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Robin Hood app launched a week ago.  iPhone app that let's you buy and sell stocks for $0 commission.   If you are into that kind of thing. 

Bill probably chained himself to the front door and they didn't see him in time :frown:

I recently received 80k in UR from the chase ink business card. I was pretty excited until I saw SD basically mints that crap weekly and was 3X that amount all the time. 

The Buffalo Wild Wings Friday Snack-Off Board / Re: Long John Silver's
« on: December 16, 2014, 09:59:46 PM »
In before classics

Wtf is Michigan waiting for, my goodness.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Friday Snack-Off Board / Re: New To Investing Thread
« on: December 16, 2014, 09:34:43 PM »
Has anyone tried lending club / prosper as a small portion of investment portfolio?

I didn't read contract did he get guaranteed money?

How do you guys feel about Butch Davis?

Would take.  I think he might be as toxic/more toxic than tressel tho. 

If Bruce can fill the stadium and keep sufficient revenue while sucking ass then I guess he will keep his job. 

Probably going to lose the next two as well.  Maybe next year carnes.

Dobz do they have a schedule of future portraits? Posting it here might help get more excitement. 

The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: Hillary 2016?
« on: December 13, 2014, 04:49:26 PM »
Bush vs Clinton for infinity

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Royals
« on: December 12, 2014, 07:09:07 PM »
What is projected payroll for 2015 CF3?

over 100 million

More money doesn't mean better teams but this is encouraging IMO.  Orioles and Cardinals were at ~110 last year.  I guess people can quibble over where the money is being spent but the way this blog has been acting you would think the glass family went and and dropped it back to 75.

Interstellar.  Intense, especially in IMAX.   Great score.     Kinda WTF at the final act.

Very enjoyable, very much physics-oriented.  Finale was a tad implausible.

The old man tricking them into leaving was pretty boss

Bill self is cackling and rolling a blunt right about now. 

Womens Collegiate Soccer And Royals Only / Re: The Royals
« on: December 12, 2014, 06:55:50 PM »
What is projected payroll for 2015 CF3?

Tech Support and Suggestion Board / Re: Name Change?
« on: December 12, 2014, 06:52:18 PM »
Change it to getoffmy yard dog

Socks. Like, I know some of you have socks with hundreds of posts. Seems like a lot of work.

I mean Chingon operates Mr. Bread full time, truly committed I guess. 

Les Miles @ Michigan needs to happen.   It would be good for college football and get this thing spinning again. 

Oh.   So who are some guys with such experience? 

Jim Tressel

The Buffalo Wild Wings Friday Snack-Off Board / Re: Master Dating Thread
« on: December 11, 2014, 09:32:53 PM »
If she wanted th cheat she wouldn't tell you she was going to lunch with the guy(s) she is cheating with.

More likely is that she is not going to lunch with them at all. That's just a cover story and she is actually going to bang a 20 year old.


We need to focus on a position of need: Our entire offense. Kody Cook is going to be our #1 receiver so we are covered there.

Kody cook will do just fine blocking for warmack and whatever we are calling joe

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