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I'm thoroughly enjoying Quickdraw on hulu. Takes place in Great Bend  :surprised:

I'll be there with my family. We will be at a tailgate with about 20-30 Auburn people who are making the trip for the game.

Ok if I go to up to all the Auburn tailgates and ask for sak?

put it in a cadence they can understand. just walk around chanting S-A-K! S-A-K! S-A-K!

Good game, good job, good effort! 

This racist is making fun of LHCRK. LET'S GET HIM!!!   :curse:

but he'd need until the last week of camp to beat him out

heeney would start over truman

I was sitting/standing between two sfa players moms and a bunch of former players. Interesting to say the least but overall good people and the enjoyed our little piece of heaven we call mhk very much. Didn't get names but #40 and #43

#40 is a former jayhawk

lol at covering the spread

Cartersville 41, Cass 7: Host Cartersville turned to runningback Kalin Heath, who rushed for 63 yards and two touchdowns. Heath added eight receptions for 127 yards. The Cartersville Purple Hurricanes played two quarterbacks in Miller Forristall and Trevor Lawrence, who combined to go 17 of 20 passing for 271 passing yards. Tiamon Pennymon had eight carries for 45 yards for the Hurricanes. Kobie Whitfield added five receptions for 75 yards and returned a punt 63 yards for a touchdown.

D Wade a hillbilly?  There ain't any hills in Stafford County, maybe deranged prairie dogs and rattlers the kids play with.   Sorry no chaw either, just wholecome taters and beef.  Talent is talent whereever it comes from.  I think our caoches are not a bunch of ignorant morans who don't
know who to recruit. Wade tortured his big city cohorts this summer at AAU events.

You're precious. It's like someone opened up a time capsule and out popped a 2004 scout board poster.

Delton signed, according to Twitter.


signed financial aid agreement this morning

I guess I'm totally clueless about something.   How did he sign early?

because he's graduating from HS in dec.

beleedat, WS08


Wyatt just said two of three Blue Springers on ... Reply

depth chart, but not Dalvin.

my guess is that danzel will be starting CB opposite morgan and derricott and clinks will both be 2nd team.

are there any positions we aren't sure of at this point...

second CB maybe is it jackson or macdaniel?
does schellenberg get beat out? by who?
does clinkscales make an appearance?
I pray Pruett starts at safety!

oh for fucks sake

he must not fumble

Harper was cut by the Packers today... :cry:

what a trash organization

Another finalist!

Probably a long shot against Sparty, tho.

We have made Wendall Mitchell's final list. He sounds like anothe4 Marcus Foster.  Hope he commits.
Thanks, renocat!

Its not every day you see Denver and Grand Canyon on a recruiting list right next to Baylor and Maryland.

oh, also when he scooped Nebraska's AAU ouster


I have some practice tidbits to post, but I most certainly don't want to muck up all this talk of panda express.  So, I'll just save it for super secret talk with my closest gE bros when I get to town next week...


PM please @Bookie Pimp

I remember when BSAC used to post recruiting scoops and camp scoops. The golden age...

wtf is happening? enjoy a 4 star corner out of high school ya pricks
Don't let kimmy and the boys get into your head.  I can tell you, I'm exicted with this recruiting style!  :billdance:
dude is a bad ass

I'm playing it down so it won't hurt so bad when he decommits after his stud senior season.

the dude goes to Tucker. he's not some DITR.

When was the last time we got a 4-star HS CB? What's next, a 4-star HS DT?

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