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chum, when you are ready to take a break from cyberbullying yourself, can you tell us how you bumped your knee?

Sure. Turned ankle on the side of a road with no curb, stumbled, and lost balance. That part's happened a bunch of times in the past when I was able to recover, as I'm sure everyone has experienced. This time, I couldn't get my other foot underneath my body fast enough to support it, so down I crashed on my knee and hands.

When I began running four years ago, I remember reading about people falling and thinking, "Jeez, I'm so slow that I couldn't possibly fall. If I ever run at a fast enough pace that I do fall, it will be an accomplishment." That day has come!

Yes. Let's talk about my fat legs. I've put on 15 pounds since last fall. Seriously, WTF? Should I be worried? Do I have some disease? Whatever it is, my legs are definitely looking fatter lately and I hate it. Then, I just got these new running shoes and they're bright white and really unflattering in my opinion and, of course, they just make my legs look EVEN FATTER! It's like I'm floating around on two blimps. You guys have no idea.

I'm thinking about getting this one:

Wow. This one is super popular with beer drinkin' dudes. I get an enthusiatic comment just about every time I wear it out. That's really not what I'm after, but I can live with it. I've committed to the hat and there's just no going back now.

ok. last one for me and then i duck out of sd's thread...

Great idea. You should really have your very own review thread. The people would love it.

Say, Rick. Do you think you could do a quick review of the Admirals Club Lounge? Even if you've never been to one, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this service.

That really was an exceptional review by Rick Daris.

Looks like a photo of botched plastic surgery.

Well, eff this crap.

Great progress on the Geordi LaForge visor.

D:  Fitz, I'm just peepin' on some bikini girls changing their clothes.

Fitz: Cool. Get some pics. And then get your ass back here. I miss you.

Guys, do you think roast beef sandwich is a euphemism for cunnilingus?

I don't feel bad for anyone because this crap does not happen to people who are minding their own business.

I don't think the article counted any of Dalonte's salary toward recruiting budget.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Friday Snack-Off Board / Re: baseball caps 2015
« on: April 26, 2015, 04:08:47 PM »
I'm thinking about getting this one:

It's not too late to quit team D Scott.

D Scott appears to be pretty good at covert late night camera phone movies.  Wasn't there another incident or am I thinking of a different D Scott?

D Scott doesn't need to say anything with a PR mastermind like Fitz on his side.

If I was going to pick a side, I'd pick the one that says all parties involved were acting like dipshits.

Why are you so pissed off?

Look, I made this hangman shirt because I'm so pissed off.


Some things are so self-evident that there's just no explanation required. I'll see you all in church.

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