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They sell Kroger products but I think they are "locally" owned

Kroger purchased Dillons in the early 90s. When I worked at Dillons in high school we got to buy stock options and it was Kroger stock.

The University of South Carolina basketball board / Re: The Devils
« on: November 23, 2017, 09:57:30 PM »
So much for the great defense.

Wade is still soft. Won't drive in critical situation. Had an opening to drive the lane but passed back to Brown.

They gave him the ball at 91-90 and was no threat to score, didn't even try, that's inexcusable.

The University of South Carolina basketball board / Re: The Devils
« on: November 23, 2017, 09:51:27 PM »
refs were crap...worst one was the wainwright blockout foul...but this game also shows that we have nothing close to Westicles on defense...

Man, this is absolutely perfect.

One last point on the end of half, non-timeout call.  There is no way KU was going for it on 4th and 14...and for all those saying they would have had we called timeout i ask this:  why didn't KU call timeout immediately?  If they would have gone for it had we called timeout, whey wouldn't they have called timeout themselves and gone for it if that's what was their plan?

Bottom line, it was a horrible decision to not call timeout and allow KU a free shot.

Nobody with a brain actually think ku was going to go for it on 4th and 14 from midfield. Not even Beatty is that stupid.

Remember this discussion? This nearly exact scenario just happened in The Egg Bowl.

Mississippi State had a 4th and 7 from the Ole Miss 45 or so. There was about 35 seconds left in the half and the clock was running. Mississippi State let the clock run and were going to let the clock run out to throw a hail mary. Ole Miss inexplicably didn't let the clock run out or call a time out right away, they called one with 15 seconds left. Instead of throwing the hail mary Mississippi State got the first down then kicked a field goal to end the half.

Sounds like Sumlin is UCLA's fallback if they don't get Chip.

it’s really odd that people are having a hard time w dlew12’s point
I made the snyder-weber comparison and it’s the same thing

our program is stagnant and certainly isn’t growing in any positive way, that gets boring

I don't agree with that. The football program has high expectations that the basketball program hasn't had. You can't have lofty expectations and be stagnant at the same time.

We'll finish this season with 6-8 wins this year and there will absolutely be talk of 10 wins and contention for the conference title next year, and there should be.

I've got some goodbuddies coming from out of state to see the cats for the first time. Who can help me out? Thanks. Ill listen off-air.

I'll let you know, lots of in-laws in town so this can go either way

There is also going to be some sort of Top Golf type place going in at Greenwich and 29th.  I'm guessing we'll see construction starting sometime this summer...IIRC.

I wonder if it's a real Top Golf or a fake one like Des Moines has

Please tell me it's not my nice and cozy North Greenwich area.

Didn't even know you are an eastsider now, grats.

Before I make any predictos, I'm going to first check the record books.


-They are up all time 49-47-4 (Maybe we see the real reason Snyder won't retire)
-8th most played game in NCAA history but the longest uninterrupted rivalry in history.
-A win this week would be our 10th straight, tied for the longest with ISU before any of us, maybe not Dax, were alive, and 1993 to the game that ruined the GOAT's senior day.

See, isu'rs probably consider this series boring because regardless of how objectively exciting each game may seem to an outsider, they know that every one of them will somehow, someway, end in a loss.  Every time.  Boring.

At least to us, it's funny.

Not boring, painful, actually heartbreaking. This was written before last year's game.

Not sure why, but this thread reminded me of the Ell Roberson/Seneca Wallace game in '02 where we were both ranked. Pretty sure we won that one by 50. I love having Iowa State's number, but I kinda miss not having to sweat it out every year, even against their "good" teams.

The homie Bobby Walker

It's been reported Kevin Sumlin will be out after this weekend's game against LSU.
Not that gross! Would take enthusiastically

If the reports are true about Sumlin, he may need a year off first.

What reports are these? He and his coaches were completely caught off guard.

random q but what was the name of the Aggieville coffee shop that was in the Radina's spot before it was Radina's? Like over there by the Chipotle?
I believe that spot was KJ's in the Golden Era that was the mid to late 90s

That's the building that is just to the east of bluestem, which was always a coffee shop, well from 96 at least. KJ's was in the space that became "Chance, the other side," now Keltic Star, after KJ's closed. KJ's and Lucky's were my homes away from home.

Kirby is pretty good, but he is good for a couple bad pursuits a game. I've noticed if someone with speed hits the outside, he has trouble predicting the attack angle. Other than that, they play their asses off.

2x4 showing you rubes how to do it

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: Wackycat Harvey Weinstein Thread
« on: November 20, 2017, 02:07:24 PM »
If he's innocent he better come out with all of the zeal against this. If not, bye.

Yep.  Since he was a senator at the time, this is more squarely in the realm of what an ethics committee can and should investigate.  If it didn't happen, he should be pushing hard for that.  There should certainly be witnesses.  If it did happen, no point in drawing it out.
Her husband supposedly saw it, I also read like Leeanne Tweeden, these people have Roger Stone ties.

Michigan is compete trash

Baker Mayfield "The Sweet One"
Is the ccg going to be sponsored by Dr. Pep again?

That's amazing

lol, trim. that is awesome. dgnex was peak wwe during the rock and sock connection (mick foley and duane johnson). it's little surprise that i would know that and also like mayfield.

Downside is I've been earworm'd since posting that yesterday.  At least as far as I know, I won't be in any situations today where it would be embarrassing to inadvertently start crotch-chopping or something.
coolest thing about DX was that song and titantron. 

XPac's crotch chop and Road Dogg's little rap were also legit, the rest was meh


I'm so confused now..... LHC LHC Bill Snyder is messing with all of us. He probably dropped the Leavitt story. Bill wanted Leavitt to be the DC and help his son become the next HC and kinda mentor his son in his Defensive ways... Leavitt wanted the HCIW, but Snyder refused essentially leaving Leavitt to be a DC for Sean for the remainder of his career or go to Oregon and try one last resume builder.

It coukd have happened.

This sounds crazy but I've been thinking about this situation and I think this may actually be possible. The only reason being is Bill's response to the story when asked and then McMurphy's silence after. First, of all everyone knows that Snyder knows who McMurphy is, this whole Sean thing started with a conversation that he had with Bill. Then anyone who reads or listens to McMurphy knows that he's super serious about being minimized and questioned. The only other thing he takes more seriously is protecting his sources. If Bill talked to McMurphy about this then called him out, McMurphy couldn't clap back, and he always claps back. I find it completely odd that he's had nothing to say about being slighted so publicly by Snyder.

Did anyone else see bill and Sean get into it when they called timeout before the onside? Pretty sure I read Sean’s lips say I rough ridin' got it when bill came into the huddle and bill walked away talking to himself

well sean you absolutely didn't have it if you were thrown off guard by an onside there

We were set up for an onsides kick. We were set up for a squib style onsides, Sean saw they were set up for a traditional onside kick and called a time out. Sean adjusted but they kicked the squib style we were defending against before the time out.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: Wackycat Harvey Weinstein Thread
« on: November 20, 2017, 12:21:15 PM »
If he's innocent he better come out with all of the zeal against this. If not, bye.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: A Fine Line
« on: November 19, 2017, 08:36:52 PM »
Hey sys, I don't want to get into personal stuff but I'm very comfortable making the observation that you're likely a sack of crap. Using that word as a full blown adult is rough ridin' abhorrent, there is literally no reason to use it. I know you are an educated person with a vocabulary more enhanced than your average nine year old so I have a hard time understanding why you would ever use that word.

you, as a mentally normal human, aren't allowed to determine what words are offensive to the mentally impaired.

Is that what you were attempting to do? If so maybe I gave you too much credit for being smart. 8 man was talking about people, specifically leftists, weaponizing racism. My point was it's easy to dismiss any claim of racism on its face if you have never been a victim of it. A white person calling a black person a n-word is unquestionably racist, no one would argue against it, you don't have to be black to know that. Your little device falls flat for me because like saying n-word, calling someone retarded is inarguably awful because our society has been told so over and over again.

If I said I felt the salesman a brooks brothers is racist because he followed me around at a distance without actually helping me. There would inevitably be people who would defend the salesman, or minimize my feelings, because they've never been in that position. If I said the the same salesman called me a n-word no one would justify that.

If a person with Down syndrome said they were being mistreated because someone told then they were brave, there would be confusion about why that would make someone feel less than. If that same person said they were called a respect there would be universal condemnation for the person who said it.

I won't change a single persons mind on this or even cause someone to think a bit more critical about it, that's fine, it's my fault for treating people here differently than I would any other group of internet strangers. I'll try to be better.

Are you saying that calling a post on a message board retarded and calling a person with Down Syndrome a respect to their face is the same thing?  I mean, I'm guessing you would never call a person with Down Syndrome a sack of crap right to their face, but you were fine posting it on a message board.  Same thing.

You can't possibly be this stupid. I'm saying you wouldn't use the word retarded in a room in which you perceive using that word might hurt someone in the room, so why do it anywhere else? I can assume two things based on the use of that word so flippantly; either you would use that word no matter your company, or you think someone being hurt by that word is incapable of reading it here. One makes you a horrible person, the other is a misguided, horrible false assumption.

I would perfectly comfortable calling someone who uses the word respect or advocates for its use, a sack of crap, anywhere anytime. I'd take great pleasure in calling said people pieces of crap to their faces.

Why the eff are you even on this board? How close are we to one of your look at me I'm on a politics board telling all the people in it how stupid politics are?

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: A Fine Line
« on: November 19, 2017, 08:28:28 PM »
I'm going to assume that sys and spracne use the words n-word, spic, chink, et al. when not in mixed company. I'm certain they wouldn't use the phrase when they are in the presence of someone who they perceive to have an intellectual disability. It also goes to how they think of the capabilities of someone who may be diagnosed with an intellectual disability that they perceive the internet is some sort of safe place free of people with Down syndrome or whomever else those guys think can't read and enjoy the internet.

Anyone playing NHL '18? I'm having trouble with it being glitchy a.f. On season mode it calls lots of penalties on me, no matter what I do with the sliders. When I set lots of penalties I mean like, 8-10 called in a 12 minute game. I've also played about 30 games and never gave up less than four goals in each game, I've restarted seasons two different times now, it's frustrating as hell.

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