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Re-upped. The website seems to be completely different now, and much much more limited, though maybe I'm doing it wrong. Used to be tons and tons of back content so I could go watch random games against like Kent State from 2011. Does anyone know if it's possible to access all that content from seasons past? The only game replays I can find are from last year but that's just not enough for this die-hard qat. Anyone have any insight on this?

Pick your sport, your season and go from there.

my employer matches half up to 6% (my contribution) every pay period but we also get an additional 5% because we used to have a cash-balance plan that they scrapped so now they just roll everything together with Fidelity. if i get one more promotion, my employer gives me 10% of my salary every pay period regardless of the amount i contribute (plus the 5% from the old cash-balance plan)  :eek:  :crossfingers:

and i work at a non-profit so some of you have shitty benefits.

If Delton is the 2nd best qb like you say, there's no way you can redshirt him.

You can redshirt him as long as Ertz stays healthy. Bring Banks or Hubener in for mop up time if the game is a runaway.

Reports coming in that we've offered JuCo DE Dougladson Subtyl. 

can the argument be made that Freeman was a slightly-above average QB who was continually bailed-out by Jordy Nelson?

isaiahh loudermilk (kansas kid) (probably his top two choice being K-State and Okie State) picked up an offer from Oregon the other day.

That's really how his parents spell his name?


You guys who watched that whole video should feel deep deep shame.


motivate! educate! graduate!*

please! our APR is killing us.

isaiahh loudermilk (kansas kid) (probably his top two choice being K-State and Okie State) picked up an offer from Oregon the other day.

i think i remember a quote saying he wanted to stay pretty close to home, hence us and poke. but who knows.

that guy seemed to be really prepared for his walkthrough/all access pass

"you know, i really love this, they have this grease board here where they can get up and diagram plays"

this thread turned into the BBS version of an oklahoma drill

Jordon Robertson announcing his decision tomorrow. Looking good here.


Is this a good get???   :dunno:
If you're a fan of beating out MO State and Navy for an ILB that runs a 5+ 40, then yes, this is an awesome get.

he runs a 4.6 40, btw.

Has anyone said where the visiting locker room is temporarily?

we're making them change on their bus.

dobber, i want you to be so wealthy that you buy one of those airship carriers like in the avengers, donate it 'cats football and we play our football games in the sky, hovering over the konza.

Jarett Cole committing today.  Named us and Georgia Tech as his top 2.  247 predicting Georgia Tech

well, rivals has him listed with a official visit scheduled to us in october (as per a very recent interview). i wouldn't bet against the cats here.

Some people fart and lower their IQ 100 pts, aka intellectual liberal.  Example heroes  Obama  and MG Clinton.

I relish the thought that my farts may be smarter than the entire (gaseous and non-gaseous) constitution of others #liberalELITE

I haven't seen one contrast or comparison ITT yet.  :confused:

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: ATTN: renocat
« on: July 28, 2015, 01:40:55 PM »
If someone else jabs the the little germbags, I will cheer.  Long live the germ resistant herd.

that IS the literal goal of a vaccination.

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: The Trump Candidacy
« on: July 28, 2015, 01:37:24 PM »
Trump's lead is getting really big. I'm starting to think he might win even after some of the other guys drop out.

There's no way. Every other 'Pub candidate hates trump to their core. When they start folding, they'll endorse non-trump candidates and their base will follow suit.

that is strange.

HERE'S A HOT TAKE: this might mean the coaches like him/think he can be good, because if he was a pud and announced he was leaving on twitter the coaches would be like THANK GOD and expedite his departure as much as possible.

yeah, hopefully. or currie told him he would eff with his release (though after the ass whipping our AD took in the Leti thing they don't seem to do this anymore)

he had already been granted his release

I know a coach on the staff personally. Sean is not well liked within the staff, I don't think we would enjoy the benefit that usually comes from hiring within if we were to promote Sean.  It bothers me that Sean has never worked anywhere else, other than a staff position with Prince, he has never worked for anyone other than Bill and has never been more than a special teams coordinator.

Umm, where are the player performance scoops?

Alabama, FSU or Michigan, most likely.

top 2 for jarrett cole along with ga tech. he wants to make a decision before the summer is over.

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