The goEMAW story

It all began in a small log cabin in Hodgeman County, Kansas.   Under the faint flicker of a bare, single 45 Watt lightbulb, the “Gang of 11″, as they came be known as, met for the first time.  They hailed from the furthest reaches of the state, from the bustling metropolis of Kansas City to the pastoral windswept plains of western Kansas.  Each had in his hand a single piece of paper.  Torn, stained, and rainsoaked each one of these pages has arrived to their owners in the same fashion:  an unmarked envelope taped to their doors.  There were no words on these letters, oh no, just a set of GPS coordinates and a single image.

Uncontrollably driven by this specter they all drove, walked, and biked to the given location.  They all reached their destination the same hour.

In the middle of the room, on a plain table was a laptop.  A note was attached, “Open Me” it said.  The one who would later be known as “steve dave” took charge and flung open the computer.  On the screen was a single word, a single message, a single idea: goEMAW.  The faint pulsing beats of  SandStorm_by_Darude began to fill the room.  Primal urges to dance overcame them all.  Fists started pumping about the room.  In this rage of ecstasy a website was born.  A website dedicated to bring goEMAW to everyone.

How do I know this story?  Simple, I was there…

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  1. When I arrived, I thought to myself “this is insane!” Then I realized there was an empty chair at the head of the worn, purple I was suddenly sitting at. Slowly, like when “Jacob” speaks on the show Lost, I heard a hoarse whisper say “you will not embarass me” eminate from that empty chair. It was then I realized that what was occurring was not “insane.” It was “goEMAW”

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