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I didn't pay attention to the draft tonight cause I figured with where the Blues were picking I wouldn't recognize the players anyway. Checked in after the Royal game to find out we traded Reaves (love the guy but he's a compliment piece), Lehtera (our worst contract), and a picks for Brayden Schenn and an ok prospect  :emawkid:

And we still picked a guy with huge upside I knew about before the draft in Kostin  :excited:

Pretty fun surprise to follow the Royal comeback

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Royals
« on: June 23, 2017, 10:40:37 PM »
You guys!

They do a pretty good job at Intrust. They curtain off the upper deck and the lower bowl is about 1/2 to 3/4 full on good nights. But yeah a lot of the attendance is free ticket peeps but most people are actually engaged.

The crowds actually look a little more affluent with the move to the downtown arena. You can actually do something before or after in and around the arena. People really hated driving out to that dump Kansas Coliseum for a game to then immediately just head back home.

Quite possibly the worst of the worst in Wichita are the "I hate the new arena" crowd

Question, would other cultural alternative spellings count in this? Such as Jakob or Mikel?

Hey everyone, been a little over a year since I moved and thought I'd update this a little.

First off, Arlington has a ton of trees, like even if I hadn't seen a post claiming there were no trees I'd still be like, "holy crap, that's a lot of trees".

I haven't had the time to explore as much as I'd like but here's some basic impressions. Arlington isn't too bad to live in. I got an apartment up a little north of Jerry World and can usually make it to campus in 15 minutes or less and really close to I30 if I need to go anywhere. As some mentioned, not a lot to do here other than the Cowboys, Rangers, and UTA athletics but pretty easy trip to Dallas, Ft Worth or any of the other Mid Cities. It's obvious they're trying to build up the area around Jerry World into more of a destination but still have a long ways to go.

I've enjoyed Ft Worth, pretty cool mix of historical and modern, and whoever suggested Rodeo Goat, thanks, really enjoyed that place. Don't recommend if you hate the smell of cow, but really good burgers. On the Dallas side I haven't been able to make it over there as much. Deep Ellum was cool and ate somewhere over there that I don't remember the name of that was really good.

Traffic kind of sucks but it's a big city so not unexpected. 820 around the Arlington/Ft Worth border is terrible. Avoid at all costs. I30 can be bad, but outside of the busiest part of rush hour usually moves at least ok. Haven't had many issues with 360 but haven't taken it much during high traffic times. 157 can be a shitshow, but that's more about people being idiot drivers than anything.

Yea it's super Whiskey Tango and the games, but if you're stuck in Wichita that's most of the city so it's not really a surprise. Honestly I'd guess a lot of the Midwest lower level hockey fans are that way. I've only been to ECHL/CHL games in Tulsa, Kansas City, and Allen but hey all had a pretty good portion that fall into that category.

Division pretty much means nothing other than playoff seeding. They played mostly the same teams last year that they'll play this year. Affiliation, or more accurately who they're affiliated with is all pretty meh to me. Some teams are better than others but in the end it comes down to injury luck of the NHL/AHL teams.

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: KSU Booze Cats 2015
« on: June 17, 2017, 11:31:44 AM »
Former K-State catcher Rob Vaughn has been named the head baseball coach for Maryland. At 29 he is one of if not the youngest head coaches of a power 5 program in the country.

Damn, that's crazy I remember him playing

Ok, one last interesting bit about UTA. It's actually split into two parts by one of Arlington's busiest north/south streets. To account for this, the street dips down a little through campus and there's a series of walking bridges joing the two parts. It's a little like a knockoff of the Vegas Strip. A bit odd but ends up kind of cool looking.

Joda you are spitting heat ITT lately. Let's break down UTA a little further.

I LOL'd. Old people rough ridin' LOVE framing faded pictures of their tan-colored farm that were taken from a helicopter or whatever. Super gross, kinda like this stade. I don't know too much about Cessna Stade but you're right. I am alway entertained by stadiums like this whose bleachers basically span from one 25 yard-line to the other and no further than that, but that then shoot up like 70 rows. Creates such a LOL'zy tall bleachers that don't make that much sense. Can you imagine sitting in the nosebleeds, and looking across the field to a visitors section that tops out at like 15 rows and behind that is the Texas Hall stage/basketball arena? Now that's a rough ridin' setting.
Yea, you don't even get the joy of seeing Texas Hall/CPC, those are on the oppo side of campus (which reminds me of another, non-sports related update on UTA I need to make). You get a nice lovely view of what I think is the police department and maybe the mechanical/maintenance support type HQ.

That white wall around the field is so hilarious to me. Looks awful.
It actually looks even worse in person, like WTF is this? Is it concrete, is it plastic? You don't really know until you get close, but either is horrible.

:frown: And you just know that the right half doesn't even have jumobtron capabilities, probably can't even show replay of the bed race photo finishes. They probably just use that part of the scoreboard to show old time cartoony graphics like KSU Qatz used to have. Like really rudimentary sequences where a boxy kicker approaches the ball in a stilted manner, then kicks it and the ball flies through the air just barely over the crossbar, then lands right behind the goalpost, and then the scoreboard says IT'S GOOD! in flashing block letters.
Believe it or not it actually does show video. I didn't pay close attention but I don't believe it was particularly good quality.

I see it more as, like, if a bank had a kid with a newer, mid-range city's symphony hall. Like, let's say that Bank Of America banged the Boise Symphony Center. This is what you'd get.
That's definitely it, good call

Their old arena? "Texas Hall"? Unreal. Easily the most earth-shattering post ITT. When I look at those pictures I am sad, full of glee, irate, embarrassed for them, overjoyed for them....really all of it. I bet it'd be a wild ride to do shrooms and go sit in the balcony for a game because then you'd probably be all, "whoa, all of life's a stage and this is a really weird play." Do you think there were ever actual plays on that stage that weird ruined because the shot clock horn went off on accident in the background?
No idea if that actually happened or not, but would be hilarious. I need to go to something at Texas Hall now that it's just a stage and see what it looks like in there. Another interesting fact I found during my googling was that RiRi herself performed in that building while it was still also home to the basketball arena.

While we're throwing out fun facts, at least one of the Arlington HS's uses that stadium for home games. Don't know which one, but it's likely that K-State ownership of Texas victim and Mr. #1 draft pick Myles Garrett played multiple games on that field.

Before we leave UTA, I need to take a minute and appreciate their fantastic former basketball arena. I'm genuinely disappointed I never saw a game at this place.

Looks like a typical old basketball arena from the outside. But on the inside....

wait for it....

It's actually ON STAGE! :Wha:

That's right, it's literally a stage, curtains and everything

I found a story that claimed a former coach would never show recruits their home court because he didn't think anyone would ever come if they knew :ROFL:

Ok, time for the bball update. Actually a pretty legit little arena they have. Only holds about 7k, but they're in the Sun Belt so it's probably about right

Impressive looking exterior, maybe a bit mall-ish but I've seen worse (and Trees!)

Lights up nice and pretty too (apparently named the greenest basketball arena in America by so EcoKat approved)

Looks bigger in this pic but inside it definitely feels like it only sits 7k, still found it pretty aestheticly pleasing though.

Also is the home of the Dallas Wings from the WNBA. So for those in the know that means potential Skylar Diggins sightings :drool:


One of the locker rooms. That floor makes me feel like I'm getting shot by plasma rifles

Weight room's on the small side but just for bball and vball it probably works fine

I also found this gem of a video that's definitely UTAO

Oh man, lol at that bball arena.

I totally could have done this for Texas-Arlington but didn't take any pictures. Here's the abridged version with some googled images.
Football Stadium-
No football so we're in Wichita State territory here. Actually, stadium looks a lot like Wichita State's just a little smaller and with a weird white wall running around it cause it's sunk in the ground.

Gross overhead shot. Looks like the picture my grandparents had of their farm in the 80s

Super small stands and press box, turf look good though

Using this to show the weird plain white wall. I think it may have been concrete painted white. It also creates weird echos. Stand in the right spot and you can hear someone speaking normally on the other side of the field.

Bit of a Denver Broncos feel going on with the horse head and orange and blue

Tree! And a stade exterior to make KU proud

Super old, super faded scoreboard. This is probably a recent pic

They host a Scottish festival every year so google showed me lots of images of guys in skirts

And bed races :dunno:

This one said something about setting a record for largest super soaker battle but I think it's a deleted scene from Get Out

I'll do one on their bball arena later

Is Kansas the best collegiate sport state in the country? I say yes with bullet points of support data.

-Pretty good major college football program
- Almost elite college basketball
- Multiple high end to elite D II athletic programs
- Some of the best JuCo athletics in the nation
- Quality NAIA sports

Since we own Texas, nobody pays attention to the West Coast, New York kind of sucks for college sports, and Florida is mostly just a bunch of cheaters and criminals I'm resting my case

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Royals
« on: June 07, 2017, 11:45:31 AM »
Last night was a throwback to the good ol days

Maybe Snyds was just extra grumpy from the cancer treatment. Sutton=Pinkman :dunno:

Can we get some current pics of the other D2's? Wondering where KU's facilities rank in the state. Better or worse than Emporia St?

MIR, I need your thoughts on the Winnipeg Jets.  I need a team & Tulsa is their ECHL affiliate now.  Do players from the ECHL make it up to the NHL much?  From what I've seen, it looks like the prospects with a realistic chance go straight to the AHL.

Very few actually make it to more than a couple games in the NHL. Best bet to see a legit NHL prospect are goalies. Maybe a random DITR makes it as a low line grinder or bottom pair defenseman.

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Royals
« on: June 04, 2017, 08:50:21 PM »
_33, those definitely need to be a line of tanks. Also, any Duffy related ones?

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Royals
« on: May 25, 2017, 03:47:01 PM »
I thought we'd already established that the Hud/Ryan combo is the perfect match? Each by themselves would be too much but together they balance each other out. Monty and Joel fall somewhere in the middle.

A little late on this one. Baylor's Jonathan Motley(6'10 RS/Jr C) will remain in the draft after hiring an agent on May 13th. He averaged 17.3 ppg/9.9 rpg/2.3 apg.

Kansas' Svi Mykhailiuk(6'8 Sr SG) withdrew his name from the draft and will return to school.  He averaged 9.8 ppg/3.0 rpg.

Latravian Glover(6'7 Fr F) decommitted from Oklahoma State. NR by any recruiting services.

One might say he's walking away from the draft


Swansea staying up is great for everyone other than bitter Americans who are somehow still convinced Bob Bradley is a great coach.

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: K-State Track
« on: May 17, 2017, 04:53:57 PM »
College conference track meets where you have a rooting interest in a team competing for the championship are very fun.

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