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Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Royals
« on: January 16, 2017, 08:08:06 PM »
It's a bear suit, Joel

Rumors that Patterson wasn't happy with him.

Whatevs, Blue Wings Rising! 


Patterson is just another farm humping grape. Obviously not as much as the Harvard of the Plains. RHJHKU

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Royals
« on: January 13, 2017, 03:03:18 PM »
I just hope we're not stuck in no mans land at the trade deadline. All in or blow it up.

This staff does a good job of identifying players that fit within their system. Generally they prefer to do it with kids that aren't as high profile for one reason or another. Many of those types will never be more than bit players and practice fodder, but these coaches do a great job of getting a better success rate than most programs from those types of players.

We can debate all we want about the reasons they tend to shy away from higher profile players but it's obviously not going to change as long as Snyder is in charge. You can choose to look at that as a positive or a negative but it is what it is and honestly not really worth having a 5-10 page argument every time we lose a player.

If you hate Sean you hate K-State, and if you hate K-State, you hate America. And if you hate America, well, you can just git out.

Holy crap, I have no recollection of making this post :love:

Chargers will be using the StubHub Center for 2 years. lol

It's like a twilight zone episode where we entered some alternate dimension

Well our current coach could literally die on the sideline and I don't think anyone would be all that shocked so...

Invite every country there is and let's turn this thing into a year-long celebration of life.

Honestly they're not too off from just needing to eliminate the term qualifier and create groups/regions by rankings instead of continent

And yea, WCQ for the US will be a joke. Might as well play the U-23s in it.

I'm okay with that Europe number for now. If the quality of play worldwide improves they'll need to lose a spot or two. S America is tough because of how few countries they have but probably should have 1 more spot. There's going to be some terrible teams make it from Concacaf and Asia.

i am terrified of the steelers

I'm less terrified about them here than there, but Bell vs our run D could be bad. Houston has to be playing that game.

Reports coming out of Liberty Stadium that Ancelotti's right hand man, Paul Clement, is to be named new Swans coach.

Why not just hire Dimel if you all are ok with Leavitt? Is starting a program from scratch 25 years ago really relevant today?

because with JL we still get dimel but also leavitt (hopefully). none of that crap is relevant. but jim leavitt turning dumpster fire CU into what it was is relevant. quit ignoring that. he's not suddenly a candidate for what he did at south florida. he's a candidate for the same reason he's now the highest paid assistant in the Pac. and I'm not saying JL is some kind of a homerun, I'm just saying you're being a dumbass going anti on the SF talking point.

He's getting way too much credit for CU this year.  Mike Gundy hung 40 on his vaunted defense.

Well if the argument is that he was the reason that defense turned around, then wouldn't the implosion without him strengthen the argument for him? :dunno:

any idea what KU Karl had to say about the game dax?

Karl was pretty pissed.   Not only did he draw the short end on vacation time and had to go into the office, a couple of those damn sales people tried to slam in a couple of more deals before the end of the year.   Since Karl isn't eligible for any performance bonuses he'd be damned before he spent one extra minute processing those deals for them during Holiday week . . . until he got the email from the Sr. Exec-VP of Sales (McCombs School of Business-University of Texas '05, Finance.  Marshall School of Business - USC, MBA '07) who was skiing in Aspen.   Karl grudgingly processed the deals and didn't get out of the office until 5:45.  (There is going to be a mutual validation and affirmation bitch session once the Holidays are over among the cubiclenista's about this "bullshit").   

Karla was pretty set on it still being Johnny's night despite missing happy hour, and besides, the waiters know exactly what they want (App - Skins and then Medium Zeus Pizza) and she just gets the biggest kick out of that.

They didn't get to Johnny's (9 area locations including Corinth Square, Prairie Village) until around seven, happy hour was over, and that, dare I say, didn't help Karl's mood one bit.    Happy hour prices are firmly entrenched in the entertainment budget, but Karl made an exception to appease Karla (besides, Karla had noted on the way to Johnny's, and was a little upset to see that the McNeil's and the Thompson's had already taken down their Christmas lights and decorations!!  Well, “Bah Humbug!" she said out loud, resonating through the empty rear cabin of the 2005 Honda Odyssey with new timing belt and air freshener - Glade Linen).

After they polished off the skins (they forgot the sour cream again) and just as the pizza arrived, Karl noted that there was another one of those "damn" bowl games on TV.  Then ESPN cut into that, "god damn K-State" (Karl never cusses out loud in front of Karla) warming up for something called the Texas Bowl.   A couple of K-State people (dressed in elite K-State Nike gear and drinking top shelf liquor) were sitting at the corner of the bar, "they gotta lotta nerve coming in here", Karl said to himself.   He promptly prodded Karla to finish up here White Zin (Sutter Home- Single Serve bottle) and ask for a to go box, they were heading home.  Karla asked what the big rush was, and Karl, looking perturbed, firmly said, "We're going home Karla".   Well, Karla knew not to question Karl when he got "that look", so she asked the waiter for a box and polished off the last sips of her wine.   They exited quietly and briskly, and drove silently home.    Karla noted that the Benowitz had already taken their Menorah out of the bay window and wondered why the Stevens hadn't invited them over for New Year’s Eve, yet.

Holy crap!  :lol:

Giggsy to Swans? Hmm

Saw that, hope he doesn't take that doo doo job, take it after they get relegated.

A good coach has them out of the drop zone easily, especially with a good move or two in the transfer window. Too many solid pieces to be doing as poor as they are.

Kstate cat football: There is Nothing Better on the Earth / Re: Lockett
« on: December 28, 2016, 03:13:12 PM »
I  know pretty much nothing about fancy doctoring but it sounds kinda hopeful with no ligament damage. Maybe not tho ?

Yes, if true, no ligament damage is a good thing. Very surpring but it means once the bone heals he should be able to get back to full activity quickly

They expect him to start rehab in 4-6 weeks and to have a normal off season.

With no ligament damage that's probably accurate. Should be a fairly easy rehab too.

Bob was sacked by the swans.

It's definitely not all on him, selling our two best players right before the season started hurt, but it was almost like he was trying too hard.

Kstate cat football: There is Nothing Better on the Earth / Re: Lockett
« on: December 28, 2016, 10:45:10 AM »
I  know pretty much nothing about fancy doctoring but it sounds kinda hopeful with no ligament damage. Maybe not tho ?

Yes, if true, no ligament damage is a good thing. Very surpring but it means once the bone heals he should be able to get back to full activity quickly

Dax should just stick to KU Karl and Karla posts from now on....In fact I'm inspired. Please rate the below post.

My Co-worker Karl(Huge KU fan, 07 psychology grad who does data entry) was bitching about the holidays today. Apparently instead of spending christmas at his parents house at 95th and lackman like usual they are going to Karla's parents place in Garnett KS which means he is going to have to sell his 300 level Chiefs vs Broncos tickets for christmas night. He was IRATE at the thought of missing out on a "Donkey beatdown"


High number of KU Karla's churned out here, makes this story all the more probable

Alex is more Gannon and Foles is more Grbac

Had plans cancelled last minute, looked online and found $4 tickets just before kickoff. Zoomed over and made it in time for second quarter. Watched the Cats crush it. Came home and spent the rest of the day downing some brews and watching football on tv. Pretty good little Saturday.

That was a pretty good would. Would take right now as DC

houston sucks balls and taints and scruts

Yep, it's no El Paso that's for sure

Some of you need to learn a little more abou concussions

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