax-style beatdown of SB or anyone, really. He's the _FAN of finances.
-Tobias--a real candidate to make The Leap.
-J-Dub--hope you find love, bud.

1) FSD(W:ntrSD)/John Dougie--Basically the same crackpot poster who post Pit-worthy things in basically every post.  :nono:
2) scottwildcat--Unclear what he adds that is positive. Please get better every day or  :buh-bye:. The judges believe in you.
3) EllRobersonIsInnocent--I have a hunch he doesn't really respect women.
4) K.B. K-S-U Wildcats--is a K.B.
5) Nicname--just get your phone back already, sheesh K.B. K-S-U Wildcats
-Rusty--you are a good poster and have even helped out some of the judges in some threads, but you had a feud with Wacky for a while that made you see more Carnes-ey than Rusty-ey. You have recovered, but you're better than that.

-Tom--please post more
-'hatter--hoping to hear more about hips and motor as the Spring game approaches.
-CartierFor3--looking forward to when HE IS RISEN so that we can enjoy your posts again.

As a 'Cats fan, I am cursed with being both irresistible to the Fairer Sex and incredibly virile/fertile. This has presented a problem in the WonderMeal household, as I'm running out of gE names for future offspring (WonderMealette, WonderMeal Jr., WonderMealina) and can only afford so many new BSFS suites.

Going with conventional family planning methods is out of the question, due to the aforementioned potency blessing/curse that runs in the family. (Fool me three times...) So this post is about reaching out to other PotentCats about The Big V.

-How terrible was it?
-Was it worth it?
-What was the anesthetic/pain relief situation?
-What was recovery like?
-Any regrets?
-Did you do the traditional or the newfangled "no scalpel" procedure? (aka The Puncture)

Thanks to all mature Cat_FANs for helping out another Cat_FAN here. Leave your jokes on GPC.

PS. If there is already a vasectomy thread, please merge, TIA.

Essentially Flyertalk / Kansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: January 29, 2014, 09:54:49 PM »

Pretty shocked/disappointed no one has posted one of these yet.

Essentially Flyertalk / WonderMeal's Classical Music Thread
« on: January 14, 2014, 09:50:35 PM »
There are lots of threads about music on this blog, but none that I could find about the old stuff.

 :Rusty: :Chirp:

This thread is for posting links (with short descriptions!) to some of the classical* music you are currently listening to, some of your old favorites, or just your thoughts on the genre in general. Then, just maybe, other posters can listen to those links after a long day of work to unwind.

This is a thread to be bros/broettes, and is not a place to get blowhard-ey. =Mods?=, please ban anyone who gets blowhard-ey ITT.


I love pretty much anything Baroque or Romantic, and can get down with some Impressionists as long as they're not too crazy. Music from the Classical period is okay. Pretty much anything after Debussy is no bueno for me. I also really like Ragtime.

Links for #1cat fans:
1) La Follia! Corelli's Sonata No. 12 in D Minor. A long piece that really picks up around the 9-minute mark, then knocks your socks off at 10 minutes.

2) Finlandia by Sibelius. Not only does this guy basically have the name of a former KS governor, he's also basically the LHC Bill Snyder of Finland. This piece is boss.

*While the thread title says "Classical," this is a general term. Links need not be limited to the Classical period, obv.


The buzz over this pic got some buds and I talking about skill position players who are white, and how (overwhelmingly white) fanbases go absolutely bonkers for them. Nebraska's love for Rex Burkhead was mentioned.

We also spent a lot of time laughing about words or phrases that announcers use to describe white RBs, QBs, and WRs that are almost never attached to black players who play the same position. So, ITT, let's brainstorm all those names and phrases.

I'll start:
-Field general
-Extremely coachable
-Coach's kid

Go 'Cats.

Also, let's keep it out of the Dome. If HerrSonntag, Bookie Pimp, and K-S-U-Wildcats could please stay out of this thread, that would be great.

Hey, EMAW irl friends. Recently bought a house and the existing dishwasher has gone from stud to pud in the last week. I have extensive experience fixing appliances (watched a couple of YouTube vids), but this dishwasher issue is really getting my goat.

Usually I would just SteveDave the mess out of this situation because :kstategrad:, but I really think I can do this one myself and feel like a baller/shot caller.

WonderMeal's Issue:
Dishwasher makes all the normal dishwashery sounds and whatever. Unfortunately, there's no water coming into the dishwasher to aid the thing that makes everything clean.

WonderMeal Diagnostic Tests and Results:
-Check the float cap thing to see if it works--YEP
-Take off the metal thing that keeps things from rolling under the dishwasher--CHECK, EVERYTHING IS GROSS UNDER HERE
-Look to see if the fan dealie on the bottom still turning--TURNING LIKE A DREAM STILL
-Unkink any hoses or whatever--NO PROBLEMO, AS NONE WERE KINKED
-Remove the water intake valve, clean out the gunky stuff, and shake it around to see if that does anything--NOPE

From my expert analysis, I'm guessing I need to replace the water intake valve. Any DishwasherCats or HomeownerCats have any other suggestos? (Really trying to not electrocute myself, guys. That's important to me.)

Please assist, as fixing the problem without calling someone will make me feel like a stud and a boss. One day I can even tell Wondermeal Jr. about the time his dad fixed the dishwasher. (At which point he'll say, "Why do you need to wash dishes when all of your meals come in pill form? It's 2045, WonderMeal Sr.")

Also, should I buy a Binford? Please advise.


Essentially Flyertalk / Results of the 2013 Combo-Fanning Season
« on: September 02, 2013, 09:16:53 PM »
I know these awards should have been given out before Friday night's debacle, but the Combo-Fanning Judges spent all weekend holed up in a secret location to come up with what you see below. Sorry if you didn't make the list this season, or if you made a list you didn't want to. Just keep following the 16 goals, and maybe you'll get there next year. If you'd like to file an appeal, please do so with the judges.

NOTE #1: These are not the CSourky's, nor are they trying to be. These are more like the Golden Globes of gE.c.

NOTE #2a: These awards are given for a poster's overall performance during Combo-Fanning season, not necessarily for their work on the Combo-Fanning board exclusively.

NOTE #2b: I like a lot of posters that didn't make the list. Don't be offended if you're not on here. (Pete comes to mind.)

NOTE #3: I don't read the basketball board because #BID. Sorry (not really, though) if I missed something good. (I didn't.)

1) Dlew: Solid poster all around, then really sealed the deal with #SWP. I still believe it can happen, Dlew.
2) Felix Rex: putting his life on the line for our country and our board. Also, giving us yokels a little bit of world affairs knowledge. Married extremely well.
3) DGale: breaking news for gE.c on the daily.
4) Daris: strongest performance of the Tier I Mod Group
5) Ben ji/AST: I really enjoyed their work in the Fishing and BBQ threads, respectively. Both of them are really adorable. (An argument could be made to stick someone from the HM group here, but the judges wanted to give people some recognition specifically for their combo-fanning work.)

HONORABLE MENTION (in no particular order):
-Saul: went from run-of-the-mill lazy Topeka IT guy until he gave us the Star Trek avatars. Great work, Saul. A hail mary that really worked out.
-Blackcats: scoops!
-a visitor and Funruh: I want Funruh to post more in non-RP-related threads. I also want him to make more threads about RP and post in those, too.
-SkinnyBenny: really putting in work on the music side of things.
-Jakesie & Tobias: Good overall posters, both of them putting in good work on the BB page.
-=Mods?=: I have such a soft spot for =Mods?=. Not sure why.
-GoodForAnother: really growing as a poster on this board, despite RD's PI-ing.
-MiR and Mrs. Gooch: represent their respective BBS minority groups extremely well.
-steve dave (but only if he's the mod who added the new emoticons)
-Whichever poster has a Battlestar Galactica avatar. A solid joke that shouldn't go unnoticed.

1) People who respond to Timhawk
2) Timhawk (not because he's KU, I'm totally :TSC:, but because he's the worst.)
3) K.B. K-S-U-Wildcats: lots of things to point to, but his endless/blind defense of GZ is what lands him here.
4) Bookie Pimp: Woof
5) Frankenklein: Woof
-Scottwildcat: Woof, but not as woof as the five above.
-WackyCat: normally I don't mind you, Wacky, but your recent touchiness and feuds with KC, Rusty, and OKCat have led to a pretty long slump for you. Keep sawing logs/rowing boat/etc and I know you'll get off this list pretty quick.

-'Hatter--when are we going to hear more about hips and motor and stuff?
-ManBearPig--need more offensive/defensive line info. plz.
-pissclams--would have included you somewhere on this list, but I'm still waiting to see if my All Team Burner bets are going to make me any money this year.
-Trim--is he even a member anymore?
-KatKid--sheesh he has one kid and thinks he doesn't have time to BBS anymore.
-_FAN--I know you are back now that football is here, but I would love to see 2014 become Combo-_FANning season.

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