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Teammate of Duffie, the big OL who committed a few weeks back

There was a void left when Cult Aggie left. Who better to fill it than Oklahoma A&M

if you told me when i finished reading book 5 that we'd have an expedition to kill a WW with these characters:

gendry (!)  :gocho:

i would have been pretty excited about all those frayed storylines coming together. but then again i'm a fan of this series so i generally like it.

It is a pretty crazy group. About the only way it could be more WTF-ly great is if somehow Bronn was there too

I assume that Ghost was left at Winterfell. Jon just went straight from Dragonstone to East watch so Ghost wouldn't be there with him...

Ghost and Jon have that Warg bond. It wouldn't be at all out of context for Ghost to just take off and through the wall somehow before Jon. It's more out of character for Jon to just leave Ghost behind while ranging north. That would be like Dany suddenly deciding she was going to just wander into Kings Landing with a couple people while her drangons sunbathed on the beaches of Dragonstone.

Only thing that's really going bug me, is that if Jon is wandering north of the Wall and they don't include Ghost somehow I'm going to be pissed. I get all the reasons they've avoided using Ghost in the show, but based on the entire character development Jon going into the wild without him is completely un fathomable. Even if they just put some blurry white streaks taking out enemies I'll be a little satisfied, but at least acknowledge that Jon has his own big, badass companion creature.

Westoros progression seems in line with most European monarchies, in which case who dies when has no effect on succession order. Oldest son of oldest son, 2nd son of oldest son, third son of oldest son, etc until there's no more sons. Then you get into tricky daughter of oldest son or oldest son of 2nd oldest son territory.

TL:DNR John is king

Arrowhead looks fine. The gross-ness of it is more the fanbase than the stadium. Attendance is what would make or break how a stadium looks anyway

It's always the son

Yep, that's why there's so much riding on Jon being legitimate. He's the rightful Targ.

I went to the SKC @ FCD game right after I moved down here. I didn't realize until then just how long it takes to get to Frisco from literally anywhere but N Dallas. I would absolutely go to rando games but it takes up most of the day just getting there and back, and heaven help you if you decide you don't want to pay tolls :blindfold:


Yea, if it ever came about it would just be MLS 1/MLS 2 type of thing, it's not just going to be hey, you won the NASL, you're now in MLS.

Some Wichita St player made a catch like that probably 10-12 years ago

Some Wichita St player made a catch like that probably 10-12 years ago

I'm kinda eh, either way at this point. If we can survive a Ron Prince-ing, we can survive whatever Sean throws at us.

At what point does Jaime end up killing Cersei? This season?

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Royals
« on: July 28, 2017, 07:59:56 PM »
Guys, can we officially start a countdown to Balboni? Or are we too worried of a jinx?

wtf is a bowl type season?

3-5 wins

With a couple "we played well enough to win, but just couldn't catch any breaks" scattered in

Very weird, but that's hookers and blow party numbers by MLS standards

Several of those dudes seriously do not look like college football players.

You rang?


Definitely recognize that field most or the highlights are on. I might get a chance to watch this guy a few times this fall.

It looks kinda fuckin sexy IMO.

It does look like it should have a Barry White-like voice

Bobcats? More like Bobkittens amitite?

Texas St should just be happy UTA is considering adding football anytime soon. Have to have something they're better at :gocho:

This shouldn't have to be a story, but it absolutely has to be.

Good for Scott. And unless someone else is emboldened to come out, K-State having the first openly gay football player to actually play a down of football is definitely a good thing for the program and university.

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