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Angel, Denis, Pullen are all better than anyone oscar has recruited at the guard position.  Frank got multiple 5 star players oscar has none.  oscar has recruited wings better for sure though. 
Watching him trot up & down the floor like it was a pick up game for possession after possession in the elite 8 was maddening
He did it all year, but yes.
it can be pretty hard to consistently feed a big.  a lot easier said than done.  and who knows, he might have been more comfortable going against bigs than guards.  a lot of bigs are.
Nah, that sucks and is kinda racist.
I don't understand why they didn't pound it in to Frankenstein when we went with the five guard line up, they sure as hell fed him when Mak was in.
Well we usually subbed in a big when he came in. And they seemed to bother the guards more because we just switched on everything.

 Or the game was moving too fast for him to stay in.
Oscar recruits better guards -- of late, anyway --; Frank was better at recruiting a team.
Frank recruited better players than oscar has but it’s pretty close
Gives the inmates something to do before Sean hijacks the football program.
I like the New Christy Brown Minstrels.
The jacked up three was certainly a WTF moment.

I actually didn't care about that, at the time we weren't getting anything. Again, my beef with him was effort. He didn't post hard and he never even attempted to get an offensive rebound, literally didn't try, didn't fight for position, didn't jump, it was pathetic. Getting Trice has to be the #1 priority.
His defensive effort was pretty poor too. There was that sequence where the big did the screen/hand off for a four point play and an easy layup on back to back possessions that was amazing   

It wasn't him, but the worst post defense was helping on a guard leaping out of bounds, who then threw back to an uncovered center for 2 plus 1. Just head-shake stupid.
there's nothing irrational in not being a kstate fan.

Context certainly matters, really though, who cares? I shouldn't have even bumped it.
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