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That was a pretty good would. Would take right now as DC

houston sucks balls and taints and scruts

Yep, it's no El Paso that's for sure

Some of you need to learn a little more abou concussions

Living down here in Texas now, A&M and UT having an opening at the same time would be awesome, especially if LSU goes off and gets the biggest name available.

Detroit. I'd road trip it up there and at least see some cool sights on the way. El Paso either means flying in or driving the depressing part of Texas.

If a wall is going to get built, I say build it around El Paso and Juarez and only El Paso and Jaurez. I'm cool with the rest of Mexico and Texico

I mean, if you're one of those odd people that actually goes to a football game for football and a good fan experience KState isn't too bad. For the rest of us normal people that go to football games to stare at largeish hills it's pretty terrible

No more daddy Mack to take care of him make him jump jump

Hence irrational

For some reason I just want to punch him in the face and I don't know why

If Schweinsteiger comes to Chicago I'm going to flip crap

My irrational hatred for him would fit well there though

Smith and Reid have made a careers on beating the mediocre.

Though wouldn't beating the mediocre mean that you're better than mediocre which would be good? :dunno:

Also, most of the NFL is mediocre so continually beating the mediocre should be a desirable result.

every now and again i think about the time we were playing ku and they won the toss and chose to kick :lol:

Didn't some KU fans try to rationalize it and claim it was a sound strategy?

One is from Girard of all places

Yikes Invalid Tweet ID

Maybe the least surprising thing I've read all day

Is this about cross country or track, cause if it's cross country a quick search shows this kid is a good not great cross country runner.
It's usually both in these cases.

True, but the same applies for his track credentials.

Is this about cross country or track, cause if it's cross country a quick search shows this kid is a good not great cross country runner.

Auston Matthews  :Wha:
:curse: :bang: :emawkid:

Yea it's got to be a little frustrating as a Yotes fan (though that crop of young Yotes is going to be good) but going to be a lot of fun watch him develop.

Couldn't beat us during primetime in 2012... Couldn't beat us in the 2:30pm slot in 2014...

So, let's try the alternate uni's for an 11am kick!

2014 was 11am, I'm pretty sure

it was

Oops!!  Nevermind...

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?!?
BP, you do know that Germans aren't slant-eyed.   

@Joda are you ready for Bob Bradley to lead you to the promised land?

Def interested in how things go

I dislike that the Blue Jays moved on, but watching the smugness on all the faces down here get wiped away over the last week was enjoyable


Armed Forces Bowl vs Navy

I might have some pretty elite level access to this game so would take. Plus KState/Navy would be the DITR Super Bowl.

I still don't know how they were able to overturn a TD call on the field.
This video is my first time seeing this.  It's obvious to anyone with eyes that he fumbled it before the ball hit the pylon.  So that's probably how they were able to overturn it.

I think fumble was the right call, I just think the rule that makes that Jets ball is stupid. Anywhere else on the field the offensive team keeps the ball if a fumble goes out of bounds, why not give it back to the offense at the point of the fumble here too?

Vs N Texas in that game would be pretty :Yuck: but I'd probably go

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