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The rumors are flying!

Interest in the Bryan McGinnis situation is literally soaring to new heights.  Despite the intimidation of quasi-legitimate website God’s Awesome Gift: KSU, connections between the San Jose State mega assistant and the KSU AD’s office continue to grow.  This morning an undisclosed source close to the situation emailed goEMAW the following picture:

This is further backed by reports that the Synders were vacationing at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  Has Bill Snyder chosen his successor?  It would make sense for KSU since B McG purportedly recently interviewed to replace disgraced head coach Ron Prince.  While the mainstream local media seems to be muzzled, here at goEMAW we will always put news first, even at the risk of our own safety.

The plot thickens like a soup with starch added to it

goEMAW.com previously reported that coaching superstar Bryan McGinnis had shown interest in the KSU head coaching job at KSU.  Non-traditional news source God’s Awesome Gift: KSU has now backed off of their original breaking story.  While we at goEMAW wish this was a surprising development, the truth is that GAG has clearly been silenced by the AD office at KSU (as an aside we at goEMAW dot com promise to never back down from a story or be pressured by anyone to not pursue a lead) .   The sudden change in tune (with the laughably fake name Bryan McPennis) might fool the local beat writers, but goEMAW.com still has the photographic evidence of B MgC at the KSU Spring Game.  Just how deep does this go?  Buckle your seat belts boys and belles, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Hot Sticky Rumors for a Hot Sticky Day

With job replacement fever sweeping through the Wildcat Nation, we here at goEMAW have just learned that hot coaching commodity Bryan McGinnis may be in the mix to replace ousted KSU football coach Ron Prince.  Not surprisingly, the outlaw gonzo sports website God’s Awesome Gift: KSU is at the center of this rapidly developing story.  While GAG may have a reckless reputation it appears as if this time they have stumbled upon something that could be massive.   Soon after GAG posted a short casual phone conversation with B MgG,  out of nowhere an anonymous source posted the following:

My my my oh my, me thinks the Spartan doth protest too much!  In his haste to deny his interview with KSU (which GAG never actually claimed he made!), B McG may have just blown the doors off of the AD’s subterfuge.  In fact a source close to the situation has given us the following photograph taken at the recently played KSU Spring Game:

While we would love to take B McG at his word, the evidence is starting to mount that something is going on in Vanier.   Just what is being hidden? We at goEMAW are dedicated to pursuing the story to the fullest extent.  Stay tuned because this might just be the story of the decade.