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Doesn't matter, Westbrook is #Boomer.

I think Currie knows that not alot of other power 5 schools are going to seriously give him a look until he makes a solid football hire. I would be surprised if we end up with a WTF hire, due the fact that his own personal ambition is riding on the back of the Snyder replacement.

A lot of people are selling Tobias' "it was all good just a week ago" short. Smh.

too short?

sick burn on beems, Sprac.

Really want Westbrook.  Would feel a lot better about our WR situation next yr if we did.
I wonder who is higher on our list Westbrook or Davis?

Both those dudes would be our highest recruits in a long time. This class is shaping up to be the best yet if we land a few more key pieces.
We need DEs and WRs.
Willis and Lee are two pretty damn good DE and young too...

Lee's only a "DE" to blitz in obvious passing situations. We need one or two more every-down DE. The lack of depth there is concerning.


Last highlight, high step!  Welcome to my heart Alex Delton, be careful, it's fragile.

Does he do anything besides throw perfect passes and run for 50+ yard touchdowns?

You guys are really high on a kid that probably won't ever start at qb for kstate.

Your statement is predicated on the belief that Snyder will recruit a better quarterback sometime in the next 3 classes. Probably not going to happen.


We're good at football. KU is ku.

Our campus is safe as long as you aren't a sorostitute that is suceptible to being roofied.

Our fan support does leave something to be desired. But unfair screenshot is unfair. Everyone knows our stadium emptiez at half time so people can recharge their drunk buzz.

lol wut?

I fully expect some commitments tomorrow.

I feel like I have missed something.  :'bye cruel world:

that's because you haven't gotten updog yet

The Buffalo Wild Wings Friday Snack-Off Board / Re: BABY IN THE OFFICE!
« on: October 24, 2014, 06:07:12 PM »
in this thread, i learned that raquetcat is asian.

Kstate cat football: There is Nothing Better on the Earth / Re: LHOFCBS?
« on: October 22, 2014, 03:35:04 PM »
Thought he had to be inactive to join.
You are eligible if you're 75 and over and still active.

just another rule that snyder is blatantly taking advantage of.

Sounds like Justin Hughes is also going to come up.  :emawkid:

He's on campus already as one of our two grayshirts.

Barry isn't committed.

Wow, I didn't even catch that.  That's like on a whole other level, man.

Yeah, my man Stevesie knows what's up. Waters might as well be Ford, GM, and Chrysler combined.

Ford didn't accept bailout money. Just sayin'. HERIQ.

They seem extremely loyal to me.
I don't know the lockett clans extended living history but to call them traitors seemed just silly.

They should take a look at how many KS kids are on their roster before being butt-hurt about the OK kids on ours.

"hooterville bill" kinda needs to be a thing.


Hearing that Brandon Bolden is really solid defensively. Wonder what he has to give offensively in the half court.

I heard that he is next to get Krapped after Krap

we don't send bad players to AIA.

QB and DE are the only positions where our depth is completely unacceptable. Everything else is meh to good.

This year is such a weird year for RB/DBs in the area. You've got Goolsby, Burns, Barnes and Doherty. We could try to take them all, but what do you do with them? Goolsby as a slot receiver, Burns as a CB, Barnes as a nickel and Doherty at RB?

This isn't a fluke.... Our D is legit. Can't wait to show everyone in Norman so we're finally validated.
I think you're right but it's weird because we're not great at sacks and sometimes it seems like the pass D is soft. Yet we continue to shut teams down.

I think the front 4 not being able to get any real pressure is going to be problematic when we actually play good teams that throw the ball (Baylor, OU) and our lack of athleticism at LB (should dakorey continue to be out) against TCU where they actually use their QB as a dual threat guy, not just another RB who occasionally throws it to WR's who may or may not catch it.
I worry about it too, but I do think we do ok with qb pressure but don't actually finish with sacks often. But the right qb, that might not be enough.

the big 12 is full of decently mobile qbs. it's tough to get sacks when the pocket collapses.

The burger at the New Sheraton Chop House in Telluride is pretty fantastic.

I'm thoroughly enjoying Quickdraw on hulu. Takes place in Great Bend  :surprised:

I'll be there with my family. We will be at a tailgate with about 20-30 Auburn people who are making the trip for the game.

Ok if I go to up to all the Auburn tailgates and ask for sak?

put it in a cadence they can understand. just walk around chanting S-A-K! S-A-K! S-A-K!

Good game, good job, good effort! 

This racist is making fun of LHCRK. LET'S GET HIM!!!   :curse:

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