goEMAW was founded upon a basic premise: A website by the fans, for the fans. It was the motto of kstatefans before it was sold, ksufans before it was sold and this ownership group has vowed to never sell out. The forum’s very purpose was to build a community where the users ran the show, users generated the content, free speech reigned and the fans came first.

These core beliefs inform our policy of rarely intervening to moderate content on the site. We do not ban users unless they are spamming. Period. People are responsible for their own posts and we believe that the marketplace of free speech will help determine whose words hold value and whose are foolish. This policy of our members policing our own as a group became our code. They will “poster intimidate” those who are racist, sexist, homophobic, ill-informed or fail to understand that our tongues are forever poking through our cheeks. This has been done with such fervor that today goEMAW is, by far, the most inclusive venue for Kansas State discussion that you will find on the internet.

That attitude and our moderation (or lack thereof) have resulted in some times when people really, really, really didn’t “get” goEMAW. When multiple news outlets in Arkansas and West Virginia and now our own University’s president feel compelled to “report” on goEMAW’s thoughts on an opposing team’s fans, then perhaps our voice has been heard further than we could have ever envisioned and we need to help some out there to “get it.”

At goEMAW, you’ll find ksu_FAN, who provides the most informed, accurate and in-depth Xs and Os coverage of Kansas State sports available on the internet. goEMAW also provides a home to a variety of people that follow and report on both basketball and football recruiting, many times breaking news and following stories better than anywhere else. Our valued sources scoop many professional, for-profit businesses on student-athlete injuries, suspensions and the machinations of our athletic administration. Our name has come to be associated with quality information and we take pride in the fact that it is what it will always be: crowd sourced, user generated, free of charge. That is what we set out to do, and that is what we have all collectively accomplished.

We are also home to artists creating some of the best satire on the internet. Countless dedicated videographers like poetwarrior, _33, chunkles and fatty craft visual narratives that fill our EMAW hearts with joy. When tragedy struck our own, we became more united than ever and helped rally support for each other and the Alkhatib family. We’re proud of the fact that we have helped raise more than $25,000 for charity between Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sedgwick County and the Shwan “Fatty” Alkhatib Memorial Fund. Donations have come from coast to coast, from all ages and means.

The same is true of our support of K-State Athletics. We are home to a number of season ticket holders in multiple sports and a significant number of people on our board donate to the Mike Ahearn Scholarship Fund. At our best, we represent what is possible through the collective passion of K-Staters.

In today’s sports environment, fans rarely come first. At goEMAW, we demand they do. That will never change. Our commitment to free speech is unyielding. When our members “cross the line,” our members police it. We will not compromise, be bullied, nor change what we set out to accomplish. goEMAW is far from an immaculate conception, but we are here.


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