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To bad those aren't reversed. Would go and #teamlatri-ing.May consider going and #teamlaalbirroja-ing tho (yes, I looked those up)

spracne's face is gross and my word does he love texas.  #served

Spracne was a lady killer back in the day. As far as I know that hasn't changed.  :dunno:

typical squawk that hurts women

from Urban Dictionary:

lady killer

an especially handsome man (or handsome woman, depending) with debonair, genteel manners, a slick demeanor, good taste, and an eye for attractive ladies.

Now do Oxford :excited:

i agree with The King.



family is pussy crap.  anyone can join a family, but i bet maybe 2 people from this bbs board could withstand a gang initiation.  plus, gangs look out for each other and you're in a gang for life.  there is no way out.  and, i doubt many families could put a beat down on a gang.

What if, instead of just #family, we went with #Thefamily

Imagine a Puerto Rican flag that covered the entire section not just one person

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Super Bowl
« on: January 19, 2015, 01:34:51 PM »
This the ideal matchup for me. Obviously I'm a diehard Seahawks fan but the Pats are my favorite AFC team so either way I'll be celebrating a 'ship.

Congrats   :D

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Super Bowl
« on: January 19, 2015, 01:16:13 PM »
I'm pulling for Jordy.

Jordy will be pulling wheat piles around on SB sunday

The look on Jordy's face as the dumbass who was supposed to be blocking let that on side kick doink off his helmet will probably make an appearance tho

If this was FIFA '15 I'd be using the Bony money to buy a couple young studs who in a couple years would help having all your English pansies bowing to their rightful Swan overloads

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: ksu ladycats
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:19:00 PM »
Are we back to the early 2000s where there was a better crowd for women's games than men's?

We traded our 30th pick for Carrasco of Houston (Alex Morgan's husband). :fatty:

Not positive but I think he is a defensive midfielder who has had injury problems and if healthy could be very good.

Syd and Alex both :D

I know absolutely nothing about any of the picks but taking a big, athletic kid always makes me happy

the superdraft would be 1,000x better if it was happening at union station and there was free beer everywhere

That's an absolutely amazing idea. Someone get it to Robb immediately.

QPR relegation partiers right now :billdance:


that appeals to my inner lillywhite

Does it? I thought Tottenham always had colored shorts?

not always, but pretty often

Better go to for all whites tho

Bonds, McGwire, and Sosa are the faces of the steroid era. Hitting home runs is considered more of a steroid thing than pitching. It's not accurate, but it's the belief. I would vote all 4 in and I'm very anti-PEDs.

I want him in KC because I'm selfish  :don'tcare:

Even though the Chiefs need a reciever, he doesn't really fit. They need a better version of Bowe not another smallish route runner.

Green Bay would be a good fit too but they kind of loaded up on young receivers last year. They draft a lot of "best available" though so if he falls to them they might still take him.

Someone 'shop TLBL in a Cowboys uni because that is where he belongs. TIA.

Sadly this is accurate. He would fit very well into that offense


I think there's a chance he goes 2nd. If one of the contenders falls in love with his route running I could see them jumping on him as a guy they could instantly plug into an offense.

I would love to watch Jake play in an nfl game  :lol:

Would be interesting, but don't think we'll see it. Wish we would, tho.

Does preseason count? I'd say about 10% chance at that

OU implosions are the best

Addazio is not the answer for us. Just another MIRdia darling.

I think this is what he meant

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