The plot thickens like a soup with starch added to it previously reported that coaching superstar Bryan McGinnis had shown interest in the KSU head coaching job at KSU.  Non-traditional news source God’s Awesome Gift: KSU has now backed off of their original breaking story.  While we at goEMAW wish this was a surprising development, the truth is that GAG has clearly been silenced by the AD office at KSU (as an aside we at goEMAW dot com promise to never back down from a story or be pressured by anyone to not pursue a lead) .   The sudden change in tune (with the laughably fake name Bryan McPennis) might fool the local beat writers, but still has the photographic evidence of B MgC at the KSU Spring Game.  Just how deep does this go?  Buckle your seat belts boys and belles, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

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