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Kansas State Football / Re: KSTATEO!
« on: June 23, 2018, 10:51:22 PM »
How in the hell did no one think to invert the powercat and the state?

#MyGuy is going to win the team MVP  :gocho:

Another goal and two assists hot!

Kansas State Football / Re: BSFS Expansion Thread
« on: June 23, 2018, 10:48:06 PM »
It's a shame K-State got beat by another KSU (Kennesaw State) in becoming the first U.S. college football school to install a hybrid artificial grass/real grass field.

That looks like leprosy

Kansas State Football / Re: Comprehensive K-State0: A Brainstorm
« on: June 12, 2018, 02:47:05 AM »

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Oh eff off with this one :flush:

They’ve also done a great job of staging that anyone who’s over the kneeling are complete racists. Probably my favorite tapout downgrade take of all time.

The people who knelt were over black people being routinely shot in the rough ridin' face. I'm perfectly comfortable painting any and everyone who can't/won't understand this a racist. Being ignorant about these things is no longer acceptable.

It’s easy to disinvite a squad that openly said they weren’t going either way right after the super bowl. Why would he allow himself to be made a mockery when only 7 wanted to show. It’s probably the dumbest whoa is me take of all time by the Eagles. Cool, you don’t want to show, then we’ll do our own thing.

No one was mad that he "uninvited" the Eagles, people were pissed because he lied, again. Do you read?



Other Sports (Tiger's Back) / Re: K-State Track
« on: June 08, 2018, 10:26:05 PM »
5 titles in 10 years, Rovelto is a machine

What the hell did Valerie Jarrett do to piss off the trumpers so much?

@Trim not even in Brownbackistan :facepalm:

White Nationalist Who Marched In Charlottesville Elected To Local GOP Office
James Allsup took part in the white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally last year.

White nationalist James Allsup is now an elected officer in the Republican Party of Washington state

Look at this herb

I think another great litmus test for dipshits, are the ppl insinuating every person who’s against the kneeling and pro every employer has the right to draw rules for their own employees, are automatically giant racists. I mean, lol. Nobody went after the NBA tho when they created this very exact same rule tho.

Employer rights, lol. We got working stiffs out here advocating for the right of an employer to limit first amendment rights of employees, what a time to be alive. The players also aren't employed by the NFL, dipshit.

Speaking of being alive, people are railing against the NFL rule because it was created two weeks ago, the NBA rule was instituted 22 years ago, tho.

I'd love to see what would happen to the NBA if players started to protest during the anthem and Silver reacted like Fidel Goodell, crap would be hilarious. The circles on a venn diagram of moron, bigot, trumper and NBA fan are as far away as moron, bigot, trumper and Tegan & Sara fans.

Of course he will, lots of very stupid people are extremely passionate about this issue of owning the libs by being racist pieces of crap.

The knee thing and the 2nd place battle flag thing are absolute, unfailing litmus tests for racists and dip shits

Other Sports (Tiger's Back) / Re: KSU Booze Cats 2015
« on: June 04, 2018, 11:12:19 PM »
Women's bball apparently

Yes, he's acting like he didn't reply to a post that overly stated what the third highest rated college sport championship is.

Gerso was dynamic and Zusi, my god, elite. Yohan and Lobato both were fine, but my god was Minnesota awful in the back, an utter disaster.

Other Sports (Tiger's Back) / Re: KSU Booze Cats 2015
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:53:44 AM »
Holy crap, this guy was a monster

Other Sports (Tiger's Back) / Re: KSU Booze Cats 2015
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:43:41 AM »
So I somehow found myself in an Augie Garrido youtube wormhole, it's a treasure trove by the way, the guy was a rant machine. I don't know what year this was from but he wasn't happy about losing to Brad Hill's boys. This is like his fourth best rant on youtube.

Other Sports (Tiger's Back) / Re: KSU Booze Cats 2015
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:40:42 AM »
You have to have minor sports.  So invest in the one's that provide the greatest possibility for visibility and marketing.

Last years CWS avg 1.2 million viewers per game,  with the championship series at 1.9 mil per game, that almost tops the women's FF.

Exactly.  If football is the front porch of the school, which I think was a Snyder or weefs line, then men’s basketball is the back door and baseball is the walkout basement door where Alex sneaks in to hook up with the daughter.

I came here for something else but this and stones reply to it struck me funny. College baseball being the fourth most popular college sport is commendable, well done, a big PING to you college baseball.

9/1/18 vs. South Dakota - W
9/8/18 vs. Mississippi State - W
9/15/18 vs. UTSA - W
9/22/18 @ WVU - W
9/29/18 vs. Texas - W
10/6/18 @ Baylor - W
10/13/18 vs. Oklahoma State - W
10/27/18 @ Oklahoma - W
11/3/18 @ TCU - W
11/10/18 vs. Kansas -W
11/17/18 vs. Texas Tech - W
11/24/18 @ Iowa State - L


That's 'shopped, right?

The Whoopi shirt? Yes.

libs should learn from this with the view, SNL, That red head chick who took a pic with Trumps head cut off, calling Trump a cheeto, calling the girl who threw water on that fox news girl a hero, etc. It would be nice if we could all come together and get politically correct for once.  :cheers:

I don't really talk or post about the dude but I need to do this more. I wanted Sisco and cheeto to appear on my 2017 word cloud, thanks Chingon, but cheeto didn't make it.


HOOOOOO LEEEEEE crap! END THE THREAD! This is easily the best thing I've ever seen on here.

Kansas State Football / Re: KU football is hurting
« on: May 31, 2018, 01:31:42 AM »

Same thing happened to K-State.

Brownback  :shakesfist:

Brownback has a new gig, out of state now.


9/1/18 vs. South Dakota 24-0
9/8/18 vs. Mississippi State 48-0
9/15/18 vs. UTSA 54-0
9/22/18 @ WVU 50-0
9/29/18 vs. Texas 84-0
10/6/18 @ Baylor 70-0
10/13/18 vs. Oklahoma State 49-2
10/27/18 @ Oklahoma W 48-7
11/3/18 @ TCU W 24-0
11/10/18 vs. Kansas W 65-0
11/17/18 vs. Texas Tech W 63-0
11/24/18 @ Iowa State  W 24-23 (We get a 52 yard field goal attempt after a roughing the passer call on an intercepted hail mary. The field goal hits the cross bar but somehow gets over and through. It's the first make beyond 37 yards all season.)

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