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and you change your avatar to the reesing pic.

forget matthews, our guy pt. 2 now has an offer  :Wha:

you either bring the zeal to farmageddon or you get lost!

can we start a MEG superthread?


Burton and Truman were not practicing Friday

Andre Davis looks special

...i assume this special is good special and not special needs special.

I also respect that he has his own sense of morality

describe his "sense of morality" to me in respect to homosexuality and what about it you respect. this is me trying to understand, not be an bad person.
He described his sense of morality in quite a bit of detail on his own.  He lost me when he was drawn in to the particularities of sexual intercourse, but I understood that he believes that sex outside of marriage is immoral, whether gay or straight, and that is not a far fetched belief.

Nonetheless, I said I respect that he HAS his own sense of morality.  Meaning that I have respect for someone who comes on here, states what he believes and doesn't just repeat what you, limestone and a few others have already said multiple times.  I respect that you have your own sense of morality, too.  I don't respect those who just repeat what you've already said when I don't get the sense that they've thought about it any further than "I think SD is cool so I'll adopt his opinion and call everyone else a bigot because that's what SD does".

i personally find it VERY interesting that you are willing to label un-named board members as SD parrots (and unworthy of your respect, see bolded text), yet you respect oaf for simply parroting catholic dogma. how do you know that he's spent even a minute questioning catholic doctrine on this issue?

i believe this is what religious people call one of those "speck of sawdust in brother's eye/plank in your eye" scenarios...

back to how ahsum our studs are, plz

Disagreeing with another's decisions in no way, shape, or form insinuates bigotry.  I can disagree with tons of beliefs, but it doesn't mean I should or would treat them any differently than my best friend or family member.  Why is that so difficult for some to comprehend.

So far, the biggest example of bigotry is coming from those in favor of homosexuality.  How can you not see the irony in this?  I believe that above all else is love, and even though I don't agree with you, I should still try to love you with all of my heart and hope for the best for you.  It is easy to lump religious believers into an intolerant, unintelligent, non-progressive box.  Yet many also lump homosexuals into a nice, neat box also.  How is that any different than what you're actively condemning?

except that his bigotry slants towards discrimination and social injustice whereas ours doesn't. i don't live in a society that denies civil rights to religious people, i live in one that denies them to gay people.

yes, everyone applaud the guy who came out against the "gay lifestyle" and didn't waver in his disfavor for it in the face of terrible and unfair ridicule.

i realize he means it more as a "love the sinner/hate the sin"-type thing, but putting homosexuality, a clear non-choice, in the same bin with choices like lying, cheating, etc. is an absolutely repugnant equivocation.

Way to stand strong in your beliefs oaf.  I don't agree with you, but I appreciate you staying in the line of fire so long. I find it funny that so many care what oaf thinks, and try to convince him his personal beliefs are wrong.  Does anybody else see the irony in the last several pages of discourse?

just trying to tease out what exactly he was trying to communicate. this was actually very tame by gE standards.

OK, since this is a mature discussion, involving reasonable adults, about perfectly natural human functions, let  me pose a hypothetical to the group:

What if I have consensual sex with my spouse, where I ejaculate on her breasts, BUT she then wipes the semen onto her fingers and places them in her own vagina?  Is this moral?  Sounds like it is, because she can foster procreation via this activity, right?

Also, as a follow up (this one is trickier):  What if I am consensually anal penetrating her, and I ejaculate BY ACCIDENT (did not intend to "finish" so quickly)...could I then return to the correct side of morality if I were to orally suck the semen from her anus, then regurgitate (or "spit") the semen into her vagina?  Furthermore, would you say that this grants me "a lot" of credit with God?  The answer to this is VERY important to a Canadian friend of mine, because in the scenario I just described, he is exceptionally reluctant to take the described steps to get back on the "right side of morality." TIA.

Good talk guys.

 :lol: Well for your canadian friend, basically it has to be a natural form of conception and i'll just say most of that doesn't sound too natural.

How did you come by this set of rules?

Roman Catholic doctrine.

As soon as you said "procreation" i had you pegged for catholic or mormon.

homophobia is simply the fear that another man will treat you the way that you treat women. which says a lot more about how homophobes view women and gender roles than anything else.

the lifestyle crap just kills me.

"I don't hate mexicans, you guys. I just don't like them cooking all that smelly mexican food and speaking in spanish, that's all."

I look forward to Newlan and Prewett roaming the secondary together 2 years from now.

if warmack is legitimately better than robinson/leverett/jones, then snyder will play him. the coaching staff gains nothing from putting an inferior product on the field.

go cats, man. go. motherfucking. cats.


I would argue that championships before the field expanded to 64 teams should be thrown out. Duke and UCONN each have 4, UNC and Kentucky each have 3. The bluest of the blue right there.


Michael Jordan
172 Bears Club Dr.
Jupiter, FL 33458

the offer on the heels of AJ Harris committing to Mizzou is not coincidence.

most interesting tidbit on the spring roster is that Sams is still a QB

This IPO is going to fall on it's fat face, IMO

you leave steve dave out of this!

The Buffalo Wild Wings Friday Snack-Off Board / Re: Asava's Gif Thread
« on: April 03, 2014, 12:51:25 PM »

i would've done the exact same thing. real talk.

KU would've run the table had it not been for Belmont, you guys.

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