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Re: It's Venables
« Reply #225 on: November 27, 2017, 06:07:30 PM »
Let me try this again

I've heard there are more than two or three college football coaches out there, not sure about that though.

The funny thing is, even a few weeks ago when the program seemed like a total crap storm, people still talked about just those names because of K-State ties.

Why the hell does no one want to branch out of the Snyder tree for a complete culture change? (I actually believe Venzy would bring that, I feel Sean and Leavitt would keep most of the staff and it would be status quo until they fail)

Is it as simple as our dumbass fan base responding with, "Ron Prince"?
I'm not what the basis for your opinion regarding Leavitt's (or sean's) staff. 

But I think a huge portion of our fanbase believes what Snyder did here was "special" and acknowledge that K-State's HC position presents unique challenges (mostly due to real or perceived recruiting difficulties).  To that end, they would prefer someone with Snyder ties who has at least a modicum of first hand experience of "what it takes to win at K-State." 

I don't really think that's a "dumbass" point of view.  Especially when we have a number of very qualified guys who fit that description.

I mean, you're definitely right. Leavitt and Brent are qualified, and I think you make Venzy say no first before truly starting an open national search. But I feel like most of our fans automatically default to Leavitt or Sean because of the "knows what it takes to win at K-State" quality, before even being open to giving someone else a chance.

I guess I just have a distorted view of the K-State job and actually think Bill himself has removed most of the deficiencies people talk about with the K-State job. And that opens it up to many many other great candidates outside of his own tree that our fans (and hell, maybe even admin) would overlook/not even give a look. Which I think is a huge mistake (dumbass point of view is probably the wrong term)

Probably doesn't even matter though, I'm an idiot and probably won't even be able to work a computer by the time Snyder actually decides to retire and there's an opening.

It's not dumb, it's just lazy and 98% of college football fans don't really follow programs outside of their own so they don't know what's out there. And I completely agree with you that K-State is a completely different job than it was even in 2009. When Snyder came back we were still at a decided resource disadvantage, we don't have that anymore. The gap between college football haves and have nots is smaller than it ever has been and continuing to shrink. Now there is a small group of college football elite then everyone else.

Bama pays Saban over $11m per year.  Lowest power 5 conference coach $1.6m.  That's a pretty big gap.  Median is probably around $3.5m, so a crap ton of P5 schools probably can't get approval to pay more than around $3m.  This is a pretty big moat for the have's.

Did you stop reading where you bolded? Alabama certainly is an elite program. There are no power 5 schools that can't pay a coach $3.5 million if they wanted to. Maybe Boston College and Wake, maybe but everyone else can, including Kansas.

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Re: It's Venables
« Reply #226 on: November 27, 2017, 07:00:04 PM »
LOL...i actually did stop reading after the bolded part.  my bad.