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as always, out with a whimper.

Camion Patrick didn't come. Instead, he's visiting Auburn, who hasn't offered him. We are just the worse at recruiting WRs.

Tweeted this but thought I'd pass it along...

Solid weekend at #KState on tap with at least 6 visitors like in-state S Darreon Jackson, juco WR Camion Patrick and ATH Darreyl Patterson. Other names expected have already been reported such as Kyle Ball, Evan Curl, Aulelio Olomua, G.G. Robinson, and expect some walk-on names to pop up, too.

Crabby, are we going to get a DT in this class, like, at all?

Why can't they have it at the Bill?

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the construction has disturbed an ancient binder burial ground

Guys, didn't we have a number of guys in this weekend?  It is now Tuesday, and no new commits?  We have a small number of commits, and if we don't get more, or if some guys decommit, I am going to be all  :ohno: in the next few weeks.

We had Reggie Walker, Tyrell Jacobs and Jameson Houston on campus. Walker is committed, Houston is a Baylor commit, and Jacobs won't decide until he goes on all his visits.

it is going to hurt so bad when Mo Barry decommits, really hoping rest of the GA Cats don't as well.

back away from the ledge

Walker cancelled his visit to pig aggie.

the commitment that OU just picked up is their 5th DB commitment for this class, increasing our chances with patterson.

It's the rebounding and defense too though. He's a 6'4" power forward with limited physical tools but he is effective in a big 5 conference. He's like every Kansas 5 and 6A big but he's made himself into a quality D1 contributor, its odd.

When I read this, I just thought of David Hoskins.

My wish list:

one more WR: ryan davis (not likely) or almonzo brown (more likely)
another JuCo DE: desmond owino
another HS DE: g.g. robinson
at least two DTs: deonte reynolds and at least one of bryce english/javier edwards/tyrell jacobs/olive sagapolu
keep all our current LBs but if walker or barry flip, get joseph prevost
one more DB: kylan johnson or darreyl patterson or reggie robinson

And this is when the class implodes.

Barry to the U.  And the Georgia contingent most likely gone as well, with the chance that we hold on to Zuber.

Barry was the last one to commit, so he wasn't exactly the glue guy in this class.

I had a dream last night where I was a documentary filmmaker and I was interviewing Nick Nolte. He told me that he had written a script for a boxing biopic and was set to direct and produce it but his wife wouldn't let him do it because he hadn't written a part for her in the movie. The worst thing about it, he told me, was that he already had lined up Daniel Day Lewis to play Evander Holyfield in the film. So then I went to go interview DDL and he was out living in some shack in Appalachia. He was wearing overalls and a big floppy hat and he had grown out a long beard. He started telling me that he was inconsolable once he found out that Nolte had to shelve the movie because he was looking forward to the challenge and he thought that the script was amazing. Then he started screaming about how he didn't want to be out living in the sticks. He was screaming "Do you think these are my friends?!?! I don't belong here!!" and then he started spitting in the faces of all these hill people and knocking their hats off their heads.

Then I woke up.

Sometimes 4* players suck.
Alabama problems

We are way better than Alabama at finding sucky 4*s.


Can anyone copy and paste? tia

LHC Bill Snyder doesn't care about recruiting rankings. He has made a living out of taking three-stars high school recruits and turning them into five-star players by the time they graduate. The same is true with the 2015 class. The Wildcats don't have a single ESPN 300 recruit, but insiders in Manhattan, Kansas, feel good about the crop of high school talent coming in.Key losses: QB Jake Waters, WR Tyler Lockett, WR Curry Sexton, OC BJ Finney, DE Ryan Mueller, LB Jonathan Truman, S Randall Evans.

 Instant impact freshman: Few true freshman see the field early on for LHC Bill Snyder, but the Wildcats coveted cornerback Duke Shelley out of Georgia. With nickelback Evans departing, there will be an opportunity for Shelley to compete for early playing time if he's ready. He's got all the tools, and even if he doesn't play from Day 1, many expect him to have a bright future.
Top 2015 recruits: It was a good year locally, and the Wildcats cashed in with commitments from five of state of Kansas' top nine players. Running back Alex Barnes was a big recruiting victory for the Wildcats over Minnesota, and he's a big-bodied running back that Snyder will love to work with. In-state quarterback Alex Delton put up big numbers as a senior and will bring back memories of other dual-threat quarterbacks that have done well in the K-State system. Local offensive linemen Scott Frantz and Evan Applegate were also key gets.
Questions for signing day: The Wildcats have been toying with whether or not they want to heavily pursue a junior-college quarterback. K-State has offered a few quarterbacks, but then decided not to pursue them heavily. We might have a clearer answer coming out of bowl practices if they feel Waters' current backups are ready for next season or if they need to get other guys in the mix to add depth.

Well, that's a really misleading title.

Kellis Robinett @KellisRobinett  ยท  8h 8 hours ago
Asked for a memory of Tyler Lockett, Dante Barnett recalls he invited everyone on their junior team to his birthday party, except for him.

 :lol: but  :frown: for lil dante.

Jake has pissed away some good chances for big games the past 2 years. He's been a good QB, but he's not a special QB.

I bet Bob takes an NFL gig for a big raise.

He probably will, but he probably shouldn't.

Pig aggie is a much better team than their record. Texas, however, is every bit a 6-6 team.

As far as the OU game is concerned - they are only dangerous when Knight is making plays (i.e. running) and he had 2 carries last night.

throwing up the  :lynchmob: with her legs?

This will either turn out to be UMs very best hire or very worst hire.

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